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Black and whiteYes, Jareth, First Lord is once again available for Kindle. With a little luck, Viviane, First Lady will also be available this month.

Of course, both are still available in print, also.

Fantasy Romance–A powerful psychic clan ruler and the fiery-tempered lady who has stolen his heart are at the heart of the Esperance Series.

Jareth bookmarkJareth First Lord–After losing his wife and firstborn, Jareth feels he will never love again. But it is love at first sight when he meets Viviane. Can he win her heart before their clans go to war?


Amazon… http://amzn.com/0989678644

Viviane BookmarkViviane First Lady–Struggling with new psychic talents which have suddenly emerged, Viviane and Jareth will still be required at her brother’s trial for treason. Though her days are frustrating, her nights are filled with pleasure as she and Jareth explore intimacies possible only to those with talents.


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CommercialOn my birthday, the year I turned 51, I received the news that I had breast cancer. I was on the martial arts floor teaching a Korean style of fighting to about fifteen kids under the age of 12. There was no time to have a breakdown, unless I wanted to unleash complete chaos in the training hall, so I drew in strength and went back out to the floor.

How did the arts help with my treatment and recovery? I chose to view cancer as the enemy and treat it like I would any other. Counter attack and win. Offer no quarter. This disease is a killer and must be treated as such.

Now was not the time for self-pity or for asking, “Why me?” In so many cases there is no answer to that question. People from all walks of life, lifestyles and backgrounds develop breast cancer, with seemingly very little in common. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, chances are you will never know the why.

One of the most frightening things for me was not knowing what to expect, which is one of the reasons I wrote my personal journey.  It isn’t a technical discussion. This isn’t the treatment for every form of cancer. But it will let you know that there is someone out here who understands what you’re facing, and who won her battle.

So if you are facing your opponent, or if you know someone who is, please get a copy of Cancer and the Warrior’s Way, either Kindle or paperback. It isn’t too long, but it is my wish to give you hope.

Cancer and the Warrior’s Way


And if you’re looking for something lighter to read while you’re recovering between chemo, check out my fantasy romance selections at:


Wishing you the very best life has to offer,

Mellie Miller


My fiction:

Gambler’s Folly–Mainstream Sensual Fantasy Romance

A Summer Romance–short story, sweet romance

Be Careful of the Water–short sci-fi story

Jareth, First Lord–fantasy romance, coming out this month. Available for pre-order from FreedomInk365.

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Black and whiteNeed a gift for the holiday? Know someone who enjoys a good romance, with a little bit of the paranormal thrown in?

Why not a copy of Gambler’s Folly? A futuristic paranormal fantasy romance. Sensual rating for those chilly nights.

This is the novel that helped me win the award for Most Artistic  from BBFBP this year. And it’s now available in paperback or e-book through Amazon.com.

Check out the video!


Go on. Go over and get your copy.



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Small Formal Black2Join Bavarlee Bernstein tonight as he introduces my new novel, Gambler’s Folly. His web program is on Facebook tonight at 8 pm Eastern time.  The program is called ‘Let Me Tell Your Story’, and every Saturday evening, he presents a new author to his Facebook audience.

I have recently submitted Gambler’s Folly to a publisher, who requested a preliminary rewrite. I’m hoping to hear back again soon.

In the meantime, go over and check out my other stories at:


Ciao amici miei,

Piu tardi

 (until later)

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With winter really beginning to show, it’s easier to come into the office and sit down to write for a while. Gambler’s Folly is coming along nicely, as is the non-fiction story of my fight with breast cancer. My cat likes to come in and supervise from my husband’s chair. At least that’s what I think he’s trying to do, though he usually looks like he’s asleep. Just now he’s having a few problems with infected toes, so once he’s in the chair he’s down for the count.
We talk over story ideas, like how to get my hero out of the predicament he’s managed at this point. The cat listens intently, shrugs his shoulders and yawns. I don’t think he’s really into this story at all. Or maybe he’s hinting that I’m smart enough to figure it out on my own. I mean, really, if you’re asking the cat, there is an issue greater than the story.

I’m sure it will all work out in the end. Gambler’s Folly will be finished soon and into the real work–making my ramblings into something resembling a crafted tale. The cat’s toes will be better after he finishes his antibiotics and he’ll be able to get in and out of the chair himself.
And I feel certain that, after he feels better, he’ll really like Gambler’s Folly and be willing to put just a little more effort into it for me, give it just that little twist of magic it needs from my favorite feline. So I’ll talk to all of you later. Time to get the cat and get to work.
A piu tardi amici…..

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I’ve received the proofs for Jareth:  First Lord, and if they turned out well, I can have them approved and have them sent back this weekend.  So I’m crossing my fingers and digging in today, searching for anything which didn’t turn out quite the way I’d like it.

As soon as the proofs are sent back and we’re ready for printing, Jareth will be available on Amazon.com.  I’ll keep you posted.

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