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All right, I know it is the electronic age. Technology is everywhere, whether we like it or not. Everywhere you look, there is something else being done electronically.

But I wonder, how many readers prefer ebooks to print? Do people buy paperbacks and hardcover books anymore? Or are actual physical books a thing of the past?

I have recently been reading ebooks mostly because of the trouble I’m having with my eyes. I can’t seem to get enough light on the printed page to read the words. But I would much prefer an actual print book. There’s something about the feel of it in your hands, the turning of pages, and the smell of the ink.

It isn’t just the reading. It’s the whole experience. New books have the fresh from the press smell of the new paper and ink. Old books from a bookstore, especially the really old ones, have a musty, dusty smell. Sometimes, on the fly leaf you will find a brief note from a previous owner. Maybe it’s the date of purchase. Perhaps the book was given as a gift and there is a birthday or holiday message to the recipient of the gift.

On rare occasions, you might come across an autographed book and wonder who originally bought it. How did this book come to be in a used book store?

And how much are you willing to pay for a book? Do you buy ebooks from new authors, to try them out before committing to anything more expensive? I do this quite often with someone I’ve not read before. And then, if I like the book–and can actually see–I buy the next book in a print format.

Maybe you wait until they have a sale on, so you can save money. I like to do this if I’m completing a series, because I know I’ll probably binge read the whole thing.

If you’re looking for books this season, you can find all of mine in all formats at Amazon.

If you like ebooks, keep your eyes open for December 17, the start of the Smashwords seasonal book sale. All my books, and others, will be on sale for the holidays.

So drop me a line below, and share your thoughts with me. If I don’t see you again, have a wonderful and happy holiday!

Winter Wonderland

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It was a dark and stormy night.

No really.

It was.

And it’s still dark and stormy today. Looks like we’re in for a whole weekend of storms and rain.

So what to do when the weather is wet and stormy, and it’s so dark outside it could be night time?

Read, of course!

What are you reading today? Have you read the books in my series?

Esperance–a highland world full of mischief, magic and romance.

Speranza–Set mostly on the futuristic world, Gambler’s Folly. Romance, intrigue, shifters.

Sultonna Nadine--my pen name for stand-alones.

Or check out some of my favorite authors!

Vonnie Davis

Lynn St. James

Angel Nicholas

Lucy Carol

So whatever you choose to read, remember. It’s Saturday! Time to sit back, relax, and watch the rain.

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Black and whiteFreedomInk Publishing is once again hosting the Annual Reading is Retro Summer Challenge. What is the challenge? To read ten books during the thirteen weeks of summer.


Now, I know summer is half gone, but there is still time to get in on the challenge. There are a lot of books out there, in every genre you can think of.

Perhaps you’d like to peruse what FreedomInk has to offer.

Darkness Before the Dawn, by Dawn  Miller. One woman’s true story of abuse, neglect and rebirth.

Woman on Fire, by Trinette Collier. Life’s challenges can either refine or destroy. Read this woman’s story of rising above the trials with God’s help.

Angel Eyes, by Katandra Shanel Jackson–A collective memoir of child sexual abuse.

Jareth, First Lord, by Mellie Miller– Esperance Book 1. Fantasy romance on a distant highland world.

Viviane, First Lady, by Mellie Miller–Esperance Book 2. The story continues.

For a look at all they have to offer:


So come on in and join the fun. Reading is Retro. And reading is fun. Who say’s you have to leave the house to go on vacation? Dive into a good book and let the party begin.

What have I been reading? I’ll share that in another post.

Ciao for now!

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Black and whiteWhat are you reading today?

I’ve met so many people recently who don’t read. I can’t imagine not reading, but I suppose in this day of electronic gadgetry, reading is a little old-fashioned. When you can pick up a tablet or i-phone and see movies and music videos, play games and keep in touch with friends all on one device, even eBooks are too much trouble.

For me, reading is fun, exciting, and a great escape into a new adventure, be it romance, scifi, or murder mystery. The adventure begins with opening that cover and smelling the ink and new pages right from the press. Or if it is an old friend, or a second-hand book, the musty, dusty smell from between the pages, and the rough feel of the cover.

Then it’s imagination on full, as the characters and scenes come to life, like a movie playing inside my head, for me alone. Because my interpretation of the writing will be unique, just as yours will be. My experience will never be the same as anyone else’s.

I read of one author who refused to put more than a few brief words of description about her characters in her books. She felt her readers could do them justice on their own. And nobody ever sees the same person when they read, no matter what the description is. Who is to say which version is correct?

One of the reasons I began writing romantic fiction is because I didn’t really like most of what I saw for sale. The advice often given to writers is to write what you want to read. And so I did.

I want to give a big thank you to FreedomInk365 for taking a chance on Jareth, First Lord. It is a different, cross-genre adventure of futuristic highland lords, with psychic talents. Written in the style of a historical romance, there are elements of intrigue and treachery, a tale of two people who have suffered great loss and yet have hope for the future.

Why do I read? For the joy of it all. For the excitement. For love, and mystery, and happy endings.

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, join us at:


Jareth, First Lord is available for pre-order from the publisher at:


Join me in the adventure of reading.

and Don’t Forget—

            —to Share the Romance…

                                         Mellie E. Miller


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