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Small Formal Black2Join Bavarlee Bernstein tonight as he introduces my new novel, Gambler’s Folly. His web program is on Facebook tonight at 8 pm Eastern time.  The program is called ‘Let Me Tell Your Story’, and every Saturday evening, he presents a new author to his Facebook audience.

I have recently submitted Gambler’s Folly to a publisher, who requested a preliminary rewrite. I’m hoping to hear back again soon.

In the meantime, go over and check out my other stories at:


Ciao amici miei,

Piu tardi

 (until later)

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Black and whiteI know I haven’t sent anything out lately. My husband, Steve, finally had some time home, so we were catching up on some around the house projects which needed his expertise.

The good new is, I’ve finished my final draft of Gambler’s Folly.  Rather than self-publishing this time, I’m looking for a publisher who’ll take it on.  At 86,351 words (computer count, or 106,000 for print) it is a good sized novel–romantic paranormal fantasy.

Gambler’s Folly tells the story of Karianna, who’s  husband, Trae, loses her in a card game–to the most powerful underworld syndicate boss, on the planet  Gambler’s Folly.  Their marriage dissolved, Trae murdered, she finds she is  married to Damiano Leone, who brings her into  his life of wealth, glamour  and danger.

I’ll keep you posted on it’s publication.  But in the meantime, why not check out Jareth: First Lord?


A piu tardi, amici….

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December is here, and that means most of us will be buying gifts for friends and family. I always enjoyed receiving gifts which would last, that I could keep and enjoy for years to come. One of my favorites was a good book. I still have books from when I was in grade school. And that’s been a while. I also have one of my favorites that I bought for  25 cents at a thrift store one summer, By Right of Conquest, by Arthur Hornblow. It is a romance from another era, copyright 1909. I’ve moved this book from Ohio to California, Oregon to Georgia, and everywhere in between. Every couple of years or so, I dust it  off and enjoy the journey once more.

Why not find a good book for the readers on your list this year?  There are a lot of them out there, for readers of every kind. And if you simply must have something electronic, check out some of the e-readers available. My husband enjoys being able to take his library with him when he travels for work. Since he may be gone for weeks or months at a time, having a good selection of reading material with him helps pass the time in foreign climes.  As a nurse, our daughter enjoys having something small to take with her if she’s sitting up all night with a patient. And our grandson just likes his Kindle because its cool.

Check out the books on Amazon.com. You can buy electronic versions of many favorites, lend them to others, or just check them out of the library. Or if you’re like me and savor the feel of a good book in your hands, you can get those as well.

While you’re there, check out my stories at:


Or you can buy Jareth: First Lord in paperback at:


Have fun shopping.  Keep safe and have a wonderful holiday.

A piu tardi amici miei….

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Jareth: First Lord is available for Kindle at Amazon.com. It is also available in paperback either at amazon or at http://www.createspace.com/4010036, along with two of my short stories.

But between now and December 24, Jareth: First Lord’s Kindle version will be on sale. So check it out and let me know what you think.


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With the temperatures the past couple of days, winter is definitely thinking about making an appearance. Of course my cats, Squeak and Fogg, would tell you it is already here. But then they love to just soak up the warmth from the fire.

We actually built our first  fire last evening. After daytime temperatures in the 70’s three days ago dropping to highs in the 50’s, the change is quite a shock to the system. The dog (alright the small 105 pound pony)  is trying to convince me that he would be just fine in the house. No, he really wouldn’t chase the cats. Honest. Well, not much….

So I think it’s time to settle comfortably into the office chair, with a cup of steaming tea, and see what’s happening with my latest cast of characters on Gambler’s  Folly, Damiano and Karianna.

Good-bye for now. Get yourself a cuppa and a good book. Why not try Jareth: First Lord?


A tardi i miei amici…

(Until later my friends.)


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Okay, so I really should be inside working on Gambler’s Folly. Instead, I’m taking the day off to enjoy the beautiful day. Winter will be here soon, with all the rain and cold and I’ll have plenty of time indoors. I can rationalize this by promising I’ll think about Damiano and Karianna while I walk, right?

Anyway, if the weather is wonderful where you are, go for a walk in nature. let those five senses you have savor the moment. And this evening, if you need something to read, give my novel, Jareth: First lord a chance. http://www.createspace.com/4010036

Sunshine here I come!

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Well, I’m finally finished with the proofing and have submitted the final version of Jareth: First Lord. It will take it a few weeks to show up on Amazon, but it is now available at this address:


And of course it is always available for Kindle.

Thanks to our daughter Dawn for her help designing the cover and for all the times she read through it helping me find typos and weird things that happened on the page in the wee hours of the night.

Check it out . You can also go to my webpage at:
And when I get my professional site up and running, I’ll post it here for you as well.

Thanks for reading.

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