The Pixie and the Green Man

Black and whiteAll right! I’ve been through the edits and sent them back for a final look, I’ve contacted the cover artist to see when the cover can be ready—

so we can have a cover reveal!

And I’ve been all day formatting the manuscript to I can get it uploaded and ready to go once everything else is in place.

How about a blurb?

Morgan is resigned to living alone after her abusive father and recent attempted rape in Clan Brannach. However, she hadn’t counted on James Ferguson’s green eyes, devil-may-care attitude, or his adorable dimples.

When he went to her rescue, James fell in love with this tiny young woman, with hair of midnight and eyes like the sea. Biding his time, he gave her a chance to heal before approaching her.

How can he win the heart of the woman he loves when she won’t even accept an invitation for tea? And if she does become interested, can she accept those things which set his family apart?

Morgan–Very petite, with black, straight hair cut to chin length and eyes that change from gray to blue, depending on her mood. She doesn’t even reach James’ shoulder.

James–At around six feet four inches, he towers over Morgan, with his green eyes, unruly sandy hair, and dimples.  Add to that his devil-may-care attitude and he’s hard to resist. His family owns the lumberyard, and working with lumber will build some muscle, too.

Watch for Morgan–The Pixie and the Green ManEsperance Book 3.




Esperance The Series

Black and whiteHello everyone!

I know many of you keep up with Jareth and Viviane on Facebook through their book pages. But times are changing!

Since this is turning into a series, I’ve decided to combine all the books on one page, for the convenience of keeping track of it all.

The new page can be found here:


I’ll take the other two pages down tomorrow. So if you follow either one of them–Jareth First Lord or Viviane First Lady, go on over to Esperance and Like the page.

And watch for The Pixie and the Green Man! It will also be on the Esperance page


Catch you later!

Morgan Coming Soon

Don’t tell my editor, but here is an excerpt from Morgan–The Pixie and the Green Man.


Excerpt from Morgan—The Pixie and the Green Man, Esperance Book 3.


As they tidied up the table, he asked, “So, will you share a meal with me one day?”

“I don’t know, James. Maybe.”

“Have I done something to offend you, Morgan?”

“Why do you want to go out with me?” she demanded in frustration. “There are plenty of girls in the clan.”

He stared at her for a moment before he said, “But they don’t have your beautiful smile.”

“No, seriously. Why ask me out, damaged goods and all, when there are other girls you could ask? Pretty girls.”

“Damaged goods? You’re not damaged goods. And you’re a pretty girl. Yes, there are other pretty girls in the clan, but you have a sparkle they don’t have. Unless I’m trying to take you out and then you shut down. Now what do you say?”

“I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.”

“Tell me where you would feel comfortable. I’m not fussy. Ask my mother. I’ll eat damned near anything.”

For some reason, Morgan found this amusing and began to laugh, something that didn’t happen often.

“And you’ve got a lovely laugh, too. You should set it free more often.”

“I’ll think about it, James. I will.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” he answered, with a teasing grin on his face. “I’ll talk to you later.”


While you’re waiting for Morgan to come out, check out Books 1 & 2:

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Viviane, First Lady– http://amzn.com/0986100110

Morgan Coming Soon

Ferguson–The Musical

Hello to everyone out there. I hope your summer has been wonderful. Between the garden and the weather, mine has been busy.

But now, I’m hoping you can help out a friend, Ms. Peachanda DuBose. She has written a musical, Ferguson, which will be opening in LA. inspired by the film 12 Angry Men, it addresses the recent deaths at the hands of law enforcement.

She could use a little help. Anything dealing with theater is expensive, as I’m sure you understand.

Could you spare $25 to help her out? It would help make a difference.


Ferguson–The Musical



CommercialNow that the Pixie and the Green Man is with the editor, I’ve turned back to a story I started earlier and set aside. I love the story, but I had some issues with it. And I have trouble seeing how to fix something when I’m too close to it.

Master of the Fleet is a stand-alone story set in an alternate timeline of America. Think of a United States in which the French had much more influence. Now divide the continent into kingdoms and baronies instead of states.

Richard, our male protagonist, owns a highly successful merchant fleet on the west coast. Very tall, sun-streaked blond and with piercing blue eyes, he was one of the most eligible bachelors on the Côte. Though he was in his late thirties, he’d never found the woman he wanted for his wife, until he met Anne-Marie.

Anne-Marie is a woman with a secret past. Though she seems to be a lady of society, it is only a part she plays—to perfection. When she meets Richard at a party, he becomes one more mark for her to claim.

Right up until she tries to stab him during the baron’s banquet during the fall festival and ends up bound to Richard by a blood oath and marriage vows.

Watch for Master of the Fleet, another paranormal fantasy romance by yours truly,

Mellie Miller

Kiss the sword

What’s Next?

Black and whiteNow that Jareth, First Lord and Viviane, First lady are available in audio, what’s next for yours truly and Esperance?

Morgan–The Pixie and the Green Man

I loved the character of Morgan so much in the first book, I decided to give her a story of her own. And, of course, we need to meet the man who wins her heart, James Ferguson. He was one of the men who came to her rescue when she was attacked by Ian McConnaugh in Jareth, First Lord.

What do we know about Morgan?

“She had a beautiful smile, when she could be coaxed into it. Her straight black hair was cut to about chin length and drew attention to her face, with its cute upturned nose and dazzling eyes. When she was happy, those eyes were an intense shade of blue. But when upset or angry, her eyes became the gray of a loch on a cloudy day.

“There was an energy around her which was nearly visible. It was like diamond dust dancing in a sunbeam. He thought it was this energy that drew him to her. She was so small, though, not even reaching his shoulder, like a tiny, raven-haired pixie with blue-gray eyes.”

What about James?

He’s very tall, with sun-streaked sandy brown hair, bright green eyes that twinkle with mischief, and dimples. His family owns the lumberyard in town, not far from the market where Morgan works. He makes a good living from the family business, which he will inherit. And like all the Fergusons, he has a way with wood.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I could never do gymnastics. The closest I come to that is dancing. And I have two left feet.”

“Two left feet? Don’t be silly,” she said, her eyes deepening into a beautiful shade of blue.

“Really. Let me show you.” He reached for her right hand with his left and swung around to face her. “How about a waltz?”

Morgan’s mouth opened as she stared at him, but it was too late. He had already begun their dance past the restaurant.

“James! We can’t dance down the pavement,” she said in amazement, though following his lead.

“Why not? There’s no law against it.”

“No, but everyone is watching. What will people think?”

“That we’re happy?”

“That we’re insane!”

“Same thing,” he countered.

With the market once again in view, he twirled her away from him and back to his side. With a comical bow, he added, “As milady wishes. A nice, dignified stroll to take the air.”

Standing straight, shoulders back, and with a most serious look on his face, he altered his pace to match his statement.

“You are incorrigible.”

“So I’m told. Frequently,” he added. “But it did make you smile.”

“Well, maybe.”

“Ah. There it is again, the illusive creature. You should let it out more often, before it dies from lack of attention.”

“Are you ever serious?” she asked.

“Only when it is absolutely necessary. And here we are, back at the market.”

So watch for Book 3 in the Esperance Series–Morgan–The Pixie and the Green Man. If you liked Jareth and Viviane, you’ll love Morgan and James!

Until later…

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Morgan Coming Soon

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