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Some time ago, I decided to tell the story of my fight with breast cancer and share those things I believed helped me along the way. I felt my martial arts training had given me a bit of an edge. Another acquaintance of mine had done some research on martial artists and cancer. He found that black belt ranked martial artists who developed cancer tolerated chemo better and had shorter recovery times.

And though we all had different cancers, trained in different styles, some were men, some women, we all had one thing in common.

So after spending some time in thought, and more time at the keyboard, it is very nearly ready for the publisher.

Cancer and the Warrior’s Way, A Personal Journey, will be out just after New Year’s Day.  So watch for it here or on my FaceBook page:  http://www.facebook.com/MeleighsCreations

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday,

A piu tardi amici…..

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