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Mel and Gambler's Folly

Cyrus Webb has entered his 5 star review for Gambler’s Folly on Amazon.com and I am SO excited!

Here are a few lines from his review:

Mellie Miller’s GAMBLER’S FOLLY Is A Literary Bet Worth Taking, August 30, 2014

By  Cyrus Webb “Conversations Book Club”


“If you are looking for a literary adventure full of action, suspense and characters you will grow to love (whether you want to or not), then I think GAMBLER’S FOLLY by author Mellie E. Miller should be on your reading list.”


So if you’ve put off getting your copy of Gambler’s Folly, wait no longer. It’s available at Amazon.com, in print or eBook.




It’s definitely worth the risk…


Don’t forget—

 —to Share the Romance…

                      ~~Mellie E. Miller~~



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Mel and Gambler's FollyYes, tonight was the night! I stopped by Conversations LIVE to talk with radio and TV host Cyrus Webb about my writing, Gambler’s Folly and what is coming up in the future.

Cyrus is a charming  host, reaching for more than just “This is your book. What is it about?” He went behind the scenes to learn when this passion for writing began and how I took that first big step into sharing my work with the world.

If you didn’t join us live, you can still listen to the interview.

Haven’t read Gambler’s Folly? Go to http://www.amazon.com/author/melliemiller

And watch here for news on Jareth, First Lord, coming in September. It is available now for pre-order at: http://www.freedomink365.com/jarethfirstlord

So go check out the interview with Cyrus Webb, get your copy of Gambler’s Folly, grab a cup of something nice, sit back and take a journey.

Don’t forget—

      —to Share the Romance…

                                       Mellie E. Miller


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Mel and Gambler's FollyI addressed readers a few days ago. But now let’s ask a question I hear quite often. Why do you write? Where do you find your inspiration?

Not everyone writes for the same reason. There are probably as many reasons as there are authors out there. I write because it’s fun, in its own way. Yes, it can be aggravating, frustrating and lead to sleepless nights. But I still write.

I know authors who write to get the characters out of their head, and those characters can demand attention while they’re trying to be born.

Some authors write to inform others. Sometimes it is about a problem they see in society, sometimes about dealing with a disease. Perhaps they want to show us about live in another part of the world. Others want to show us a personal history, an autobiography or genealogy.

And where do we find inspiration? For many it is from life itself, from interactions with friends, neighbors, people we meet in town or at the airport. There is just something about a situation or a chance meeting that provides a spark for a new story.

Sometimes ideas come from dreams. I’ve had several stories begin in my dreams and develop while I sleep. A few times I’ve written myself into a situation I can’t figure a way out of, but a good night’s sleep and a few dreams usually help points the way.

Authors, help me out here. Let’s have your comments on why you write and where you find inspiration. If you’re daring, go to my Facebook page and comment.

Why do we write? Because we must.

What inspires us? Anything and everything in the world.

Talk to you later. And if you haven’t joined my Pre-Sale Event  for Jareth, First Lord yet, jump on over to Facebook.

And whatever you do,

Don’t forget—

     —to Share the Romance…

                                              Mellie E. Miller

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CommercialFor more news on what’s happening, slip on over to Facebook and Like my page. The one I use for for my writing is:


I also share events and releases of other authors I know and the occasional humorous post.

I also have a new page for our pre-sale event:


If you preorder Jareth, First Lord, you get a signed copy of a first run book, plus a Redd’s button with the cover art. The publisher, FreedomInk365, has also suggested a free e-book with the pre-order of Jareth, First Lord during the event.

So go over, Like the page, check out the pre-sale event, and share with your friends. Jareth, First Lord will be released in September, so to get the perks, order soon!

Don’t forget—

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                                     Mellie E. Miller 

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Black and whiteJoin me this Thursday evening, August 28, at 6 pm when I drop by to chat with Cyrus Webb, of Conversations LIVE.

Some of you are asking, “Who is Cyrus Webb and what is Conversations LIVE?”

Very briefly, Cyrus Webb hosts the blogtalk radio show Conversations LIVE, but he is also on TV, and has a bi-monthly magazine , Conversations,  which discusses not only artists, but fashion, foods, and health topics.

He also has an internationally known book club, Conversations Book Club. They not only discuss books, but have conference call Q & A with authors and other unique opportunities to put you in touch with the minds behind the books.

Conversations LIVE reaches over 1.1 million listeners on blogtalk radio, and features interviews with artists of all kinds, where they can discuss their work and their motivations.

I am quite looking forward to this opportunity to speak with Cyrus. So join us this Thursday at 6 pm on Conversations LIVE.


Don’t forget—

        —to Share the Romance…

                                         Mellie E. Miller



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Black and whiteIf you’re a writer, you spend hours, days, weeks and sometimes months on a project. After you have your rough draft down, you pour over your manuscript paragraph by paragraph, line by line, and yes, even word by word.

You tear each sentence apart to bring out the true essence of what you want to say. You check your spelling and grammar, while cursing spell check for inaccuracies. You hunt down every “its” and “it’s” to make sure you have them the right way around.

After you finish with the third, fourth, how ever many drafts you’ve done, you’re fairly certain your work cannot be improved. It is ready for submission

Where does an editor come into all this? 

As the author, you know your back story, so when you come to a portion of your story where this is important, you have no problem.

Your readers will. And that’s one reason you need an editor. They don’ t know the back story either. They’ll be as confused as your readers, only they can put a note in the margin and ask, “What were you thinking?”

The editor has no emotional bond to your story, while you have invested in every word. You can’t bear to cut any of it out. Your editor is a sadistic bitch who can’t wait to trim out the dead wood. You won’t see those repeating words and phrases that will drive your readers crazy. To your editor, they are like neon signs flashing in the night.

You may have a beautiful, wondrous, and magical story to tell, but I can guarantee that if you let an editor help you, it will be even more fantastic. You’ve done your job. You’ve written the story, but you are blind to some of the problems it contains. Let your editor do the job they’re good at now–putting the spit and polish on it.

Who needs an editor? Anyone who writes. Yes, I know it’s your baby, born of your blood, sweat, and tears. You will probably cringe when you see all that red ink bleeding down the page. But if you’re honest, you’ll realize that what was once a good book is now a great one, thanks to your editor.

Your publisher will appreciate the fact that someone has gone over it before it went to their in-house editor. They will probably make a few changes even at this stage, but their work will be easier and your book will make it to print faster once they have it.

Especially if you’re self-publishing, have a professional look at your work. Even if you only send them part of it so you can see what sort of corrections they would make, it can be a big help.

If  you’re writing a college paper, a book of poetry, non-fiction, anything at all, an editor would help. Trust me. I didn’t want anyone to touch what I’d written, but I’m glad I changed my mind. Having an editor go over that first manuscript taught me a lot.

There are many editing services out there. You can look them up online or in the back of any writer’s magazine. I use RuleBreaker Editing. I can hear the deep, dark, ominous chuckle every time she gets a new manuscript from me and it makes me cringe. I know she will turn it red, but it’s getting better. I’m beginning to catch mistakes before she does, at last part of the time.

Editors. Who needs them?

Every writer ever born. 

Mellie E. Miller

Don’t forget—

     —to Share the Romance…




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Black and whiteWhat are you reading today?

I’ve met so many people recently who don’t read. I can’t imagine not reading, but I suppose in this day of electronic gadgetry, reading is a little old-fashioned. When you can pick up a tablet or i-phone and see movies and music videos, play games and keep in touch with friends all on one device, even eBooks are too much trouble.

For me, reading is fun, exciting, and a great escape into a new adventure, be it romance, scifi, or murder mystery. The adventure begins with opening that cover and smelling the ink and new pages right from the press. Or if it is an old friend, or a second-hand book, the musty, dusty smell from between the pages, and the rough feel of the cover.

Then it’s imagination on full, as the characters and scenes come to life, like a movie playing inside my head, for me alone. Because my interpretation of the writing will be unique, just as yours will be. My experience will never be the same as anyone else’s.

I read of one author who refused to put more than a few brief words of description about her characters in her books. She felt her readers could do them justice on their own. And nobody ever sees the same person when they read, no matter what the description is. Who is to say which version is correct?

One of the reasons I began writing romantic fiction is because I didn’t really like most of what I saw for sale. The advice often given to writers is to write what you want to read. And so I did.

I want to give a big thank you to FreedomInk365 for taking a chance on Jareth, First Lord. It is a different, cross-genre adventure of futuristic highland lords, with psychic talents. Written in the style of a historical romance, there are elements of intrigue and treachery, a tale of two people who have suffered great loss and yet have hope for the future.

Why do I read? For the joy of it all. For the excitement. For love, and mystery, and happy endings.

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, join us at:


Jareth, First Lord is available for pre-order from the publisher at:


Join me in the adventure of reading.

and Don’t Forget—

            —to Share the Romance…

                                         Mellie E. Miller


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CommercialYes! Jareth, First Lord is just about to be re-released, with new editing and new chapters in anticipation of the release of Viviane, First Lady early next year.

For exclusive information about the book and the author, go join the event on Facebook.


You’ll find information on pre-ordering specials, author bio and excerpts from Jareth, First Lord.

Come and join us. You can also go to the Jareth page at: http://www.facebook.com/jarethfirstlord

And like the author’s page: http://www.facebook.com/meleighscreations

Even if you have the original Jareth, consider buying the new edition, re-edited with chapters including their wedding, especially for FreedomInk365.

Want to pre-order now? http://www.freedomink365.com/jarethfirstlord

Thanks for your support!

Don’t forget—

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                             Mellie E. Miller



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CommercialYes, Jareth, First Lord is ready to be released, but you have the opportunity to order your copy before it hits the shelves! Not only that, but if you pre-order your copy will be signed and you’ll receive a button with the cover art from the book cover. I believe the publisher is also going to include a copy of the e-book as well with a pre-ordered print book.

So what is Jareth, First Lord? Think of a dark and moody highland lord and a fiery tempered lady with flashing blue eyes. Written in the style of a historical romance, Jareth is set on a world far in the future, a world abandoned by Earth. After an epidemic which takes most of the population, those left fight their way back out of the chaos to form clans led by powerful psychic First Lords.

Our story takes place two or three centuries after the clans are established, in Clan Brannach. The winter is harsh and the neighboring clan has been raiding his stores. When communications fail, Jareth, First Lord of the clan rides to confront the First Lord of Clan Belfort and demand his rights in settling his claim. 

Little did he know that he would meet the lady of his dreams, Viviane, the one he desired to be his First Lady. After choosing her as part of the spoils, trouble sets in when he finds she has hidden her identity as First Lord Herrick’s youngest daughter.




Excerpt from Jareth, First Lord

“While his men recorded the names of the girls who came forward, Jareth once again felt the strange spider on his brain which he’d sensed in the village. Searching the group before him, he was drawn to cascades of black curls shimmering in the soft morning light. About twenty feet away, she was comforting others with a touch or quick hug. Her concern impressed him. As she turned to face him, her dazzling blue eyes captivated his heart.

Regaining his senses, he threaded his way through the crowd. As he drew closer her eyes sparkled like the blue waters of a mountain stream in the sun. Lush dark lashes framed them in perfect contrast to her smooth, creamy skin. Her mouth was a small rosebud begging to be kissed. She appeared to him as a fairy princess come to life. Expecting fear or anger as he approached, all he saw was inner strength shining through sadness. He cultivated his imposing presence, but she rose tall and met his gaze.”


And Dont’ forget—

       —to Share the Romance…

                        Mellie E. Miller

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I’ve received the final proofs for Jareth, First Lord, which will be released early in September. Jareth, First Lord is a fantasy romance, set on another world ruled by psychic First Lords.

Jareth, First Lord is now ready for pre-order! My publisher, FreedomInk365, is hoping for 20 pre-orders before the release date. How can you help? Order your own copy of Jareth, First Lord. Or help spread the word. Jareth, First Lord has a page on Facebook and a Pre-Sale event. 

Jareth, First Lord also contains the first chapter of the sequel, Viviane, First Lady.

PreSale price includes a signed 1st print book + a Redds button featuring the cover art of ‘Jareth, First Lord’ courtesy of the CEO at FreedomInk!

So join the pre-sale and like the page. You can also like my author page, Meleigh’s Creations, and keep up with the news on new releases.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Don’t forget—

        —to Share the Romance…

                                Mellie E. Miller

Here’s the back cover blurb!

With his clan’s welfare threatened by raiding parties during a harsh winter, Jareth rides to demand restitution from the neighboring first lord, not knowing he will meet the woman of his dreams. Taking her as part of the spoils, he hopes to make her his first lady, not realizing she is the daughter of the first lord. Tensions escalate between the two clans over this beautiful and fiery woman he must make his own.

Viviane, a young widow, is praying for an answer as she struggles to survive on her own after her husband’s death. The other option is to move back home, with her father, First Lord Herrick, of Clan Brannach. She is desperate for another option, for as the youngest daughter of the house, she can never be her own person there. Her prayers are answered when Jareth comes seeking justice for crimes against her clan. Hiding her true identity, she hopes to make a break with her past when she is chosen as part of the spoils.

Imagine her dismay when she discovers Jareth hopes to make her first lady of his clan.

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