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Master of the Fleet by Sultonna Nadine?

A fantasy romance set in an alternate universe, on what we know as the coast of Oregon, we enter a world where magic is simply a part of everyday life. Our MC is Richard, heir to the family shipping business, and Master of the Fleet.

What does he do?

With his magical abilities with wind and water, along with a touch of mental telepathy, he helps keeps his ships safe out on the open seas. Also known as a weather shaper, he can correct air currents, calm stormy seas, or help change the weather when necessary.

The love of his life, or so he thinks, is Anne-Marie, a seamstress in town. Though they’ve been seeing each other for nearly two years, she has yet to accept–or refuse–his proposal.

But she never intends to marry. Men are to be taken for all you can get before moving on the next mark.

Things turn ugly when she convinces Richard to come with her to her home kingdom to celebrate the fall festival. A bit too much wine, all the excitement, and a bit of temper end with her exchanging marriage vows with Richard after being bound to him by a blood oath.

Richard is now married to a woman who says she can never love him. She’s bound to a man who has reason to despise her.

Love may have an uphill battle with these two.

Come with me and follow these two as romance works its magic, even in face of the odds.

Want a peek?

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