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Who loves a book sale? Looking for something to read this summer? Check out the book sale at Smashwords.

All of the books I publish through Smashwords will be on sale for $0.99 during the month of July!

So if you’ve been thinking about taking a peek, now is the time.

All three books from Esperance are on sale.

Book 1–Jareth, First Lord

Book 2–Viviane, First Lady

Book 3–Morgan–The Pixie and the Green Man

And two more not in the series!

Dante’s Angel, Book two from Gambler’s Folly

Master of the Fleet–Standalone by Sultonna Nadine

Only $0.99 each!



Or catch me on Twitter–@Sultonna

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mem-gamblersfollyMeleigh’s Creations is the Facebook page dedicated to my writing. I’ve been slowly gaining Likes for the page, but I thought I’d like to try something to help it along.

When I reach 50 Likes/Followers for the page, #50 will receive a free copy of Gambler’s Folly–e-format.  And we’ll do the same thing for #100!


So if you aren’t following Meleigh’s Creations yet, go over and check it out.

You might win a free book!



and thanks!

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