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How about a little something from Master of the Fleet?

“She never promised marriage. She never intended to marry, after what life had shown her. Men were animals, who could be amusing or entertaining. On the other hand, they could be violent and perverse, especially when drunk. As long as they were pursuing her, they were on their best behavior. Once they’d captured the prize, it would be a different story. Why take the chance?

“It became a game. How much could I get before it was time to move on?”

“You’re a greedy little whore, aren’t you?”

“That’s not fair! Once I left the travelers, I never slept with anyone again, until last night with you. After being forced to bed anything that came along, I have no interest in sex.”

“So you held out hope and took them for everything they had.”

“Yes. And I made a good living at it, as well as the sewing.”

“What happened this time?”

“You did. You had enough money to take me home, so I could gloat. I wanted to look down my nose at the people who’d said I could never leave and know they were wrong.

“But after a little too much wine, and a bit too much excitement, things got out of hand. You sounded too much like those I’d run away from years ago and I snapped.”

“What do we do now?” Richard asked. “Will you share my bed willingly as my wife? Or will you simply tolerate my advances and send your mind roaming?”

“We’re bound by oath, marriage, and blood oath, Richard. I must stay with you. As your wife, I must share your bed. Will I ever enjoy it? I doubt it.””

Who owns your passion

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Black and whiteYes, we’re back home after a relaxing week in Brunswick, GA. It’s nice to have my one and only home for a while again.

And it’s another rainy day in Georgia, a good time for reading, writing and some snuggle time.

Keep watching for news on the re-release of Jareth: First Lord, scheduled for August. Newly edited and with a couple new chapters, Jareth: First Lord opens the door for the sequel, Viviane: First Lady, after the turn of the year.

Once again, I’ll be participating in the NaNoWriMo Camp in July. I’ll post my progress here as I wrestle with a new story.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far. Take care and play safely.

A tardi amici…

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Gambler’s Folly will be released in e-book July 16th. It is now available for preorder from Bookstrand.com.

For a quick peek:

[BookStrand Futuristic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, HEA]

Vacationing her with husband, Trae, Karianna O’Brien’s life is shattered when Trae loses her to syndicate boss Damiano Leone, on one hand of cards. Divorced, widowed, and married to Damiano in two days’ time, Karianna enters a world of sensuality, wealth, and danger, with the prince of the underworld on Gambler’s Folly.



Go to Bookstrand and order your copy today!

Ciao amici miei,

a tardi…

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Gambler’s Folly is due to be released July 16!  This will be in e-format, available at http://www.sirenbookstrand.com.

For those of you who prefer print, the print version will be available later. I’ll keep you updated here. So as soon as I know, I’ll pass it along.

And now, for a sneak peek…

“Come, cara, it is a little thing,” he said. Speaking to the crowd of cameras and microphones, he added, “Just this once, capisce, and then we go. We have a plane to catch and a week to relax in the sun.” Gently, one arm around her waist, one hand cradling the back of her neck, Damiano pulled her close, gazing into her eyes.

They had talked about this before they left the room. It was only going to be a little kiss, nothing much. Just one quick kiss to satisfy the press. It must have been the combination of the ring, the press, and cameras which boosted her emotions through the roof. But as he pulled her tightly against him and their lips touched, she felt an electric current run through her entire body, igniting fires in places she hadn’t wanted awakened. Damiano drew her even closer, his mouth insistent, his fingers in her hair now, holding her firmly in his grasp. In spite of everything she’d felt up to this point, Karianna lost herself in the moment, reveling in a sensual experience like none she’d had before.

“Buon Dio, Karianna,” he exclaimed a moment later, catching his breath. Karianna was lightheaded, breathless, her pulse racing, and she wanted nothing more than to be in his arms again.

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Yes, indeed! And I am thrilled with the artist’s concept of the story. She caught all the important ideas in one picture.

I am impatiently waiting for the manuscript to return, so I can look it over again and sign off on the final. My manicurist is going to hate me….

Sorry Diane.

Anyway, watch for the release of  Gambler’s Folly, coming in July.

Ciao, amici.

a tardi…

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OK! I got my manuscript back from the editor at Siren, I’ve been through it–again–and just sent it back with my revisions. We’re still looking at a July release of the e-book. So all my friends out there who prefer e-format, it’s coming soon!

For those who prefer paper, it will probably be in November or December. So who’s buying books for Christmas gifts?

And in between revisions and releases, I’m working on a new novel, which I hope to submit to the publishers by August. Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by. And keep checking back for more news on Gambler’s Folly.

Ciao amici miei!

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