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CommercialIt is finally snowing in Georgia and the grandsons are thrilled. School was cancelled this morning because of the forecast, though it didn’t actually start snowing until just a few minutes ago–around 2 pm this afternoon.

Not a lot of snow, just little whispers falling to the ground where it clings to the leaves and dead clumps of grass from autumn. The sidewalk is wet so far, but I think that will turn to ice later on in the day.

The temperature was about 37 mid-morning, but has dropped to 31, so I think the boys will probably be home again tomorrow.

The humorous bit about the weather in Georgia is its changeability. Yesterday it was a balmy 64 out on my front porch and it was still in the 40’s when I went to bed.

It’s a good day to sit down by a warm fire with a good book to read. I’ve been working on my next novel in the 32 day writing challenge.

But until this one is finished, go pick up a copy of Gambler’s Folly, which won me not only the BBFBP award for Most Artistic 2013, but also the Mulitfaceted Jewel award, from FreedomInk.

You can find it on Amazon:


Talk to you again soon. I’m going to go watch the snow.


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Black and whiteYes, indeed!  Welcome to Georgia. Yesterday I hung my laundry on the line to dry outside where it was a wonderfully comfortable 65 degrees.

This morning we woke up to a frigid 21 degrees. I have chicken-cicles out in the hen house. The dog is frantically trying to grow fur and the outside cats are begging to come inside to the warmth.

The baby guinea keets we rescued two weeks ago are now in the house, since the porch is too chilly. Our inside cats, Fogg and Masha, are sure the keets are meant to be cat snacks and are working at opening the door into the store room.

What is in store for tomorrow? Heat wave or continued wintery weather?

Either way, what are you reading tonight? Try Gambler’s Folly.


Stay warm and I’ll talk to you later,



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With winter really beginning to show, it’s easier to come into the office and sit down to write for a while. Gambler’s Folly is coming along nicely, as is the non-fiction story of my fight with breast cancer. My cat likes to come in and supervise from my husband’s chair. At least that’s what I think he’s trying to do, though he usually looks like he’s asleep. Just now he’s having a few problems with infected toes, so once he’s in the chair he’s down for the count.
We talk over story ideas, like how to get my hero out of the predicament he’s managed at this point. The cat listens intently, shrugs his shoulders and yawns. I don’t think he’s really into this story at all. Or maybe he’s hinting that I’m smart enough to figure it out on my own. I mean, really, if you’re asking the cat, there is an issue greater than the story.

I’m sure it will all work out in the end. Gambler’s Folly will be finished soon and into the real work–making my ramblings into something resembling a crafted tale. The cat’s toes will be better after he finishes his antibiotics and he’ll be able to get in and out of the chair himself.
And I feel certain that, after he feels better, he’ll really like Gambler’s Folly and be willing to put just a little more effort into it for me, give it just that little twist of magic it needs from my favorite feline. So I’ll talk to all of you later. Time to get the cat and get to work.
A piu tardi amici…..

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After a week of chilly, wintry temperatures down here, we’ve had a break today, with highs around 70.  I know, for those of you in the north and Rocky mountain regions, the temperatures we’ve had all week were warm by comparison. But this is the first year in a long time I’ve had to actually build an evening fire in October.

But with the respite from the cold today, at least this afternoon,  we had a reminder that winter is on the way and it’s time to get all those things done outside. Make sure the firewood is covered, get the larger logs split before you really need them and mulch all those lovely plants so they’ll survive the cold later, while you’re inside drinking cocoa and reading a good book by that fire.

I enjoy the changing seasons. Winter gives me the time to do some of the other things I enjoy, like baking whole grain bread, simmering vegetable soups all afternoon so the flavors  blend deliciously, and making banana nut bread for the boys to enjoy, when they come in from the outdoors. All those wonderful kitchen things which are so very much too warm  in the summer’s heat.

So I think I’ll give Gambler’s Folly a miss for today. I can write some more on it tomorrow. But for today, I’ll go outside and see what I can do in the sun, before the cold comes back for the winter.

If you’re looking for something to read, check out some of my books on amazon. They go well with cocoa and a fire….


Più tardi amici,

Until later….

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With the temperatures the past couple of days, winter is definitely thinking about making an appearance. Of course my cats, Squeak and Fogg, would tell you it is already here. But then they love to just soak up the warmth from the fire.

We actually built our first  fire last evening. After daytime temperatures in the 70’s three days ago dropping to highs in the 50’s, the change is quite a shock to the system. The dog (alright the small 105 pound pony)  is trying to convince me that he would be just fine in the house. No, he really wouldn’t chase the cats. Honest. Well, not much….

So I think it’s time to settle comfortably into the office chair, with a cup of steaming tea, and see what’s happening with my latest cast of characters on Gambler’s  Folly, Damiano and Karianna.

Good-bye for now. Get yourself a cuppa and a good book. Why not try Jareth: First Lord?


A tardi i miei amici…

(Until later my friends.)


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