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NowJareth Cover art final that Jareth, First Lord has been released, what’s in store?

The sequel! Viviane, First Lady is in the hands of RuleBreaker Editing for the final shake down. RuleBreaker is also casting an eye over a new story of mine. Watch out for the red ink!

As for FreedomInk365, three new books have been released recently.

Darkness Before the Dawnby author Dawn Miller. A true tale of abuse and neglect.

Carnal Sobriety–another book from FreedomInk365 CEO Katandra Jackson Nunnally.

Mojo For Sale: The Art of Encouraging One’s Self–also by Katandra Jackson Nunnally.

And don’t forget, Jareth, First Lord! http://amzn.com/0989678644

For all the books from FreedomInk, go to:


There’s something for everybody! So check back often for new releases.

Have a Happy New Year!



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Mel and Gambler's FollyWell I have one for you! Reading is Retro and Retro is Cool is a book club started by Katandra Jackson Nunnally on Facebook. Katandra is also the CEO of FreedomInk365 Publishing, a small publishing company here in the great state of Georgia.

Reading is Retro had a successful summer reading challenge in 2014 and has decided to make in ongoing. The Challenge? Read one new book together each month, then share and discuss.

How to begin, you ask? Join the club on Facebook and open a Goodreads account, if you don’t have one.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started!

Reading is Retro and Retro is Cool!


Join us in the fun of reading! I have a new book to begin–Sunset in St. Tropez by Danielle Steel.

If you need some suggestions, go to http:/www./FreedomInk365.com/the_books

Reading is Retro–

and Retro is cool!

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Jareth Cover art finalWhich is being sorely tested at the moment. The author copies of Jareth, First Lord have shipped, as well as the pre-orders, and while the buttons and Autographed Copy stickers have arrived, the books are still somewhere in limbo.

Oh well. What’s another day or two?

Here’s an excerpt from Jareth, First Lord to get you through.


“When the final edict was posted in the village, Viviane was stunned as she read the declarations. If the fools had gone to her father he could have asked for aid from the neighboring lords. Instead, he was saddled with repayments to Clan Brannach and penalties for ignoring the complaints. Why had he let this happen? This wasn’t like him at all.
While the penalties were within the limits of clan law, life in Clan Belfort would be much more difficult for a while. But The Choosing, this dark legend out of the dim past, while legal and binding, had never been invoked in Viviane’s lifetime. Re-reading the edict, she saw that all women of marriageable age who were childless and unmarried were required to report one week from the date of posting. One tenth of their number would go to Clan Brannach.
Since she was now marriageable and without children Viviane was required to present herself to Brannach’s First Lord. Panicking, she searched the notice again for an exemption for women of the ruling house, but found nothing. They may have been upset because she wanted to be independent but were they really willing to cast her out altogether?
Her blood turned to ice as she considered her chances of being chosen. There were many younger women in the clan. Wouldn’t they be chosen first? Why choose someone who was nearly thirty when fresher faces abounded? Dizzy and with her heart pounding, she ran to her little cottage, slammed the door, and leaned against it to stay on her feet. The smell in the air she recognized as the scent of fear while cold sweat trickled down her back. She could go to her father and ask him to exempt her from the proceedings. He’d been anxious for her to come home. Certainly he would do this one small thing.
Firmly reining in her emotions, she thought about the consequences of such an action. What if this was the way out of her difficulties? She couldn’t–wouldn’t–go back home, and she couldn’t keep the shop open much longer. Everyone in the village knew her as Viviane Lebrun as she’d not used her title after marrying Robert. Lord Jareth hadn’t been ruling long and they’d never been introduced. If she were chosen there should be no repercussions to the clan or ruling house. If she kept quiet about her family ties, this might be the answer to her predicament. Maybe this was the sign she’d asked for. She would present herself with the others and leave it in the hands of chance.”


Haven’t ordered your copy yet? Here are the links!








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Jareth Cover art finalWith Jareth, First Lord finally released, what’s next?

The sequel, of course!

One of the reasons I re-released Jareth was to bring attention not only to the newly edited version of Jareth, First Lord, but to herald the coming of Viviane, First Lady.

Following the events in Jareth, Viviane struggles with her new abilities, which should have been lost in childhood. But since they’ve made their appearance, she must train to bring them under control.

What abilities, you ask? You’ll have to read the book.

Which should come out in March, 2015.

In the meantime, go on over to FreedomInk365 or to Amazon for Jareth, First Lord. Even if you read the original edition, you’ll love the second. Freshly edited by RuleBreaker Editing, with added scenes, you’ll want to add this to your collection.

Jareth, First Lord–fantasy romance with a psychic twist.

Check it out!


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Jareth Cover art finalYes, I am very excited! I was beginning to think this book was never going to be published. But we finally got all the problems sorted!


So what kind of book is Jareth, First Lord?

Written in the style of a historical romance, the story takes place on a planet colonized by Earth and then suddenly abandoned. When a new illness wipes out half the population, everything descends into anarchy until the descendants of the Seekers can gain enough control to force order once again.

First Lords are the descendants of those rulers, with psychic powers over a broad range of abilities. Now two centuries from the times of chaos, Jareth rules Clan Brannach. Widowed  for two years, he isn’t looking to marry, but while visiting a neighboring clan to settle a claim, he is captivated by black curls and sparkling blue eyes.

Can he win the heart of this fiery-tempered lady? Or will their two clans go to war over their courtship?

Jareth, First Lord–




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Yes! FreedomInk is getting ready for the annual All Hallows Eve Blog Hop again this year. Want to share in the fun? It all begins October 30, 2014 at midnight eastern time and continues through midnight October 31.

Write a blog post about either:

1.Your favorite horror book

2. Your favorite ghost or horror story

3. A personal or family ghost story or paranormal event.

Then go to our event page and leave us your blog address so we can add it to our list.

And on October 30, we will post the list of blog addresses on the Facebook Event page. Just go to each blog listed between midnight Oct. 30 and midnight Oct. 31, read each post and leave a comment to show you visited.

Where is this event, you ask?


Stay tuned for more details!


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Black and whiteWith Jareth, First Lord re-released this month, it’s time to look forward to the sequel, Viviane, First Lady. We’re aiming for a March 2015 release date for Viviane.

Following the events in Jareth, First Lord, we find Viviane trying to come to grips with all the changes life has brought her way, from the loss of her husband before the story, to Jareth’s courtship and the trouble between the clans.

Now life is being further complicated by things completely out of her control. And until she can gain a little control, there can be no planning for heirs to the house of Brannach.

So if you haven’t read Jareth, First Lord, go ahead and pre-order your copy now, because Viviane is following hard on its heels.

Available now through FreedomInk365. Jareth will soon be available through Amazon, Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble. Paperback and eBook.


Jareth Cover art final


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