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Gambler’s Folly is due to be released July 16!  This will be in e-format, available at http://www.sirenbookstrand.com.

For those of you who prefer print, the print version will be available later. I’ll keep you updated here. So as soon as I know, I’ll pass it along.

And now, for a sneak peek…

“Come, cara, it is a little thing,” he said. Speaking to the crowd of cameras and microphones, he added, “Just this once, capisce, and then we go. We have a plane to catch and a week to relax in the sun.” Gently, one arm around her waist, one hand cradling the back of her neck, Damiano pulled her close, gazing into her eyes.

They had talked about this before they left the room. It was only going to be a little kiss, nothing much. Just one quick kiss to satisfy the press. It must have been the combination of the ring, the press, and cameras which boosted her emotions through the roof. But as he pulled her tightly against him and their lips touched, she felt an electric current run through her entire body, igniting fires in places she hadn’t wanted awakened. Damiano drew her even closer, his mouth insistent, his fingers in her hair now, holding her firmly in his grasp. In spite of everything she’d felt up to this point, Karianna lost herself in the moment, reveling in a sensual experience like none she’d had before.

“Buon Dio, Karianna,” he exclaimed a moment later, catching his breath. Karianna was lightheaded, breathless, her pulse racing, and she wanted nothing more than to be in his arms again.

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Yes, indeed! And I am thrilled with the artist’s concept of the story. She caught all the important ideas in one picture.

I am impatiently waiting for the manuscript to return, so I can look it over again and sign off on the final. My manicurist is going to hate me….

Sorry Diane.

Anyway, watch for the release of  Gambler’s Folly, coming in July.

Ciao, amici.

a tardi…

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OK! I got my manuscript back from the editor at Siren, I’ve been through it–again–and just sent it back with my revisions. We’re still looking at a July release of the e-book. So all my friends out there who prefer e-format, it’s coming soon!

For those who prefer paper, it will probably be in November or December. So who’s buying books for Christmas gifts?

And in between revisions and releases, I’m working on a new novel, which I hope to submit to the publishers by August. Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by. And keep checking back for more news on Gambler’s Folly.

Ciao amici miei!

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CommercialI just heard back on my last submission for Gambler’s Folly, and I’ve accepted the offer.  Yes, I’m very excited! With any luck and  lot of work, the electronic version should be out in July, 2013, and the print version in November 2013.

Keep your eyes on this blog for further details.

Piu tardi….


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Let Me Tell Your Story #12 is now available to watch on Facebook, with Bavarlee Bernstein.
See it here!

See you there!

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Small Formal Black2Join Bavarlee Bernstein tonight as he introduces my new novel, Gambler’s Folly. His web program is on Facebook tonight at 8 pm Eastern time.  The program is called ‘Let Me Tell Your Story’, and every Saturday evening, he presents a new author to his Facebook audience.

I have recently submitted Gambler’s Folly to a publisher, who requested a preliminary rewrite. I’m hoping to hear back again soon.

In the meantime, go over and check out my other stories at:


Ciao amici miei,

Piu tardi

 (until later)

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Black and whiteI know I haven’t sent anything out lately. My husband, Steve, finally had some time home, so we were catching up on some around the house projects which needed his expertise.

The good new is, I’ve finished my final draft of Gambler’s Folly.  Rather than self-publishing this time, I’m looking for a publisher who’ll take it on.  At 86,351 words (computer count, or 106,000 for print) it is a good sized novel–romantic paranormal fantasy.

Gambler’s Folly tells the story of Karianna, who’s  husband, Trae, loses her in a card game–to the most powerful underworld syndicate boss, on the planet  Gambler’s Folly.  Their marriage dissolved, Trae murdered, she finds she is  married to Damiano Leone, who brings her into  his life of wealth, glamour  and danger.

I’ll keep you posted on it’s publication.  But in the meantime, why not check out Jareth: First Lord?


A piu tardi, amici….

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