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Mel and Gambler's FollyYes! Tonight I will be talking with Cyrus Webb on his radio show, Conversations LIVE. It’s on blog-talk radio, at 6 pm eastern time.

I hope you can make time to join us tonight. To make it easier, here is the link for the show.


Hope to see you there!

Don’t forget—

      —to Share the Romance…

                                      Mellie E. Miller

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Don’t forget to join me, Monday, February 17! I am very excited about this opportunity to discuss Gambler’s Folly with Jamela Franklin on her BlogTalk Radio show, Higher Consciousness.


Higher Consciousness: Gambler’s Folly(Novel) and “I AM” HEALTHY Holistic Expo 02/17 by Higher Consciousness0 | Self Help Podcasts.

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Mel and Gambler's FollyDon’t forget to join me as I talk with Jamela Franklin about Gambler’s Folly. You can hear her program, Higher Consciousness , on BlogTalk Radio.

I’ll be with her Monday, February 17, at 7 pm.

Need the link?

And if you haven’t read Gambler’s Folly yet, you can find it on my author page at:


So join us if you can. If not, the program will be archived for later.

The weather here has cleared and the roads are pretty passable. So for those of you thinking about us down here in the frozen South, thanks for your kind thoughts and best wishes.

Ciao amici!



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Mel and Gambler's FollyOK! I will be interviewed by Professor Jamela Franklin on February 17, which is a Monday evening, at 7 pm eastern time.  Her show is called Higher Consciousness.

We will be discussing my novel, Gambler’s Folly, my background and my writing. So if you’ve read Gambler’s Folly and want to know more about what I’m doing, tune in.

And if you haven’t read Gambler’s Folly, tune in and see if it’s something you’d like.

So tune in to Higher Consciousness, Monday February 17. We’ll be waiting for you.


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