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December is here, and that means most of us will be buying gifts for friends and family. I always enjoyed receiving gifts which would last, that I could keep and enjoy for years to come. One of my favorites was a good book. I still have books from when I was in grade school. And that’s been a while. I also have one of my favorites that I bought for  25 cents at a thrift store one summer, By Right of Conquest, by Arthur Hornblow. It is a romance from another era, copyright 1909. I’ve moved this book from Ohio to California, Oregon to Georgia, and everywhere in between. Every couple of years or so, I dust it  off and enjoy the journey once more.

Why not find a good book for the readers on your list this year?  There are a lot of them out there, for readers of every kind. And if you simply must have something electronic, check out some of the e-readers available. My husband enjoys being able to take his library with him when he travels for work. Since he may be gone for weeks or months at a time, having a good selection of reading material with him helps pass the time in foreign climes.  As a nurse, our daughter enjoys having something small to take with her if she’s sitting up all night with a patient. And our grandson just likes his Kindle because its cool.

Check out the books on Amazon.com. You can buy electronic versions of many favorites, lend them to others, or just check them out of the library. Or if you’re like me and savor the feel of a good book in your hands, you can get those as well.

While you’re there, check out my stories at:


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Have fun shopping.  Keep safe and have a wonderful holiday.

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