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Wishing all our fathers a wonderful, relaxing Father’s Day today!

Beach grass weekend

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And Happy Father’s Day to all you father’s out there.

Have a fun and safe day today, guys!

Stone arch and green hills

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Mel and Gambler's FollyI addressed readers a few days ago. But now let’s ask a question I hear quite often. Why do you write? Where do you find your inspiration?

Not everyone writes for the same reason. There are probably as many reasons as there are authors out there. I write because it’s fun, in its own way. Yes, it can be aggravating, frustrating and lead to sleepless nights. But I still write.

I know authors who write to get the characters out of their head, and those characters can demand attention while they’re trying to be born.

Some authors write to inform others. Sometimes it is about a problem they see in society, sometimes about dealing with a disease. Perhaps they want to show us about live in another part of the world. Others want to show us a personal history, an autobiography or genealogy.

And where do we find inspiration? For many it is from life itself, from interactions with friends, neighbors, people we meet in town or at the airport. There is just something about a situation or a chance meeting that provides a spark for a new story.

Sometimes ideas come from dreams. I’ve had several stories begin in my dreams and develop while I sleep. A few times I’ve written myself into a situation I can’t figure a way out of, but a good night’s sleep and a few dreams usually help points the way.

Authors, help me out here. Let’s have your comments on why you write and where you find inspiration. If you’re daring, go to my Facebook page and comment.

Why do we write? Because we must.

What inspires us? Anything and everything in the world.

Talk to you later. And if you haven’t joined my Pre-Sale Event  for Jareth, First Lord yet, jump on over to Facebook.

And whatever you do,

Don’t forget—

     —to Share the Romance…

                                              Mellie E. Miller

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mem-gamblersfolly1One of the things people often asked is what inspired a particular book. Was it someone you knew or met? Is it a situation near to your heart? Or did it just jump in out of the blue?

Several of my ideas have come from dreams. They were interesting enough, but when they started repeating nearly every night, I decided it was time to write them down. I have no idea where they came from or why, but several books I have in the works began with dreams.

What about Gambler’s Folly? 

It was different. It was inspired by an old folk song. Does anyone out there remember the Kingston Trio? They recorded a version of the song South Coast which told the story of a man who won his wife in a card game.

Interesting idea, I thought. How could that possibly happen today?

Shortly after hearing this song, I got sidetracked onto the musical Paint Your Wagon, with Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood. In this story of prospectors and mining towns, Lee Marvin’s character buys his wife at auction, who he then shares with his partner because, well, they’re partners.

As I mused on these two themes, Gambler’s Folly began to come together.

It is the story of Karianna, lost on one hand of cards to Damiano Leone. He is the most powerful underworld syndicate leader on the planet named Gambler’s Folly.  As a pleasure paradise renowned for its gambling houses, there are contingencies for nearly any situation–including how to dissolve one marriage and form another one in just this sort of situation.

Sound interesting? Add in a few shape-shifters and a syndicate take-over bid for a little more fun.

Check it out! You can’t walk away and leave her married to a dark, powerful stranger, can you?


Go ahead. Karianna is waiting.

Ciao amici miei…

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