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Black and whiteFreedomInk Publishing is once again hosting the Annual Reading is Retro Summer Challenge. What is the challenge? To read ten books during the thirteen weeks of summer.


Now, I know summer is half gone, but there is still time to get in on the challenge. There are a lot of books out there, in every genre you can think of.

Perhaps you’d like to peruse what FreedomInk has to offer.

Darkness Before the Dawn, by Dawn  Miller. One woman’s true story of abuse, neglect and rebirth.

Woman on Fire, by Trinette Collier. Life’s challenges can either refine or destroy. Read this woman’s story of rising above the trials with God’s help.

Angel Eyes, by Katandra Shanel Jackson–A collective memoir of child sexual abuse.

Jareth, First Lord, by Mellie Miller– Esperance Book 1. Fantasy romance on a distant highland world.

Viviane, First Lady, by Mellie Miller–Esperance Book 2. The story continues.

For a look at all they have to offer:


So come on in and join the fun. Reading is Retro. And reading is fun. Who say’s you have to leave the house to go on vacation? Dive into a good book and let the party begin.

What have I been reading? I’ll share that in another post.

Ciao for now!

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Black and whiteYes, Jareth, First Lord is being re-released by FreedomInk Publishing. Newly edited, and with added chapters–including the wedding and wedding night–Jareth is leading the way for the second book in the series, Viviane, First Lady.

And the Pre-Sale Event is now open! You can now pre-order your copy of Jareth, First Lord from FreedomInk.

And the PreSale price includes a 1st print book + a Redds button featuring the cover art of  ‘Jareth, First Lord’ courtesy of the CEO at FreedomInk!

To pre-order you copy go to:




“Before you follow the breadcrumbs back to your rooms, may I tempt you with a glass of wine? It’s not late yet and there’s still a nice fire in the fireplace. It would be a shame to let it go to waste by not enjoying it,” he suggested.

“Lord Jareth, I don’t want to keep you from any business you have. You must be busy these days. You needn’t entertain me to the detriment of your estate or clan.”

She looked as if she would enjoy the fire, but was too shy to say so. Something must have reminded her of her late husband,  a deep sadness suddenly filled her eyes with tears. Jareth reached out to comfort her and she flinched at his touch.

“Viviane, I know how much grief you still carry. I would enjoy your company tonight, if you can manage,” he continued. “I keep my evenings free to unwind from the day. It has been most generous of you to share your evening, but if you feel you must leave, I’ll understand.”

Viviane stood motionless for a moment, tears threatening to spill over onto her face. Jareth was afraid she was going to run to her room, fling herself on the bed, and cry herself to sleep. For some reason, her emotion was affecting him more strongly than it should. Maybe it was the personal tragedies they shared.

“Thank you, milord, but spending another evening in tears won’t help anything, will it?” she replied, dabbing at the few tears which had escaped. “It hasn’t so far, anyway. Perhaps a glass of wine and a warm fire would be better, if you’re sure I won’t interrupt anything else you had to do.”

“Wine and a fire it is, Viviane. And no, crying yourself to sleep every night doesn’t help, though it sometimes seems you have no choice. I know how much it hurts, the loss. It gets easier to bear after a while. I don’t know that you miss them any less, but you find a way to live with it and move on.”


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Changing the worldYes, FreedomInk Publishing is Harlem bound this summer. CEO Katandra Jackson and several of the FreedomInk authors will be going to Harlem, NY in just 27 days to promote reading.

And who doesn’t like that idea?

Reading is very important in our world, and yet so many people fail to use this marvelous tool.


If you can read, you can learn anything. And in this electronic age, you don’t even have to haul a bunch of print books around with you. Any good e-reader will allow you to have thousands of books available to you at any time.

So help FreedomInk go to Harlem. If you can lend your support by June 20, your name will be on the T-shirts as a sponsor.

Let’s help FreedomInk.


Ready or not, here we come!


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Black and whiteOK folks, April is Poetry Month. And FreedomInk Publishing is having a Pledge to Recite Poetry competition. Record you reciting your favorite poem, upload it, and the ones with the most votes go on YouTube.

Pretty cool, huh?

You can find my first contribution on their page.


This first one is in French, but I posted a translation for everyone. Unfortunately, it can’t capture what I love most about the poem, so listen to the French version.

And don’t forget, if you don’t have your copy of Gambler’s Folly yet, go on over to Amazon and order a copy.


And coming soon, from FreedomInk365 will be Jareth: First Lord,  a second edition to open a path for the sequel, Viviane: First Lady.

So keep your eyes open and check back here for news of the releases.

Ciao amici miei!

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