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Black and whiteYes, indeed!  Welcome to Georgia. Yesterday I hung my laundry on the line to dry outside where it was a wonderfully comfortable 65 degrees.

This morning we woke up to a frigid 21 degrees. I have chicken-cicles out in the hen house. The dog is frantically trying to grow fur and the outside cats are begging to come inside to the warmth.

The baby guinea keets we rescued two weeks ago are now in the house, since the porch is too chilly. Our inside cats, Fogg and Masha, are sure the keets are meant to be cat snacks and are working at opening the door into the store room.

What is in store for tomorrow? Heat wave or continued wintery weather?

Either way, what are you reading tonight? Try Gambler’s Folly.


Stay warm and I’ll talk to you later,



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