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Mel and Gambler's FollyWell, I’m working in earnest on Master of the Fleet. I wrote 3300 words today trying to get Richard and Anne-Marie sorted. They finally made it to the Guild Master’s Masquerade–as the Winter Queen Mab and Oberon.

The second edition of Jareth: First Lord is with the editor. I’m chewing my nails waiting to get it back for edits and rewrites. I’ll keep you posted on its new release.

So while I work with Richard and Anne-Marie, and try to get Kerrick and Liora out of Wales and to safety, why don’t you go over and check out Gambler’s Folly?

A futuristic, paranormal fantasy romance, with kind of a dark underworld tone to it, Gambler’s Folly was on the top 10 and top 25 best sellers list for Mainstream M/F sensual romance at Bookstrand for several months after its release.

It is also on display at Expo 2014 in New York this month.


Gambler’s Folly is available as an eBook at:


And as an eBook and in print at:



So wish me luck as I go back to Master of the Fleet and try to sort out my characters. And give Gambler’s Folly a read.


Ciao amici–

a tardi..

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