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If you follow this blog, you’ll know I’m participating in the NaNoWriMo 2019. And my project this year is a funny little story about a genie found in a whiskey jug.

So how about a little sneak preview from one of the earlier chapters? Remember, this is a very rough first draft, but here we go!


Eyes watering and trying to hold his breath, Martin finally got the front windows and the back door opened to let the stench out of his dwelling.

“Whew-wee!” he heard from the figure before him. “That was a good one. Been holding it for a long time.”

“What the hell are you?” he demanded.

The figure looked him over for a moment and then answered him with the strongest southern accent he’d ever heard.

“You can call me Bubba,” it said.

“I didn’t ask who you were. I asked what you were,” Martin demanded again.

The figure was about as tall as he was, around six feet, with dark curly hair, dark eyes, and a crooked smile.

“Don’t get your panties in a wad. You would call me a genie, though I prefer djinn.”

“Gin? I’m a Scotch man myself.”

“No, djinn.”

“Yeah, gin. I’ve got it.”

“Were you born slow, son? D-j-i-n-n. Djinn.”

“I thought you guys lived in bottles. Not whiskey jugs.”

“No, usually we live peacefully in caves, places like that. But we sometimes get trapped in things like bottles or jugs. And I’ll be tellin’ you, it ain’t pleasant.”

“Why are you here?” Martin asked, reaching for his Scotch.

“You bought my jug.”

“But if you’re free of the jug, why are you still here?”

All he needed was a magical roommate. Now how did he get rid of this guy–Bubba. What sort of name was Bubba?

“That’s where the curse comes in. Unless you can take off the curse, I’m bound to this dad-blamed thing forever. I don’t suppose you’re a wizard?”

“I dabble in white magic, but curses? Don’t know a thing about reversing them.”

“It figures. Somebody finally comes along, buys the darned thing, but can’t help a fella out. Story of my life. What have you got to eat around here?”

While you’re waiting, why not check out some of my other writing? All my books are available at Smashwords and Amazon.

Later this year, the next book from Gambler’s Folly will be out, so watch for The Russian, Book 3!

Brown jug with a cork in it

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After Viviane and Jareth return from Clan Belfort, Viviane struggles with her Talents. But she is not alone. Her nephew, Connell, the newly chosen heir of her home clan, is having troubles along the same lines. Partly because he doesn’t understand why he needs Talents. And partly because he misses his old friends from home.

At the Gather in Belfort, some of those old friends, jealous of who he has become, accuse him of cheating at a ring toss game. When they grab him and start to harm his friend Nelly, he reacts by using his Talent to protect her. He is sure his grandfather will be angry.

Let’s check in on Connell.


“But I wasn’t supposed to get into any trouble,” he explained.

“As far as I can tell, you didn’t go looking for trouble. Trouble came looking for you.”

By the time they caught up with the family, they were making their way toward the entrance

on the way to the manor.

“First Lord,” the guard called.

“Yes, Greg? What is it?”

“I’m sorry, sir,” Connell spoke up. “I was in a bit of trouble today.”

“Before he takes responsibility, he did nothing wrong, sir,” the guard said.

“Perhaps someone can tell me what happened,” the first lord said, looking around for someplace

to sit. Finding a bench close at hand, he sank down onto it. With a shake of his head, he looked

up at Greg.

Once again the man explained the situation, and once again emphasized that it wasn’t

Connell’s fault.

“Well, Grandson, if it wasn’t your fault, why would you take responsibility?”

“If Nellie hadn’t been with me, she wouldn’t have skinned her knee and been scared.”

“Did you do anything to warrant their accusation?”

“No, sir. Cheating is wrong. I just got lucky.”

“Did Nellie like the teddy bear?” his grandfather asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“Yes, sir. She’s naming him after me. But I used my Talents to keep her from getting hurt.

Was that wrong?”

“Connell, was there any other way to keep him from kicking her?”

“Um, no. Two of the other boys held my arms, and I couldn’t have reached her before she got


“Then you did well. How do you feel about your Talents now?”

Connell stood and pondered the question for a few moments.

“Think about it this way. When you are first lord, and someone comes with the intent to harm

either members of your clan or clan

property, wouldn’t you like to know you have the ability to do something about it?”

“Of course.”

“Are you beginning to understand the use for Talents?” he asked softly.

Looking deeply into the first lord’s eyes, Connell nodded. “Yes, sir. I am. But I still didn’t cheat.”

“I never thought you had, Grandson,” the man said seriously. “Let’s go clean up and see what we

have for dinner.”

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This is the question people always have. What was the inspiration?

Most of my story ideas came from dreams–recurring dreams which wouldn’t stop until I’d written the scene. These stories include all the Esperance books and a couple of my stand-alones.

One–Gambler’s Folly–came from a folk song I heard about a man winning his wife in a card game. I got to wondering how that could happen now, or in the future.

The next story in the Gambler’s Folly series, The Russian, was inspired by a face. I decided the person involved  looked like someone who could be a werewolf and wondered how he would fit into the series.

And Master of the Fleet?

Well, I have at various times been involved with the SCA–Society for Creative Anachronism. Taking inspiration from the feasting and tournaments, my mind wandered from there to choreographing sword fights. Somewhere along the way, staging a fake sword fight as part of the entertainment at a feast began to play around in my head. But what if the fight wasn’t staged? What if it was real?

And that is the idea I built the first part of Master of the Fleet around. The wealthy owner of a shipping firm hoping to marry a successful seamstress agrees to take her home for the festival season. What he doesn’t know is that she is only playing him for what she can get, never intending to marry.

At the baron’s feast, she gets tipsy, and begins flirting with every man around. When her escort mentions it, she draws a dagger and attempts to stab him across the table. In self-defence, he takes the dagger away and decides the affair is over. Still angry, the lady grabs up a sword from somewhere and again tries to kill him, only to be disarmed and backed up to the baron’s table.

From there, I developed the setting for the story–an America much more heavily influenced by the French and divided into kingdoms, SCA fashion, instead of into states. This is an America without the internal combustion engine, set around the end of the 1800’s in an alternate time-line, where elemental magic is real. Magic is used to bind contracts, marriages, and control the weather for shipping.

Haven’t read Master of the Fleet? It’s available on Amazon, Smashwords, and at most major book sellers.

Want more?

Esperance Series


Gambler’s Folly



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I know, I’ve been away for a while. My husband of 42 years recently had a total knee replacement and has been convalescing at home, complete with physical therapy…

How has your new year begun?

MASTER OF THE FLEET  is out on Smashwords, and as soon as we have the final and finished cover for CreateSpace, it will publish on Amazon as well.

Richard LeMarnier is the owner and master of the fleet for LeMarnier shipping, the largest commercial fleet on the west coast. With control over wind and water, he can manipulate the elements to keep his ships safe.

He’s been courting Anne-Marie for nearly two years and hopes to become engaged to her during the harvest festival in her home kingdom.

Anne-Marie never intended to marry. Men were for one thing only–taking them for all  you get before moving to greener pastures.

“You met them, loved them, milked them, and left them, before anything permanent developed. They were none the wiser and happy to have known you. ”

But at the banquet, everything goes wrong when her temper gets the better of her. Now bound to Richard by an oath, marriage vows and a blood oath, she hopes for a way to escape once he’s at sea in the spring.

A blend of romance, intrigue, and magic, MASTER OF THE FLEET  is a stand-alone under my pen name–Sultonna Nadine.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and profitable New Year!

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Majestic purple mountains are framed by dark evergreens against a crisp blue sky. Waterfalls crash down over dark slate and water the emerald green banks of streams during summer’s warmth.

Biting winds and blinding snow storms keep everyone indoors by the fires in winter, waiting and hoping for spring.

Psychically talented rulers keep the peace among the clans. Others with wild Talents use them as any craftsman would his tools. Builders, healers, and others too numerous to name use their Talents in everyday trades.

And where is all this, you ask?

On a world called Esperance. Colonized and then abandoned by Earth, this world managed to survive, due to those with these strange abilities, on this distant highland world.

Come join me on Esperance. Meet Jareth and Viviane,  First Lord and Lady of Clan Brannach.  And don’t forget First Lord Herrick and First Lady Sarah, Viviane’s parents.

And then there are James and Morgan, just simple folks with some Talents of their own.

Not to mention all the others with little abilities here and there, using their Talents as tools for their trades.

Travel with me to Esperance, this distant highland world–a world forged by the will of those Talented individuals who could enforce a rule of law after the Time of Chaos.

Come with me to this magical place. See you there!

For the series:



Jareth, First Lord–Book 1

Viviane, First Lady–Book 2

Morgan–The Pixie and the Green Man–Book 3

More to follow…

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CommercialThis novel is the first one I ever wrote, and to tell the truth, it needed a lot of work. Which is why it has taken so long to get it ready for you, gentle readers, to see it. But I love the story, so I’ve been willing to put in the extra time to bring it to you.

A fantasy intrigue, with a little romance elbowing its way into the story, meet Krista Carlisle and Michael Romanoff, who would be perfectly suited for each other if she weren’t his prisoner…

Ready for a peek? Here’s the blurb.

Mistaken Identity

The beautiful spring day, on the world called Felicity, suddenly turn into a nightmare as Krista’s combat abilities lead her to be mistaken for something she isn’t. Now captured, transported and imprisoned on their sister world, her only thought is to escape.

Adding to his problems, Commander Michael Romanoff has to deal with this stubborn female prisoner. Worthless for bargaining, his only choice is to give her slave status, find out what abilities she has, and get her placed and out of his life.

But after three escape attempts, several guards in the infirmary with injuries, and two more in the morgue, he finds there’s more to to her than those beautiful big green eyes. With her hand-to-hand training and her upper-crust university background, she might hold the key to his other major problem.

Can he convince her to work with him, for the greater good of both their worlds, before full scale war breaks out, given their hostile relationship?



In a comfortable study on Novaya Kemlya, two men sat in serious discussion.

“Yes, Old Earth truly made a find in this system,” one man said admiringly. “Not one, but two viable worlds for the taking.”

“It wasn’t easy,” the other man answered. “Felicity had a few lower life forms, so eco-building was tricky. Here on Novaya Kemlya, we had no hindrance. It had water and the beginnings of an atmosphere, but the land was barren. With nothing to work around, our job was easier.”

“The costs must have been enormous. No wonder Earth was disinclined to grant independence to these places. How are our plans progressing here?”

“Tensions are high and have been increasing between the two worlds. I expect to hear news of a military strike against Felicity soon.”

”Here’s to the New Order,” said the first man, raising his glass.

“To the New Order. May it soon rise.”

                                                                                                                                                                          Chapter 1  

Krista’s Account

Under the pleasant warm sun, the sweet, spicy scent of spring flowers swirled through the air on gentle breezes. Krista loved this time of year. Summer would come soon, with sizzling heat to parch everyone and everything.

Finished teaching for the day, her eyes took in the history  around her: the brick streets, stone buildings with wrought iron railings, and the magnificent arches where the old gates had hung. Tall buildings laid out in gentle arcs hugged the street, lending the feeling of comfort and safety. The creamy white stone shone in the bright sunlight as if lit by an inner light. The only blight on this paradise were rumors concerning their sister world, Novaya Kemlya. Whenever tensions began to ease and trade between the two flowed well, something would come along to ruin it all. Tempers would flare over some trivial incident and once again tensions would build toward the bursting point.

Most recently, Novaya Kemlya had accused Felicity, Krista’s world, of substituting counterfeit items for sorely needed goods. Of course this was officially denied. It was only a mistake. Why would Felicity invite the repercussions an action of this kind would surely bring?

Considering the tall, sturdy gates from the past, Krista sighed and thought it was too bad there were no gates to close against enemies from across the heavens.

Though the colonists were similar when the worlds were founded, their paths had diverged through the centuries. New differences aggravated old grievances between two worlds who’d never had an easy relationship. And the further apart they grew, the greater the tensions. Felicity was considered soft, ineffectual and idealistic by its sister world, while they considered Novaya Kemlya militaristic, uncultured dirt farmers. And so the rift grew wider.

As far back as Krista could remember, there had been rumors of conflict. So many in fact that nobody took them seriously anymore. They were just rumors, again. During her entire life, nothing had ever come of any of those rumors. Well, nothing much, anyway.

Both worlds required military service for all their citizens. Krista had taken her training and done her service between secondary school and university. After graduation, she had finished her primary reserve duty and was currently on secondary reserve. This required only a three week refresher course each year.

 Few took it seriously. Felicity wasn’t a warring world. During her years in service, she’d seen a few minor skirmishes, but no major battles or campaigns. She’d received her promotions when due and would have a little retirement money when the time came.

With a degree in music education, Krista had set out to make her mark on the world. During her days at the university, she’d met Thomas. They’d married right after her graduation and had a home in the old quarter here, near the university, where she taught music. Thomas was an architectural engineer with a major firm, also here in the old quarter.

Along the way, Krista had taken a self-defense course for fun. Discovering a new love in life, she’d thrown herself into the training and eventually earned a third degree belt and teaching certificate. Besides being a great way to stay in shape, the training helped ease day to day frustrations and stress.

So what went wrong? What happened on this wonderful spring afternoon? Most likely nobody would ever know the answer, but as she crossed an intersection two blocks from her home, she heard gunfire just ahead. A riot here? Surely not!  But it was coming from the direction of her home.

Running around a bend in the street, she collided with people in a panic rushing to escape soldiers in battle gear. Hemmed in by the houses on either side, there was no place to go as they were pushed aside like so much rubbish by the troops. A few attempted resistance, but small arms fire had little effect on battle armor. They were simply neutralized and left where they fell.

Surrounded by the invaders, Krista’s only thought was to get home to Thomas. She had to make sure he was safe, but couldn’t force her way through the streets. Suddenly, a switch flipped in her mind as she brought all her training to bear against the intruders. Later, she would remember hand-to-hand fighting, the sound of joints dislocating, and bones breaking as she applied techniques learned in the safety of the training hall.

Her last view of Felicity was of the sun shining on the balcony of her home. So very close. And then the nightmare began.

I’ll post updates as they become available. In the meantime, check out my other works.




Ciao, amici miei!

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Black and whiteWith the re-release of Jareth, First Lord last fall, and the anticipated release of the sequel, Viviane, First Lady this spring, what else is in the works?

One of my very first attempts has been re-edited, re-written and sent off to RuleBreaker Editing for a first edit.


Mistaken for off duty Special Forces, Krista is captured and taken back to their sister and rival planet for interrogation. When it is discovered that she can’t give them any information, she is relegated to slave status, never to see her home world again.

But the commander of the facility, Michael Romanoff, has a plan with her at its center. A plan to infiltrate the organization fueling the fires of their interplanetary troubles and cut the rot out at its core. If he can gain her co-operation….

And lest you think I’m being lazy, I’m currently finishing the first draft of another novel, Master of the Fleet.

He is Lord Sir Richard LeMarnier, inhabiting an alternate timeline in North America. Well over six feet tall, tanned from weeks on the high seas, blond hair bleached by the sun and sea, his blue eyes are intense. His command over the elements wind and water is among the best in the world.

She is Anne-Marie, seamstress and socialite on the Côte. Her dark hair and nut-brown skin bring out the jade green of her eyes. She is attracted to Richard, but isn’t interested in marriage. Men are for using, not for keeps and Richard is one of the wealthiest men she’s met.

Unfortunately for her, that extra glass or two of wine loosened her tongue and her temper as she finds herself bound to Richard by an oath of loyalty, a blood oath and marriage vows.

How can she get out of this predicament, or use it to her advantage? There may be more to this relationship than it initially appears.

And what can Richard do, now married to a woman who will never love him?

Don’t worry. I have a few more on the back burner, just waiting their turns.

For news, details and excerpts, go over and Like my Facebook page!


Ciao for now! Happy reading!

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Jareth Cover art finalWhich is being sorely tested at the moment. The author copies of Jareth, First Lord have shipped, as well as the pre-orders, and while the buttons and Autographed Copy stickers have arrived, the books are still somewhere in limbo.

Oh well. What’s another day or two?

Here’s an excerpt from Jareth, First Lord to get you through.


“When the final edict was posted in the village, Viviane was stunned as she read the declarations. If the fools had gone to her father he could have asked for aid from the neighboring lords. Instead, he was saddled with repayments to Clan Brannach and penalties for ignoring the complaints. Why had he let this happen? This wasn’t like him at all.
While the penalties were within the limits of clan law, life in Clan Belfort would be much more difficult for a while. But The Choosing, this dark legend out of the dim past, while legal and binding, had never been invoked in Viviane’s lifetime. Re-reading the edict, she saw that all women of marriageable age who were childless and unmarried were required to report one week from the date of posting. One tenth of their number would go to Clan Brannach.
Since she was now marriageable and without children Viviane was required to present herself to Brannach’s First Lord. Panicking, she searched the notice again for an exemption for women of the ruling house, but found nothing. They may have been upset because she wanted to be independent but were they really willing to cast her out altogether?
Her blood turned to ice as she considered her chances of being chosen. There were many younger women in the clan. Wouldn’t they be chosen first? Why choose someone who was nearly thirty when fresher faces abounded? Dizzy and with her heart pounding, she ran to her little cottage, slammed the door, and leaned against it to stay on her feet. The smell in the air she recognized as the scent of fear while cold sweat trickled down her back. She could go to her father and ask him to exempt her from the proceedings. He’d been anxious for her to come home. Certainly he would do this one small thing.
Firmly reining in her emotions, she thought about the consequences of such an action. What if this was the way out of her difficulties? She couldn’t–wouldn’t–go back home, and she couldn’t keep the shop open much longer. Everyone in the village knew her as Viviane Lebrun as she’d not used her title after marrying Robert. Lord Jareth hadn’t been ruling long and they’d never been introduced. If she were chosen there should be no repercussions to the clan or ruling house. If she kept quiet about her family ties, this might be the answer to her predicament. Maybe this was the sign she’d asked for. She would present herself with the others and leave it in the hands of chance.”


Haven’t ordered your copy yet? Here are the links!








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Jareth Cover art finalYes, I am very excited! I was beginning to think this book was never going to be published. But we finally got all the problems sorted!


So what kind of book is Jareth, First Lord?

Written in the style of a historical romance, the story takes place on a planet colonized by Earth and then suddenly abandoned. When a new illness wipes out half the population, everything descends into anarchy until the descendants of the Seekers can gain enough control to force order once again.

First Lords are the descendants of those rulers, with psychic powers over a broad range of abilities. Now two centuries from the times of chaos, Jareth rules Clan Brannach. Widowed  for two years, he isn’t looking to marry, but while visiting a neighboring clan to settle a claim, he is captivated by black curls and sparkling blue eyes.

Can he win the heart of this fiery-tempered lady? Or will their two clans go to war over their courtship?

Jareth, First Lord–




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Jareth Cover art finalYes! Jareth, First Lord is now available on Amazon! So if you haven’t ordered your copy yet, go to Amazon.com


And if you have a blog, join the FreedomInk All Hallows Eve Blog Hop!

Check here for details!





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