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Mel and Gambler's Folly

Cyrus Webb has entered his 5 star review for Gambler’s Folly on Amazon.com and I am SO excited!

Here are a few lines from his review:

Mellie Miller’s GAMBLER’S FOLLY Is A Literary Bet Worth Taking, August 30, 2014

By  Cyrus Webb “Conversations Book Club”


“If you are looking for a literary adventure full of action, suspense and characters you will grow to love (whether you want to or not), then I think GAMBLER’S FOLLY by author Mellie E. Miller should be on your reading list.”


So if you’ve put off getting your copy of Gambler’s Folly, wait no longer. It’s available at Amazon.com, in print or eBook.




It’s definitely worth the risk…


Don’t forget—

 —to Share the Romance…

                      ~~Mellie E. Miller~~



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