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Black and whiteOK, fellow authors, give me some feedback.

You’ve finished your final draft and submitted it to your publisher. Now come the edits. Once you get to the final proof, you read through it, scrutinize it to make sure everything is good, and sign off on the final.

When your print books are released, you grab one and read through it. What? Son of a gun! You spot a mistake. How did that happen?

Does this fault lie with the editor? Or is it on your shoulders, since you signed off and accepted it as finished and complete?

My first novel, Gambler’s Folly, published through Bookstrand,  went through the process. I signed on the dotted line, and when my print books came out, I grabbed one to read.

And about two chapters in I found a mistake. It was where we had changed the wording in a particular sentence. After we’d both gone through it several times, nobody noticed that the final had the original word and the correction in the sentence.

Do I blame the editor who worked with me on the book? No. I signed off on the final proof. I admit I have trouble proofreading on the computer screen. Things always look a little different on the printed page to me.

But I was the last person to go over the proofs. I accepted what I received from the editor and called it done.

Would I work with this editor again? Absolutely! He did a fantastic job. I loved his feedback on my work.

Will I go over the finals a little more carefully next time?

I’ll do my best, but I’m as human as my editor. Every now and again, something is going to slip through the cracks.

So, what is your opinion? Do you take responsibility for the oops, or do you rant and rave at the editor who let it slide past?

I decided to own up and say, yeah, I missed that one.

What about you?

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