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Black and whiteYes, the release is just around the corner! So watch for the Release Party to be announced.

Also, bookmarks featuring the cover art for both Jareth, First Lord and Viviane First Lady will be available through the publisher after the release. I’ll let you know when and where they will be available. I just got the images from the publisher today. Take a look and see what you think!

It seems the sizing is a little off down below. I’m sure the printers will fix it for the real thing!

Viviane Bookmark

Jareth bookmark

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Black and whiteHow many times have you heard it? Which is better, actor A or actor B, writer C or writer D? It seems anytime there is talk of one actor, author, director, playwright–whatever–someone asks the question.

Why do we have this need to compete with each other? Or in this case, the need to force a competitive attitude between followers? There is plenty of room for everyone.

Our family did an experiment one time. There is a particular song that we had on a CD that my husband loved. Because of the title, he thought there must be a story behind it, so he asked the three ladies of the family–me, and daughters Katherine and Dawn–all writers, to write our story of the composition.

And we did.

Were the stories interesting? Fascinating? Well written?


Were they the same story?


Were they all good stories?


My story and Dawn’s stories followed a similar theme, but were quite different in style and conclusion. Katherine’s story took a completely different path- one that I would never have imagined.

Was it a good story! I loved it, partly because I could never have conceived it. Would I read it again? Certainly!

What did we learn from this? That not everyone sees the same story from the same inspiration, but that all the stories have merit. They were equal in quality while being different in most other ways.

There are thousands of authors, playwrights, directors, actors–you name it–out there and many of them are tremendously talented. So trying to say this one is better than that one is personal opinion. No two of them are going to be best in every area, but they can both be leaders in their field.

Give two different authors an idea for a book and have them write from that idea. The two books will be completely different, even if they both write the same genre. Once those books have been edited and rewrites finished, you’ll have two different books, both of which will be fantastic, but different.

Which will be better? That’s a matter of personal opinion. It’s can’t be quantified. I like both Ellis Peters and Dorothy Sayers. Which one is better? I couldn’t say. It depends on what I want to read at the time.

Let’s stop forcing competition where there is no need. The marketplace is hazardous enough without complicating matters. Wouldn’t it be better if we were to encourage each other to do our best?

The world deserves out best effort. Let’s give each other a hand!

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CommercialM2 Studios and Jeremiah Morgan have done it again! It’s beautiful guys! A million thanks for all your work.

Have you ordered your copy yet? If not, head on over to the event page and reserve your copy. Included in the event are an autographed copy of Viviane First Lady and a double-sided bookmark featuring the cover art for both Esperance books.


Take a look!  The event closes tomorrow at 9 pm, so hurry before it’s gone!

For news of future releases check back here:


Esperance2_webJareth Cover art final

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CEO at FreedomInk Publishing

FreedomInk Publishing proudly presents Dawn Miller​’s debut title… Darkness Before the Dawn.

Born under the light of the rising sun, I was named after the beauty of the new day. Later to be given the moniker of Desert Rose, it all fit together. Born as the sun rose over the desert, a place that only comes to life after the storms, at a time of day that is most beautiful, only after the darkest hours. This is me. For my life became the darkness of abuse, neglect, the total removal of all that was light in my life; the end only coming as the strength and beauty of the light returned, removing the darkness that engulfed the hours before the dawn. {Keep scrolling to read my review}

DarknessBeforeTheDawn banner 2014

*My review: I gotta tell you. This book ain’t no easy read. Great writing pulls you in, holds you captive and renders you…

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Black and whiteYes, it is a very chilly day down here near Atlanta. I think it has finally reached 30 degrees outside this morning. And it’s 11 am!

So, now that Viviane First Lady is in pre-sale, what am I working on?

A new novel in the raw is with my editor now. A stand alone book, not of the Esperance series, Mistaken Identity is a romantic intrigue. Krista Carlisle is a music teacher, though she’s had some military and martial arts training. But because of that training she is mistaken for something she’s not during a military strike in her home town.

Taken to their sister world, imprisoned and interrogated, they finally have to agree that she isn’t what they thought she was. Now destined to remain on this world in servitude for life, she thinks only of a way to escape.

But Commander Romanov has other plans which will make use of all that hand-to-hand training she’s had,as well as her knowledge of her home world and her ease with the social graces. Those he’s used before in this particular venture had two strikes against them. They knew virtually nothing about their sister world and they couldn’t mingle with society’s upper crust without looking out of place.

Krista could, if he can convince her to work with him for the sake of both worlds.

So, as this book goes under the knife, my other WIP is set in an alternate timeline of the American Northwest where those with sufficient ability learn to control the elements of their birth month and year to shape the world around them. Master of the Fleet is a paranormal fantasy romance–if I can shape its elements to a close…

Viviane First Lady is available for pre-order at:


For my other books, go to:  http://www.amazon.com/Mellie-Miller/e/B00954K2C8

Jareth Cover art final

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Stone arch and green hillsYes, the presale is up and running! Viviane, First Lady will be out in March, but you can pre-order your copy today!

From FreedomInk365:

“From the Author of Jareth, First Lord, Mellie Miller delivers another amazing book! The romantic, fantastical, futuristic, historical, paranormal saga continues in the literary sequel, Viviane, First Lady.”
Picking up the story after the wedding, we continue the tale of Jareth and Viviane on the world called Esperance. With her new talents emerging, Viviane struggles to bring them under her control, even as her brother’s trial grows nearer.
Viviane, First Lady. The saga continues.

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Black and whiteJust got the new press release for Jareth, First Lord! Tell me what you think.

Got the final edits back from RuleBreaker Editing today for Viviane, First Lady. Now they’re off to the publisher. Cover art should be ready within 2 weeks, so once we’ve got that we can set a final release date for Viviane.

Jareth, First Lord

Amazon… http://amzn.com/0989678644
Barnes & Noble… http://bit.ly/1vw5zCX
Books-A-Million… http://bit.ly/1yytM27

Indie Bound… http://bit.ly/1stZmXI


Jareth Press Release

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Small Formal Black2Here’s another year come and gone, and I have to say I’m happy with it. I published Jareth, First Lord with FreedomInk365 this year and have the sequel, Viviane, First Lady,  in the hands of the editor.

I’m working on the third book in the Jareth series and I have one more novel, slightly different in nature, to publish later next year. Not to mention at least two others that are in the “nearly finished” stages.

I’ve also made a little headway into getting my Reiki and Access Bars business up and running. It’s starting a little slowly, but that is to be expected out here in rural America.

What would like to see in this blog in the New Year? I’ll be writing about FreedomInk events and my writing of course, but what else would be of interest?

Comment below or visit my Facebook page and leave a message.



Have you read Jareth, First Lord yet?

Amazon… http://amzn.com/0989678644
Barnes & Noble… http://bit.ly/1vw5zCX
Books-A-Million… http://bit.ly/1yytM27

Indie Bound… http://bit.ly/1stZmXI


If you’re interested in paranormal fantasy romance, check out Gambler’s Folly. (Mainstream sensual, M/F, HEA)








Wishing you a blessed and happy New Year!


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NowJareth Cover art final that Jareth, First Lord has been released, what’s in store?

The sequel! Viviane, First Lady is in the hands of RuleBreaker Editing for the final shake down. RuleBreaker is also casting an eye over a new story of mine. Watch out for the red ink!

As for FreedomInk365, three new books have been released recently.

Darkness Before the Dawnby author Dawn Miller. A true tale of abuse and neglect.

Carnal Sobriety–another book from FreedomInk365 CEO Katandra Jackson Nunnally.

Mojo For Sale: The Art of Encouraging One’s Self–also by Katandra Jackson Nunnally.

And don’t forget, Jareth, First Lord! http://amzn.com/0989678644

For all the books from FreedomInk, go to:


There’s something for everybody! So check back often for new releases.

Have a Happy New Year!



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Jareth Cover art finalWhich is being sorely tested at the moment. The author copies of Jareth, First Lord have shipped, as well as the pre-orders, and while the buttons and Autographed Copy stickers have arrived, the books are still somewhere in limbo.

Oh well. What’s another day or two?

Here’s an excerpt from Jareth, First Lord to get you through.


“When the final edict was posted in the village, Viviane was stunned as she read the declarations. If the fools had gone to her father he could have asked for aid from the neighboring lords. Instead, he was saddled with repayments to Clan Brannach and penalties for ignoring the complaints. Why had he let this happen? This wasn’t like him at all.
While the penalties were within the limits of clan law, life in Clan Belfort would be much more difficult for a while. But The Choosing, this dark legend out of the dim past, while legal and binding, had never been invoked in Viviane’s lifetime. Re-reading the edict, she saw that all women of marriageable age who were childless and unmarried were required to report one week from the date of posting. One tenth of their number would go to Clan Brannach.
Since she was now marriageable and without children Viviane was required to present herself to Brannach’s First Lord. Panicking, she searched the notice again for an exemption for women of the ruling house, but found nothing. They may have been upset because she wanted to be independent but were they really willing to cast her out altogether?
Her blood turned to ice as she considered her chances of being chosen. There were many younger women in the clan. Wouldn’t they be chosen first? Why choose someone who was nearly thirty when fresher faces abounded? Dizzy and with her heart pounding, she ran to her little cottage, slammed the door, and leaned against it to stay on her feet. The smell in the air she recognized as the scent of fear while cold sweat trickled down her back. She could go to her father and ask him to exempt her from the proceedings. He’d been anxious for her to come home. Certainly he would do this one small thing.
Firmly reining in her emotions, she thought about the consequences of such an action. What if this was the way out of her difficulties? She couldn’t–wouldn’t–go back home, and she couldn’t keep the shop open much longer. Everyone in the village knew her as Viviane Lebrun as she’d not used her title after marrying Robert. Lord Jareth hadn’t been ruling long and they’d never been introduced. If she were chosen there should be no repercussions to the clan or ruling house. If she kept quiet about her family ties, this might be the answer to her predicament. Maybe this was the sign she’d asked for. She would present herself with the others and leave it in the hands of chance.”


Haven’t ordered your copy yet? Here are the links!








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