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Yes, it is that time of year for celebrations. Thanksgiving has just passed here in the US, and all the other holidays people celebrate are coming up quickly.

Our big celebration when I was growing up was Thanksgiving. Everyone went to my grandmother’s house for Christmas, but our house was the place for Thanksgiving. We would normally have several other families over to help celebrate. Each would bring a favorite dish to add to the table, so there was plenty to share, to send home with people, and to keep us fed for a week after.

Which holidays do you celebrate? And what makes them special to you?

Some of you will be buying gifts this time of year. If there are readers on your list, check out my books on Amazon. I have recently published all of them, both series and Master of the Fleet, in hardcover editions, perfect for gift giving.

I have several people already asking about them.

Stay safe out there. Things can get a little crazy this time of year. The roads are busy, sometimes snowy or wet, and it only takes a second for disaster to strike.

Best of all to you, if I don’t get back before New Year.

And of course, as always…

Don’t Forget…

…to Share the Romance…

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Here it is, scarcely a week away.

Are you ready?

Got your shopping done?

For any of your book lover friends, those who love romance and a bit of the paranormal, consider one of my Gambler’s Folly or Esperance Series books.

For a little more magic, choose Master of the Fleet, from Sultonna Nadine!

And watch this spot for specials coming up beginning on Friday, December 18.

Already have the books?

Check out the merch at TeeSpring! Mugs, totes, T-shirts and more!

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week! Talk to you Friday!

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Who else is glad the election is over here in the USA? I’ve never been so tired of the season in my life. All the phone calls, the text messages, posts on social media…

So after you take a breather from all of that, what are your plans for the month?

I have to finish Lady Calloway and get a couple other books edited and ready to the professional editing so I can get another book out to you soon. And I want to get another book out from Sultonna Nadine, too.

All this with the holiday season ready to kick off.

What are you reading these days?

If you’re looking for something in the PNR, fantasy genre, check out my Amazon Author Page. I have two series started under the name Mellie Miller.

For Master of the Fleet, look under Sultonna Nadine. I use this name for my stand alones.

So grab a cup of something delightful, take a few minutes to catch your breath and get ready for the holidays!

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It’s Independence Day here in the USA–the 4th of July.  Family get-togethers, picnics, concerts and fireworks abound.

Have fun, but remember to stay safe.

From all of us in Esperance and Gambler’s Folly, to all of you out there celebrating–


US flag

(Image from pinstopin.com)

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Small Formal Black2Yes, Gambler’s Folly is in print, from both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. But don’t forget Cancer and the Warrior’s Way, the story of my fight with breast cancer.

For a list of my books on Amazon, go to:


And for Barnes and Noble:


Have a safe and happy holiday!

Cancer and War.Way


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Small Formal Black2Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Wishing you a day filled with love, laughter, joy and gratitude.

I wanted to share this information on gratitude with you, from the folks at Mindvalley.



Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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CommercialThanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect back on the year. What can we be thankful for this year? What can we look forward to in the year to come?

I have two articles on the Yahoo Contributor Network on Thanksgiving. Go on over and take a peek at them.



Have a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving this year.

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Black and whiteFace it. As soon as we say good-bye to Halloween, everything looks forward to Christmas. For that matter, many of the big stores are beginning to stock for Christmas as soon as Labor Day has passed.

Are we forgetting Thanksgiving? Can’t each and every one of us find at least one thing to be thankful for this season?

For more of my musings on the subject, follow this link for my article on Thanksgiving.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!

A piu tardi…

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Halloween has passed and stores are packed with Christmas decorations and gift ideas.

What happened to Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time to step back for a moment, with family and friends, and think about our blessings during the past year. What events have given us insight or brought us joy since last Thanksgiving?

I think a lot of people rush past Thanksgiving simply because it lacks the excitement and glamour of Christmas. There are no pretty colored lights adorning the sidewalks, no snowmen or snowflakes on the storefront windows, and no beautifully decorated trees in stores or homes.

I actually heard one of our daughters step-daughters ask what the big deal was with Thanksgiving. After all, you don’t get gifts or anything. It’s just dinner.

Has our society become so selfish that unless there is something to gain, there’s no reason to celebrate? If we don’t get gifts, it’s a pointless exercise?

I would like to see our department and grocery stores spend a little time, at least, on Thanksgiving. Why can’t we have displays of table decorations for Thanksgiving featuring cornucopias, autumn leaves, and harvest themes?

How about gratitude journals, even small card-sized ones, to list what we’re grateful for this year and what we’re looking forward to in the year to come?

Yes, Halloween is fun with all the costumes and decorations. Christmas is a beautiful time of year with all the symbolism of the season and presents for family and friends.

But let’s not forget Thanksgiving. Let’s not forget to be thankful for what we have, what we’ve been given. Don’t  rush from and evening of parties and dress-up to what-did-I-get-for-Christmas.

Take a moment to reflect on what you’ve been given throughout the year. Not monetarily, but in life experience, friendship, health, and abundance.

Maybe this hasn’t been a particularly abundant year for you in terms of your bank account. The economy hasn’t been great. But if you have family, friends, a roof over your head, and food on your table, you can give thanks.

Halloween has come and gone and Christmas is on the way. But let’s not neglect Thanksgiving. Let’s make time to slow down a little, take a break, and reflect on our blessings this year.

Have a wonderful and bountiful Thanksgiving.


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CommercialHalloween is coming up soon. How do you feel about it? Is it a fun time to go out trick or treating? Should it be shunned because of pagan origins? Or does it date back to observances in the Catholic church?

For answers to these questions, go on over and read my article on Yahoo.


Like the articles you’ve read? Be a fan!


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