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Black and white

Morgan, The Pixie and the Green Man is finally out! So how about a few pages to get you started?

Chapter 1

As the sun was beginning to peak over the horizon, Morgan let herself in through the back door of the market. After the trouble with Ian, the shop owners had offered her a position that kept her safely inside. Walking alone still made her nervous, so she was grateful for the offer. Having stored her lunch and jacket in the back room, she checked her reflection in the mirror before beginning her work.

Her black hair was very fine and the least bit of breeze made her look like she’d been through a windstorm. The eyes looking back at her were blue-gray at the moment. Depending on her mood, they changed from a definite gray to bright blue. Before the market opened for the day, they had to ready the displays, dust the shelves, sweep the floor, and make sure the till was ready for business. Grabbing the broom from the closet, she set to work.

The market was owned by a husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Kennoway. In their late fifties, they were open and friendly to friends and customers alike.

“Good morning, Morgan,” she heard Mrs. Kennoway call as she came in through the back. “How is life treating you today?”

With her salt and pepper hair pulled back in a bun, the plump lady with laugh lines and brown eyes dumped all her bags on the table in back with a thump.

“Fine, ma’am,” Moran answered.

“That’s all right then. I worry about you sometimes.”

“I’ll be fine, Mrs. Kennoway. Really, I will.”

“I’m sure you will, but things have been awfully tough on you since you came here.”

“Yes, well, you have to take life as it comes. Don’t worry.”

Mr. Kennoway came in soon after and unlocked the front door, ready for business. He was a portly, jolly man, with gray hair, bright blue eyes, and an easy laugh.

Their daily customers were soon arriving to buy morning snacks, with mothers shopping for fruit and vegetables for dinner, and an odd assortment of other folks browsing for something different from their usual fare.

As it neared lunchtime, she took over the till while her boss went to have lunch with his wife. They were so cute, she thought, even after all the years they’d been together. What must it be like? She doubted she’d ever know.

“Excuse me, Miss,” she heard from a deep, resonant voice close to her.

She jumped, as her head whipped around to locate its owner.

“It’s Morgan, isn’t it?” the young man asked. Tall, with sandy brown hair, and twinkling green eyes, his smile was warm and inviting.

“Um, yes. Sorry. I was daydreaming. Can I help you?”

There was something familiar about him, but it took her a moment to figure it out. Back on that dreadful day when Ian had attacked her, the man standing before her had come to her rescue.

“You came to help me,” she stated flatly.

“Well, yes, but I don’t think we’ve ever been properly introduced. James Ferguson. My family owns the lumberyard.”

“I’m Morgan Delaney—but I guess you already know that.”

“Yeah. I’m taking a break from work and thought I’d grab something to snack on. What would you suggest?”

Morgan showed him the fresh golden fruits, which had recently come into season.

“I’ll take a couple of these,” he said with a smile.

Morgan quoted the price, accepted his payment, and put the fruit into a sack.

“Here you are. I had one yesterday. I know you’ll enjoy them.”

“Morgan, would you come have a cup of tea or something with me later? When do you take a break?” he asked.

“Oh, no. I’m sorry. I can’t today. I’ve got a few things to catch up on. But thank you.”

“Another day, perhaps,” he said. “Thanks for the suggestion,” he added, raising the sack in her direction.

Morgan was shaking as she slumped back onto the stool behind the counter. She wasn’t ready to go out with anyone yet, but why was she so very upset?

“Morgan? Is something wrong?” Mrs. Kennoway asked.

“No, I was talking with James Ferguson. He came in for some fruit. I think I need more sleep.”

“Did you have breakfast this morning?”

“Yes. Coffee, and toast with jam. It’s what I usually have.”

“It’s time you had some lunch, young lady. Take yourself into the back room and take your break.”

Morgan slowly ate the lunch she’d brought. It wasn’t much—she didn’t usually eat much—just an apple, some cheese, and some bread. After finishing her meal, she made a cup of tea before going back to work.

“You look a little better,” Mrs. Kennoway told her. “Did James say something to upset you? He’s usually such a polite boy.”

This “polite boy” had to be a little older than she was Morgan thought, and she was twenty-five.

“No, he was nice enough,” she answered, looking down at her hands on the counter.

“Well, then why won’t you look up and tell me about it?” the older woman asked.

Meeting her gaze, Morgan flushed. How could she tell this sweet lady that the idea of going anywhere with a guy scared her to death?

“He asked me out for lunch,” she said, embarrassed and exasperated all at once.

“And what did you say?”

“I told him I would be busy all afternoon.”

“You needn’t stay in here all day. A break for lunch might have done you some good.”

“I can’t. I just can’t,” said, nearly in tears.

“You poor girl. You’ll have to take the first step sometime. I know his father and mother. James is a good boy. He’d do you no harm.”

“I know. I’ll think about it, if he asks again.””


MORGAN–The Pixie and the Green Man


Also available on Kindle:

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Introducing Morgan

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CommercialNow that the Pixie and the Green Man is with the editor, I’ve turned back to a story I started earlier and set aside. I love the story, but I had some issues with it. And I have trouble seeing how to fix something when I’m too close to it.

Master of the Fleet is a stand-alone story set in an alternate timeline of America. Think of a United States in which the French had much more influence. Now divide the continent into kingdoms and baronies instead of states.

Richard, our male protagonist, owns a highly successful merchant fleet on the west coast. Very tall, sun-streaked blond and with piercing blue eyes, he was one of the most eligible bachelors on the Côte. Though he was in his late thirties, he’d never found the woman he wanted for his wife, until he met Anne-Marie.

Anne-Marie is a woman with a secret past. Though she seems to be a lady of society, it is only a part she plays—to perfection. When she meets Richard at a party, he becomes one more mark for her to claim.

Right up until she tries to stab him during the baron’s banquet during the fall festival and ends up bound to Richard by a blood oath and marriage vows.

Watch for Master of the Fleet, another paranormal fantasy romance by yours truly,

Mellie Miller

Kiss the sword

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Black and whiteNow that Jareth, First Lord and Viviane, First lady are available in audio, what’s next for yours truly and Esperance?

Morgan–The Pixie and the Green Man

I loved the character of Morgan so much in the first book, I decided to give her a story of her own. And, of course, we need to meet the man who wins her heart, James Ferguson. He was one of the men who came to her rescue when she was attacked by Ian McConnaugh in Jareth, First Lord.

What do we know about Morgan?

“She had a beautiful smile, when she could be coaxed into it. Her straight black hair was cut to about chin length and drew attention to her face, with its cute upturned nose and dazzling eyes. When she was happy, those eyes were an intense shade of blue. But when upset or angry, her eyes became the gray of a loch on a cloudy day.

“There was an energy around her which was nearly visible. It was like diamond dust dancing in a sunbeam. He thought it was this energy that drew him to her. She was so small, though, not even reaching his shoulder, like a tiny, raven-haired pixie with blue-gray eyes.”

What about James?

He’s very tall, with sun-streaked sandy brown hair, bright green eyes that twinkle with mischief, and dimples. His family owns the lumberyard in town, not far from the market where Morgan works. He makes a good living from the family business, which he will inherit. And like all the Fergusons, he has a way with wood.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I could never do gymnastics. The closest I come to that is dancing. And I have two left feet.”

“Two left feet? Don’t be silly,” she said, her eyes deepening into a beautiful shade of blue.

“Really. Let me show you.” He reached for her right hand with his left and swung around to face her. “How about a waltz?”

Morgan’s mouth opened as she stared at him, but it was too late. He had already begun their dance past the restaurant.

“James! We can’t dance down the pavement,” she said in amazement, though following his lead.

“Why not? There’s no law against it.”

“No, but everyone is watching. What will people think?”

“That we’re happy?”

“That we’re insane!”

“Same thing,” he countered.

With the market once again in view, he twirled her away from him and back to his side. With a comical bow, he added, “As milady wishes. A nice, dignified stroll to take the air.”

Standing straight, shoulders back, and with a most serious look on his face, he altered his pace to match his statement.

“You are incorrigible.”

“So I’m told. Frequently,” he added. “But it did make you smile.”

“Well, maybe.”

“Ah. There it is again, the illusive creature. You should let it out more often, before it dies from lack of attention.”

“Are you ever serious?” she asked.

“Only when it is absolutely necessary. And here we are, back at the market.”

So watch for Book 3 in the Esperance Series–Morgan–The Pixie and the Green Man. If you liked Jareth and Viviane, you’ll love Morgan and James!

Until later…

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Morgan Coming Soon

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Story Hour

Black and whiteRemember when you were a little kid and your parents would read you a bedtime story? It was one of my favorite times of the day. I would snuggle down next to mom or dad, close my eyes and let my imagination fill in the blanks–the smell of the leaves, the way the rain felt as it trickled down my body, the feel of the wind in my hair–as the characters came alive.

I’ve recaptured that feeling! I’ve discovered Audible audio books. Now don’t get me wrong. I still love to read the old-fashioned way, turning the pages and smelling the ink from a new book.  But sometimes, listening to a story is fun and relaxing.

As a treat for you, Jareth, First Lord and Viviane, First Lady are both available in audio from Audible or through Amazon. Alastair Cameron, the narrator, has given each of the characters a unique voice, and I admit to falling in love with Jareth and his Scottish brogue… (sigh)

Anyway, enough daydreaming.

If you don’t have an Audible account, you can get Jareth, First Lord free if you sign up. You can cancel at any time, so if you decide it’s not for you, you’re not out anything.

Want to hear a snippet before you decide? Go to the page and click on Audible Sample to listen to Alastair’s narration.

So if you loved story time as a child, try it as an adult.

Go ahead. You can try it for free!

Already have an Audible account, but not sure about Jareth or Viviane? Message me on Facebook. I have a few promo codes  for a free copy of either one. So you can still give them a try for free!

Jareth, First Lord and Viviane, First Lady. Books 1 and 2 of the Esperance Series.

Fantasy Romance on a distant highland world.

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Jareth, First Lord:   https://amzn.com/B01BU5TGDK

Viviane, First Lady:  https://amzn.com/B01H2JI2U6


Jareth Cover for ACX Final smallViviane Cover art for ACX

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Black and whiteOne with laughter, drama, temper, and tears? But with a happy ending?

Then you need to listen to Jareth, First Lord, the first book in the Esperance Series. And yes, I asked if you’d love to hear it—

–because it is now available as an audiobook through Audible and Amazon!

Jareth, First Lord was narrated by a very talented young man, Alastair Cameron, of ProAudio Books. He has created a whole host of voices for the various characters in the book. And of course, a beautiful Scottish brogue for Jareth… (sigh)

So, if you’d rather hear your book than read it, give Jareth a try.  Of course, you could always read it as well. I won’t tell.


Jareth For Twitter2


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Black and whiteWell, look no further! With the release of Viviane, First Lady, I have three novels out there for you to try.

Gambler’s FollyFuturistic, paranormal, mainstream romance. M/F

He is Damiano, rich, handsome and one of the most powerful and feared of the underworld leaders.

She is Karianna, a woman on vacation.

He wins possession of her on the turn of one hand of cards. Now that he’s won her, can her win her heart as well?



Jareth, First Lord–Mainstream Fantasy Romance, M/F

He is Jareth, the First Lord clan Brannach. Widowed for two years, he must find someone who can give him an heir. During a dispute with a neighboring First Lord, he meets the woman of his dreams.

She is Viviane, the daughter of a First Lord, but after marrying a commoner, wants no part of the first family constraints. When her husband is killed in an accident, it seems she will have to move back to the family seat, until Jareth rides into town and carries her off.

Can Jareth win her heart before they start a clan war?


Viviane, First Lady–Mainstream Fantasy Romance

Now that she has settled in Clan Brannach and unbidden psychic talents begin to emerge, Viviane struggles to control her talents before they become a threat to everyone around her.

But though she is frustrated in her training, her nights with Jareth are exhilarating as the two of them explore the exquisite pleasure two talented people can experience.


For more information on any of these books, visit the Mellie’s Romance Novels page.

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CommercialYes, Viviane First Lady is now in print! I got my box of author’s copies and pre-orders today. Now as soon as the bookmarks get here, the pre-orders can go out.

What is Viviane about? 

This sequel to Jareth, First Lord picks up right after the wedding, with Jareth explaining to Viviane about the talents she has inherited from her father. And that she has to get some training before they cause problems.

But training as an adult is not an easy task and she struggles to gain the control she so badly wants and needs. Especially after they are told that she will be required to travel back to Clan Belfort for her brother’s trial for treason. Jareth had wanted to keep her away from the emotional turmoil of the trial, since the talents are tied in with emotions. And when Viviane becomes emotional, there’s just no telling what will happen.

If her days of striving for control are frustrating, her nights with Jareth are exhilarating, as they discover and explore the deeper intimacy possible for those who are talented. With the talents they both have, the earth really can move.

Viviane, First Lady, now available at these online stores! And don’t forget to like us on Facebook!




Viviane, First Ladythe story continues.

Mainstream sensual, M/F, paranormal (psychic abilities)


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