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After a week of chilly, wintry temperatures down here, we’ve had a break today, with highs around 70.  I know, for those of you in the north and Rocky mountain regions, the temperatures we’ve had all week were warm by comparison. But this is the first year in a long time I’ve had to actually build an evening fire in October.

But with the respite from the cold today, at least this afternoon,  we had a reminder that winter is on the way and it’s time to get all those things done outside. Make sure the firewood is covered, get the larger logs split before you really need them and mulch all those lovely plants so they’ll survive the cold later, while you’re inside drinking cocoa and reading a good book by that fire.

I enjoy the changing seasons. Winter gives me the time to do some of the other things I enjoy, like baking whole grain bread, simmering vegetable soups all afternoon so the flavors  blend deliciously, and making banana nut bread for the boys to enjoy, when they come in from the outdoors. All those wonderful kitchen things which are so very much too warm  in the summer’s heat.

So I think I’ll give Gambler’s Folly a miss for today. I can write some more on it tomorrow. But for today, I’ll go outside and see what I can do in the sun, before the cold comes back for the winter.

If you’re looking for something to read, check out some of my books on amazon. They go well with cocoa and a fire….


Più tardi amici,

Until later….

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