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mem-gamblersfolly1Gambler’s Folly received a great review from Jonesy Jones on Facebook. Here’s what she had to say!

“I FINALLY finished Gamblers Folley! I loved it! The ending had me floored! I love Dam and Karianna and I felt as if I was right there with them! Great job!”

So if you haven’t read it yet, go over and get your copy.


Or Gambler’s Folly is also available from Amazon Kindle!


What are you waiting for? It’s time to get comfortable and find a little romance!


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Black and whiteLooking for something to read? Look at Gambler’s Folly.
“Awesome read! This book is smoking hot in an unexpected, underworld kinda way. I didn’t have to read several chapters in before I became totally engrossed. The Author’s engaging style captivated me before the 1st paragraph was done. Gambler’s Folly is a page turner, a bestseller, a literary Hidden Gem at its finest! I can’t wait to read the next book by Mellie Miller.” Review by Katandra Shanel Jackson on Goodreads.

So give it a try!


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mem-gamblersfollyFor those of you who are not familiar with Ms. Jackson, she is the CEO, president, publisher, and an author at FreedomInk. (http://www.freedomink365.com)

I recently sent Gambler’s Folly to her for a review. It is being featured on FreedomInk’s Hidden Gems page this month.

After reading Gambler’s Folly, she had this to say:

“This book is smoking hot in an unexpected, underworld kinda way. I didn’t have to read several chapters in before I became totally engrossed. The Author’s engaging style captivated me before the 1st paragraph was done. Gambler’s Folly is a page turner, a bestseller, a literary Hidden Gem at its finest! I can’t wait to read the next book by Mellie Miller. “

Thank you Katandra Jackson!

So for those of you waiting until you had an objective opinion, go ahead. Go get your copy.  http://www.bookstrand.com/gamblers-folly

Damiano is waiting.

Ciao amici miei!

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CommercialGambler’s Folly came in #3 in the top ten tonight in Bavarlee Bernstein’s Let Me Tell Your Story. Tonight he looked at twenty-one authors he’s introduced on his Facebook series and picked his top ten list.

Thank you Bavarlee for choosing Gambler’s Folly.

Congratulations to L’Vette Sonai and her book The Mulholland Diaries, the #1 choice.

So go and get your copy today.
For Gambler’s Folly:








For The Mulholland Diaries:

To watch this episode:


Thank you for Let Me Tell Your Story, Bavarlee and introducing some wonderful authors to the world.


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Gambler’s Folly 2.

Check out the new video for Gambler’s Folly. Don’t have your copy yet?


via Gambler’s Folly 2.

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Black and whiteHow much do you love your partner?

(Excerpt from Chapter 26)


“Okay, Tiger. What is it?”
“I was just thinking about this morning, when you called me
‘honey,’ and wondering why, after a year together, this has come
about. It is nothing really. I’m just curious.”
She thought about it for a minute, sipping coffee to see if it would
jump-start her brain. “I’m not sure if I can even figure it out for
myself, Dam. It’s almost like some part of my mind was still resisting
the whole thing, you and me. Even before bonding, I was very
attracted to you, beginning to love you. Maybe not as much as I hoped
to love someone I was married to, but our circumstances were a little
He laughed, nodded his head and replied, “I suppose ‘a little
weird’ describes it pretty well.”

“Anyway,” she continued, swirling the coffee left in her cup,
“after our bonding, I felt closer to you, more comfortable with you,
and thought I loved you more than before. Maybe I did, I don’t know
now. But I’m not sure I loved you beyond physical, sexual attraction.
Am I making any sense?”
“I’m trying to understand, but am I about to be very
“Hold on. I’ve not finished. I thought I loved you, wanted to love
you. I mean, if bonding means what you say it means, we’re together
forever. I hoped to God there was love in there somewhere. But it
worried me that I didn’t seem to love you enough, or in the right
“I believe you love me,” Damiano expressed earnestly. “And I
know beyond a doubt that I love you, cara. I loved you before we
were paired, adored you, had to have you. I would have died for you,
cara, before we were bond mates. And now? More than that, I love
“I know, Tiger,” she answered softly.


Ciao amici miei…


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mem-gamblersfolly1One of the things people often asked is what inspired a particular book. Was it someone you knew or met? Is it a situation near to your heart? Or did it just jump in out of the blue?

Several of my ideas have come from dreams. They were interesting enough, but when they started repeating nearly every night, I decided it was time to write them down. I have no idea where they came from or why, but several books I have in the works began with dreams.

What about Gambler’s Folly? 

It was different. It was inspired by an old folk song. Does anyone out there remember the Kingston Trio? They recorded a version of the song South Coast which told the story of a man who won his wife in a card game.

Interesting idea, I thought. How could that possibly happen today?

Shortly after hearing this song, I got sidetracked onto the musical Paint Your Wagon, with Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood. In this story of prospectors and mining towns, Lee Marvin’s character buys his wife at auction, who he then shares with his partner because, well, they’re partners.

As I mused on these two themes, Gambler’s Folly began to come together.

It is the story of Karianna, lost on one hand of cards to Damiano Leone. He is the most powerful underworld syndicate leader on the planet named Gambler’s Folly.  As a pleasure paradise renowned for its gambling houses, there are contingencies for nearly any situation–including how to dissolve one marriage and form another one in just this sort of situation.

Sound interesting? Add in a few shape-shifters and a syndicate take-over bid for a little more fun.

Check it out! You can’t walk away and leave her married to a dark, powerful stranger, can you?


Go ahead. Karianna is waiting.

Ciao amici miei…

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I have a new video out for Gambler’s Folly! Take a look, and then head on over to buy your copy!


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mem-gamblersfolly1Come on.  Just one quick peek. Gambler’s Folly is a paranormal fantasy romance involving shape-shifters, futuristic worlds, and a woman who’s life is forever changed by one hand of cards.

Open the door of the Stella d’Oro and look in on the world of Damiano Leone and his new wife, Karianna.


 They took their time browsing the gaming rooms. Damiano placed one or two small bets.

“Kiss me for luck, amore,” he said the second

time and she made sure he felt it down to his toes. She hoped he’d

lose, as he usually did. He claimed it was bad for business if he won

very often.  So naturally, he won. Raising a glass of champagne, he

addressed the patrons, “A toast to my lovely wife. May she always

bring me good luck.” The kiss she received was at least equal in

firepower to hers.

Shortly after, they saw Marco, who met them with a wide grin on

his face. “So, Damiano, are you planning another night like last


“Once was enough. Why?”

“Your scent is in the air, amico, and that of your mate. The

atmosphere is beginning to have an effect.”

As they looked around, the patrons who came in together as

couples were more amorous than usual, especially on the dance floor.

The singles among them were hunting, searching for someone who

might give them a chance.

Damiano laughed. “I hadn’t really given it much thought. I

suppose since we’re mated, the scent isn’t as obvious to me as it

would have been. But I can sense it now. It is different than before,


“Yes, it is,” Marco confirmed. “You are now a mated pair,

hunting together. Of course you are mainly stalking each other it

seems”—he grinned—“but your scent speaks of sex and the hunt.”

“Do you suppose it will be bad for business?” Damiano asked.

“I don’t know. It seems good tonight. Everyone is happy.”

“Then, my little Topolina, maybe we should dance.”

“Topolina?” Marco was confused.

“You know, a little furry plaything the smaller cats toy with.

Which if you’re very careful, you can play with for a long, long


She thought Marco was going to wet himself.


Gambler’s Folly is available at: http://www.bookstrand.com/gamblers-folly

Go on. You know you want to. Get it today!

Ciao, amici…


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mem-gamblersfolly1Gambler’s Folly is 4th on Bookstrand’s Bestsellers List for the past 30 days. And it is 14th for the past six months!

So go check it out!


Read it this weekend!
Ciao amici…

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