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Black and whiteYes, it’s that time. Going through the proofs, giving everything the stamp of approval before we go to press.

I’m going cross-eyed…

For the latest news on the book and the pre-release event, check out the event page on Facebook. There’s a new excerpt up! Don’t forget to join for your chance to win the giveaway next Friday and to pre-order your autographed copy of Viviane, First Lady!


Stormy castle

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Black and whiteYes, it is a very chilly day down here near Atlanta. I think it has finally reached 30 degrees outside this morning. And it’s 11 am!

So, now that Viviane First Lady is in pre-sale, what am I working on?

A new novel in the raw is with my editor now. A stand alone book, not of the Esperance series, Mistaken Identity is a romantic intrigue. Krista Carlisle is a music teacher, though she’s had some military and martial arts training. But because of that training she is mistaken for something she’s not during a military strike in her home town.

Taken to their sister world, imprisoned and interrogated, they finally have to agree that she isn’t what they thought she was. Now destined to remain on this world in servitude for life, she thinks only of a way to escape.

But Commander Romanov has other plans which will make use of all that hand-to-hand training she’s had,as well as her knowledge of her home world and her ease with the social graces. Those he’s used before in this particular venture had two strikes against them. They knew virtually nothing about their sister world and they couldn’t mingle with society’s upper crust without looking out of place.

Krista could, if he can convince her to work with him for the sake of both worlds.

So, as this book goes under the knife, my other WIP is set in an alternate timeline of the American Northwest where those with sufficient ability learn to control the elements of their birth month and year to shape the world around them. Master of the Fleet is a paranormal fantasy romance–if I can shape its elements to a close…

Viviane First Lady is available for pre-order at:


For my other books, go to:  http://www.amazon.com/Mellie-Miller/e/B00954K2C8

Jareth Cover art final

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Black and whiteYes, the sequel to Jareth, First Lord will be coming up this spring. Continuing the story of Jareth and Viviane, we read more of Viviane and of her struggles with new and previously unknown talents.

Here’s a quick excerpt!

Jareth gazed at Viviane over a cup of tea. She felt he had something on his mind, but wasn’t sure how to start.

“Okay, what is it then?” she asked. “It couldn’t be anything too awful or you wouldn’t have to think so much about it.”

“It’s something your father and I talked about when he was here for the wedding,” Jareth answered. “He noticed something about you which hadn’t been obvious to him before. He felt it was important enough to speak with me privately.”

“Something about me?” She wasn’t sure whether to be angry, insulted, or amused by this. “What could he possibly have noticed after all this time?”

“Let me begin from a different direction.” Jareth began. “What do you know about the specialties of First Lords and the ruling houses that sets them apart?”

Viviane thoughtfully sipped her tea. She’d never given it much thought. The First Lords were just First Lords. The leadership was hereditary, descending from father to firstborn son, or on rare occasions, daughter.

“I know we were brought out of the Times of Confusion by the ancestors of our current First Lords. They were the strongest families and leaders of the time and were able to unite those around them to form the clans. The clans bear the names of the first families and the lineage is traceable back to the very first lords.”

“Yes, but what gave them their strength?” he asked. “How, after all that time in confusion and anarchy, were they able to bring the people together and enforce some order?

Viviane pondered the question for a minute before answering.

“Well, I’ve heard rumors about some sort of mental ability they’re supposed to have, but I always thought it was a myth. Some of us used to make fun of it when we were children, pretending we could influence people with the power of the mind.  I never thought there was anything to it. I kind of figured if they had some kind of ability, my father and Carl wouldn’t have so much trouble keeping track of me. I could get by with nearly anything I wanted to. I would disappear for hours, hiding until I wanted to be found. It drove my father insane.”

Jareth laughed at this picture. Viviane supposed it was rather humorous, making fun of the First Lord and doing her best to mock the traditions of the family. It would probably come back to haunt her.

Check back here for news about Viviane and other releases. Or go to my Facebook page for excerpts and information.


And don’t forget to check out the other FreedomInk books!



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Black and whiteMac had gone over to a relative’s home for dinner one afternoon and, as the daylight grew dimmer, the rain began. As he had traveled on horseback, he was loath to start home after dark in a storm.

His host apologized saying they had no spare room he could use, which surprised Mac as he’d seen an extra bedroom down the hallway.

“Oh, we have a room, but it’s haunted,” the man explained. “You wouldn’t want to stay there.”

Now Mac was amused. Haunted? He didn’t believe in such things.

“I think I’d rather stay there than ride home in the rain,” he replied.

The man and his wife talked it over and agreed to let him stay in the room, but only if he understood they would not be responsible for anything that happened.

They showed him a cozy little room, which looked much more inviting than the dark, rainy weather outside, and he got ready for bed. They had told him what they’d witnessed every night they’d lived in the house, but he was sure they were exaggerating. Ghosts indeed!

After saying good-night, he undressed, slid into bed and looked forward to a good night’s sleep. He wasn’t worried about any “haints”.

Sometime later in the night, perhaps around midnight, Mac woke to the sound of someone walking across the bedroom floor, heavy steps as of a large man. His eyes strained in the darkness, but he could see nothing.

The steps continued to the bedroom door, the door opened, and he heard the steps cross the living room toward the front door. The front door then opened and he heard the steps cross to where the water bucket sat under the pump spout on the porch.

The water dipper banged against the side of the bucket, someone drank from the dipper and then let it fall back into the bucket. A moment later, the steps began to retrace their path back into the house.

When the door to the bedroom reopened, Mac didn’t know what to think, but decided that if he just kept still he’d be alright. At least that’s what he thought until the steps came over to the bed.

Suddenly, he felt a great weight on top of him, a weight he felt would crush the life from his body. He struggled and tried to cry out, but he couldn’t get his breath. There was nothing to see, nothing he could grasp, only the weight crushing his chest.

And as suddenly as it began, it stopped. Gasping for breath, Mac staggered to the bedroom door and went out into the living room, clutching a blanket around him. The next morning, his host found him curled up on the hearth-rug in front of the fireplace.

He told them his story and they nodded, knowing smiles on their faces.

“It happens every night,” his host told him. “Rain or shine, winter or summer, the man leaves the bedroom, goes to the porch for a drink of water and comes back to bed. We’ve tried nailing the bedroom door shut, barring it, everything we can think of, and he still opens the door and gets a drink.”

“Why do you stay here?” Mac asked.

“He doesn’t do any harm, as long as nobody tries to sleep in the room. We don’t need the room, except for storing things, so we just let him be.”

Mac went his way after breakfast a changed man. He would never laugh about ghosts and haunted rooms again.

This is a true family story from my father’s side of the family. Did it really happen? I’ve talked to several people who swear it did, and not just to Mac. Nobody knew who the “haint” was, or what his story might have been, but he went and had a drink of water every night.

Do you like the paranormal? Psychic abilities? Check out my books at:



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Black and whiteYes! You can now find Jareth, First Lord online at Books-a-Million! It is now at Amazon, Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble, as well as from the publisher, FreedomInk365.

Here are the buy links for you:





So if you’re looking for something to read during these cool evenings, go to your favorite books store and get your copy of Jareth, First Lord!

Thanks for stopping by!

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CommercialFor those of you who shop Barnes and Noble instead of Amazon, Jareth, First Lord is now available there as well, in paperback.

And if you really prefer the eBook, go over to FreedomInk and order it directly from the publisher. I know a lot of people are going electronic these days, and an e-reader is so much easier when traveling.

For those of you who pre-ordered signed copies, I am till waiting for those to arrive. You haven’t been forgotten! As soon as I get them, I’ll send them out to you.

Jareth, First Lord should be showing up at Books-a-Million soon, so keep watching!




Talk to you later!

Jareth Cover art final

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Jareth Cover art finalYes! Jareth, First Lord is now available on Amazon! So if you haven’t ordered your copy yet, go to Amazon.com


And if you have a blog, join the FreedomInk All Hallows Eve Blog Hop!

Check here for details!





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Yes! FreedomInk is getting ready for the annual All Hallows Eve Blog Hop again this year. Want to share in the fun? It all begins October 30, 2014 at midnight eastern time and continues through midnight October 31.

Write a blog post about either:

1.Your favorite horror book

2. Your favorite ghost or horror story

3. A personal or family ghost story or paranormal event.

Then go to our event page and leave us your blog address so we can add it to our list.

And on October 30, we will post the list of blog addresses on the Facebook Event page. Just go to each blog listed between midnight Oct. 30 and midnight Oct. 31, read each post and leave a comment to show you visited.

Where is this event, you ask?


Stay tuned for more details!


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Jareth, First Lord.

Here is a teaser video for new release of my novel, Jareth, First Lord. The Pre-sale Event has been extended to September 22. So take advantage and order your copy now! Pre-orders receive an autographed copy, an eBook of Jareth, First Lord, and a Redd’s button with the cover art!

Cover reveal soon!



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Changing the worldOnly two days for what? To pre-order Jareth, First Lord and receive your pre-order perks! The Pre-Sale Event is on Facebook.

What perks? A signed copy of Jareth, First Lord, along with a copy of the eBook and a Redd’s button with the cover art.

Where can you find it? 


Or go directly to the publisher!


But hurry! The event ends Monday, September 15, at 3:00 pm Eastern Time.

Jareth, First Lord. Coming soon from Mellie Miller and FreedomInk365!

Don’t miss it!

Jareth, First LordAs the powerful, psychically gifted First Lord of Clan Brannach, Jareth rides to demand payments and penalties from a neighboring clan, not knowing he will meet the woman he must make his First Lady.

Viviane, a young widow, struggles to survive on her own rather than go back to her father’s house, her father being First Lord of Clan Belfort. As the youngest in the family, she won’t go back to the constraints of the ruling house. When Jareth arrives to meet with her father, she leaves her future in the hands of chance and presents herself with the other marriageable women in the Choosing, keeping her lineage a secret. Imagine her dismay when they arrive back in his clan to find Lord Jareth has chosen her for his own!

With one year to decide whether she will accept his proposal, their stormy courtship begins, as he seeks to win her heart and she looks for a way to stay free from another ruling house.


See you there!

Don’t forget—

     —to Share the Romance…

                                         ~~Mellie Miller~~~

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