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What’s here, you ask? The Bavarlee Bernstein Facebook Productions Award for Most Artistic.

Earlier this year, I submitted my book, Gambler’s Folly, to Bavarlee Bernstein’s Facebook series, Let Me Tell Your Story. He introduced it by reading the first chapter on his program.

In November, he awarded nine people in nine different categories from Most Relevant and  Most Beautiful to Most Accomplished and Most Supportive.

I was awarded the award for Most Artistic for Gambler’s Folly.

I just received my award in the mail today and I am thrilled!

To see the rest of the winners, go to Mr. Bernstein’s page on Facebook–


And if you haven’t read Gambler’s Folly yet, it is available through Amazon in both e-book and paperback format. Go check it out.

Thank you Bavarlee!

Most Artistic 2013

Most Artistic 2013

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CommercialHave you written a book, but you need help promoting it? Do you have a story to tell to the world?

Let me introduce you to Bavarlee Bernstein and his Facebook series, Let Me Tell Your Story. Each Saturday evening, Bavarlee introduces a new book on his program by reading an excerpt from the first chapter.

So far, I’ve found the books to be interesting, and there are several I want to read. My new novel, Gambler’s Folly, was featured in episode 12 of his program. I am also a nominee for the BBFBP awards in the Most Artistic category, as are several other extremely talented people.

If you’re looking for a new author to read, or if you have something to share, check out Bavarlee Bernstein’s Let Me Tell Your Story.

You won’t be sorry!

In the meantime, look up Gambler’s Folly, my new Paranormal Fantasy Romance–with shape-shifters.



Ciao amici miei–

a tardi…

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CommercialHello everyone! Are you ready for the weekend?

Gambler’s Folly was released earlier this week–July 16–and so far it is doing well. I’ve been working on my next novel, Viviane: First Lady so I can get it submitted.

In the meantime, I’d like to tell you about a Facebook series by Bavarlee Bernstein–Let Me Tell Your Story.

Each Saturday night, Bavarlee introduces new authors reading excerpts from the first chapters of their books.  Gambler’s Folly was featured on one of his programs! Tonight he will be featuring Courtney Phoenix White’s new novel, Anybody’s Somebody.

Just go to Facebook and send a friend request to Bavarlee Bernstein. He will send you a reminder each week so you can tune in for the latest Let Me Tell Your Story.

I will be submitting Viviane: First Lady for him to review.


Looking for something to read this weekend? Check out Gambler’s Folly at:



Ciao amici miei!

And don’t forget to Share the Romance

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