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CommercialIt is finally snowing in Georgia and the grandsons are thrilled. School was cancelled this morning because of the forecast, though it didn’t actually start snowing until just a few minutes ago–around 2 pm this afternoon.

Not a lot of snow, just little whispers falling to the ground where it clings to the leaves and dead clumps of grass from autumn. The sidewalk is wet so far, but I think that will turn to ice later on in the day.

The temperature was about 37 mid-morning, but has dropped to 31, so I think the boys will probably be home again tomorrow.

The humorous bit about the weather in Georgia is its changeability. Yesterday it was a balmy 64 out on my front porch and it was still in the 40’s when I went to bed.

It’s a good day to sit down by a warm fire with a good book to read. I’ve been working on my next novel in the 32 day writing challenge.

But until this one is finished, go pick up a copy of Gambler’s Folly, which won me not only the BBFBP award for Most Artistic 2013, but also the Mulitfaceted Jewel award, from FreedomInk.

You can find it on Amazon:


Talk to you again soon. I’m going to go watch the snow.


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