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Black and whiteWith Jareth, First Lord re-released this month, it’s time to look forward to the sequel, Viviane, First Lady. We’re aiming for a March 2015 release date for Viviane.

Following the events in Jareth, First Lord, we find Viviane trying to come to grips with all the changes life has brought her way, from the loss of her husband before the story, to Jareth’s courtship and the trouble between the clans.

Now life is being further complicated by things completely out of her control. And until she can gain a little control, there can be no planning for heirs to the house of Brannach.

So if you haven’t read Jareth, First Lord, go ahead and pre-order your copy now, because Viviane is following hard on its heels.

Available now through FreedomInk365. Jareth will soon be available through Amazon, Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble. Paperback and eBook.


Jareth Cover art final


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CommercialFor more news on what’s happening, slip on over to Facebook and Like my page. The one I use for for my writing is:


I also share events and releases of other authors I know and the occasional humorous post.

I also have a new page for our pre-sale event:


If you preorder Jareth, First Lord, you get a signed copy of a first run book, plus a Redd’s button with the cover art. The publisher, FreedomInk365, has also suggested a free e-book with the pre-order of Jareth, First Lord during the event.

So go over, Like the page, check out the pre-sale event, and share with your friends. Jareth, First Lord will be released in September, so to get the perks, order soon!

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Small Formal Black2All romance stories have heroes. But what endears you to a hero? Is it his charm? Maybe there’s a bit of mystery about him, something hiding in his past. Perhaps its power you crave.

Go over and visit the Facebook event for Jareth, First Lord and tell us what you love in a hero. While you’re there, you can join the event and pre-order your copy.

All pre-orders are signed and will receive a Redd’s button with the cover art! join us today!



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Black and whiteWhat are you reading today?

I’ve met so many people recently who don’t read. I can’t imagine not reading, but I suppose in this day of electronic gadgetry, reading is a little old-fashioned. When you can pick up a tablet or i-phone and see movies and music videos, play games and keep in touch with friends all on one device, even eBooks are too much trouble.

For me, reading is fun, exciting, and a great escape into a new adventure, be it romance, scifi, or murder mystery. The adventure begins with opening that cover and smelling the ink and new pages right from the press. Or if it is an old friend, or a second-hand book, the musty, dusty smell from between the pages, and the rough feel of the cover.

Then it’s imagination on full, as the characters and scenes come to life, like a movie playing inside my head, for me alone. Because my interpretation of the writing will be unique, just as yours will be. My experience will never be the same as anyone else’s.

I read of one author who refused to put more than a few brief words of description about her characters in her books. She felt her readers could do them justice on their own. And nobody ever sees the same person when they read, no matter what the description is. Who is to say which version is correct?

One of the reasons I began writing romantic fiction is because I didn’t really like most of what I saw for sale. The advice often given to writers is to write what you want to read. And so I did.

I want to give a big thank you to FreedomInk365 for taking a chance on Jareth, First Lord. It is a different, cross-genre adventure of futuristic highland lords, with psychic talents. Written in the style of a historical romance, there are elements of intrigue and treachery, a tale of two people who have suffered great loss and yet have hope for the future.

Why do I read? For the joy of it all. For the excitement. For love, and mystery, and happy endings.

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, join us at:


Jareth, First Lord is available for pre-order from the publisher at:


Join me in the adventure of reading.

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CommercialYes! Jareth, First Lord is just about to be re-released, with new editing and new chapters in anticipation of the release of Viviane, First Lady early next year.

For exclusive information about the book and the author, go join the event on Facebook.


You’ll find information on pre-ordering specials, author bio and excerpts from Jareth, First Lord.

Come and join us. You can also go to the Jareth page at: http://www.facebook.com/jarethfirstlord

And like the author’s page: http://www.facebook.com/meleighscreations

Even if you have the original Jareth, consider buying the new edition, re-edited with chapters including their wedding, especially for FreedomInk365.

Want to pre-order now? http://www.freedomink365.com/jarethfirstlord

Thanks for your support!

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CommercialYes, Jareth, First Lord is ready to be released, but you have the opportunity to order your copy before it hits the shelves! Not only that, but if you pre-order your copy will be signed and you’ll receive a button with the cover art from the book cover. I believe the publisher is also going to include a copy of the e-book as well with a pre-ordered print book.

So what is Jareth, First Lord? Think of a dark and moody highland lord and a fiery tempered lady with flashing blue eyes. Written in the style of a historical romance, Jareth is set on a world far in the future, a world abandoned by Earth. After an epidemic which takes most of the population, those left fight their way back out of the chaos to form clans led by powerful psychic First Lords.

Our story takes place two or three centuries after the clans are established, in Clan Brannach. The winter is harsh and the neighboring clan has been raiding his stores. When communications fail, Jareth, First Lord of the clan rides to confront the First Lord of Clan Belfort and demand his rights in settling his claim. 

Little did he know that he would meet the lady of his dreams, Viviane, the one he desired to be his First Lady. After choosing her as part of the spoils, trouble sets in when he finds she has hidden her identity as First Lord Herrick’s youngest daughter.




Excerpt from Jareth, First Lord

“While his men recorded the names of the girls who came forward, Jareth once again felt the strange spider on his brain which he’d sensed in the village. Searching the group before him, he was drawn to cascades of black curls shimmering in the soft morning light. About twenty feet away, she was comforting others with a touch or quick hug. Her concern impressed him. As she turned to face him, her dazzling blue eyes captivated his heart.

Regaining his senses, he threaded his way through the crowd. As he drew closer her eyes sparkled like the blue waters of a mountain stream in the sun. Lush dark lashes framed them in perfect contrast to her smooth, creamy skin. Her mouth was a small rosebud begging to be kissed. She appeared to him as a fairy princess come to life. Expecting fear or anger as he approached, all he saw was inner strength shining through sadness. He cultivated his imposing presence, but she rose tall and met his gaze.”


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                        Mellie E. Miller

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I’ve received the final proofs for Jareth, First Lord, which will be released early in September. Jareth, First Lord is a fantasy romance, set on another world ruled by psychic First Lords.

Jareth, First Lord is now ready for pre-order! My publisher, FreedomInk365, is hoping for 20 pre-orders before the release date. How can you help? Order your own copy of Jareth, First Lord. Or help spread the word. Jareth, First Lord has a page on Facebook and a Pre-Sale event. 

Jareth, First Lord also contains the first chapter of the sequel, Viviane, First Lady.

PreSale price includes a signed 1st print book + a Redds button featuring the cover art of ‘Jareth, First Lord’ courtesy of the CEO at FreedomInk!

So join the pre-sale and like the page. You can also like my author page, Meleigh’s Creations, and keep up with the news on new releases.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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                                Mellie E. Miller

Here’s the back cover blurb!

With his clan’s welfare threatened by raiding parties during a harsh winter, Jareth rides to demand restitution from the neighboring first lord, not knowing he will meet the woman of his dreams. Taking her as part of the spoils, he hopes to make her his first lady, not realizing she is the daughter of the first lord. Tensions escalate between the two clans over this beautiful and fiery woman he must make his own.

Viviane, a young widow, is praying for an answer as she struggles to survive on her own after her husband’s death. The other option is to move back home, with her father, First Lord Herrick, of Clan Brannach. She is desperate for another option, for as the youngest daughter of the house, she can never be her own person there. Her prayers are answered when Jareth comes seeking justice for crimes against her clan. Hiding her true identity, she hopes to make a break with her past when she is chosen as part of the spoils.

Imagine her dismay when she discovers Jareth hopes to make her first lady of his clan.

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Black and whiteYes, Jareth, First Lord is being re-released by FreedomInk Publishing. Newly edited, and with added chapters–including the wedding and wedding night–Jareth is leading the way for the second book in the series, Viviane, First Lady.

And the Pre-Sale Event is now open! You can now pre-order your copy of Jareth, First Lord from FreedomInk.

And the PreSale price includes a 1st print book + a Redds button featuring the cover art of  ‘Jareth, First Lord’ courtesy of the CEO at FreedomInk!

To pre-order you copy go to:




“Before you follow the breadcrumbs back to your rooms, may I tempt you with a glass of wine? It’s not late yet and there’s still a nice fire in the fireplace. It would be a shame to let it go to waste by not enjoying it,” he suggested.

“Lord Jareth, I don’t want to keep you from any business you have. You must be busy these days. You needn’t entertain me to the detriment of your estate or clan.”

She looked as if she would enjoy the fire, but was too shy to say so. Something must have reminded her of her late husband,  a deep sadness suddenly filled her eyes with tears. Jareth reached out to comfort her and she flinched at his touch.

“Viviane, I know how much grief you still carry. I would enjoy your company tonight, if you can manage,” he continued. “I keep my evenings free to unwind from the day. It has been most generous of you to share your evening, but if you feel you must leave, I’ll understand.”

Viviane stood motionless for a moment, tears threatening to spill over onto her face. Jareth was afraid she was going to run to her room, fling herself on the bed, and cry herself to sleep. For some reason, her emotion was affecting him more strongly than it should. Maybe it was the personal tragedies they shared.

“Thank you, milord, but spending another evening in tears won’t help anything, will it?” she replied, dabbing at the few tears which had escaped. “It hasn’t so far, anyway. Perhaps a glass of wine and a warm fire would be better, if you’re sure I won’t interrupt anything else you had to do.”

“Wine and a fire it is, Viviane. And no, crying yourself to sleep every night doesn’t help, though it sometimes seems you have no choice. I know how much it hurts, the loss. It gets easier to bear after a while. I don’t know that you miss them any less, but you find a way to live with it and move on.”


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2014-Winner-Square-ButtonI made it! With 50,081 words on Defender of the Red Dragon. What am I talking about?

Camp NaNoWriMo, July 2014!  There are now two camps during the summer, in April and July, complete with virtual cabins and cabin mates. We had a lot of fun this month and several of those in our cabin crossed the finish line.

In my opinion, anyone who signed up and gave it their best–even if they didn’t finish their  word goal–is a winner. It takes effort and determination to sit and write everyday, whether your goal is 50,000 or 15,000.

Congratulations to all those in my cabin this month. Hope to see you in November for the main event. If not, look for me next April for the spring Camp. Maybe we can all sign in to the same cabin!

And would someone please remember the hot chocolate…


Excerpt from Defender of the Red Dragon


Ruth was almost too tired to shower before she fell into bed. But on her way past the painting, she gave it a smile, said goodnight to the warrior by the throne, and gave the dragon a goodnight stroke down the nose.

She had no idea what woke her at one o’clock in the morning, but she was instantly awake, her heart was pounding, and her eyes searched the shadows.

As her eyes brushed the painting, she had the briefest wish that the young warrior was there to watch out for her. Sliding her feet to the floor, she quietly put on her robe and started toward the door.

A choked cry and the sound of pounding feet reached her first, accompanied by the sound of steel against steel. As Ruth looked through her living room toward the door, she saw it was standing wide open.

But for a moment, before her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw the shadow of a man, well over six feet tall, replacing a wicked-looking blade in a sheath at his side. Behind her she heard a sound like sea shells on stone. Glancing at the painting in the dim light, the dragon blurred for a moment before it came into focus, encircling the throne.

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CampNaNoWriMoEveryone has a story.  And some of us choose to share. Some write non-fiction from their own lives, others write non-fiction of other kinds. And some of  us write fiction and make it up as we go along.

Whatever story you decide to tell is up to you.

And that’s where National Novel Writing Month comes in. With two summer virtual camps and the big event in November, it is a wonderful aid to get started and keep writing for an entire month. You set your own goals and use your stats page to keep track of your progress.

There are all kinds of tools to help you on your journey on the resources page, as well as forums to answer questions or simply interact with other writers.

There is also a Young Writers Program for teachers and students, and the Come In Library program.

To top it off, NaNoWiMo is a nonprofit organization.

And that’s where you come in. It takes funds to keep all this going. The people you help are the writers of tomorrow.

If you can lend a hand, know that it will be put to good use and greatly appreciated. Here is a link to my fundraiser page.


Thank you for your support,



Mel and Gambler's Folly

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