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Being diagnosed with breast cancer is really frightening. The fear can overcome some patients to the point where they just can’t fight. I know. I am a survivor, and I saw people come in for treatments every three weeks. Some had kept their sense of humor, some had fallen into despair.

When I first went in for my chemo, a total stranger came up to me and told me I’d be fine. He put it all down to attitude. Those who stayed positive, fought back and moved forward won the fight. Those who let the disease get them down, depressed, simply didn’t respond.
Another man I met during my recovery was a fellow martial artist, also recovering from cancer. He was researching why black belt level martial artists had a much easier time with their treatment as opposed to untrained patients. He found there was only one area which overlapped for all of us.

Recently, I decided to share the story of my fight. One of the things which I found the most unsettling, was not knowing what to expect. I hadn’t talked with anyone who’d been through what I was facing. What had helped them deal with the effects of the surgeries, chemo and radiation?

Cancer and the Warrior’s Way is now available at CreateSpace, soon coming to Amazon and Amazon Kindle.

If you are facing breast cancer, or know someone who is, get your copy and follow my journey from beginning martial artists to survivor.

Cancer and the Warrior’s Way is now available from CreateSpace.

Cancer Book Cover

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Some time ago, I decided to tell the story of my fight with breast cancer and share those things I believed helped me along the way. I felt my martial arts training had given me a bit of an edge. Another acquaintance of mine had done some research on martial artists and cancer. He found that black belt ranked martial artists who developed cancer tolerated chemo better and had shorter recovery times.

And though we all had different cancers, trained in different styles, some were men, some women, we all had one thing in common.

So after spending some time in thought, and more time at the keyboard, it is very nearly ready for the publisher.

Cancer and the Warrior’s Way, A Personal Journey, will be out just after New Year’s Day.  So watch for it here or on my FaceBook page:  http://www.facebook.com/MeleighsCreations

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday,

A piu tardi amici…..

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