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CommercialBavarlee Bernstein’s Let Me Tell Your Story web series on Facebook introduces a new author each week. He shares glimpses of new books each week at 8 pm Eastern time Saturday night.

If you missed episode #12, introducing Gambler’s Folly, you can still watch it. Just follow the link below to hear a bit of the first chapter as read by Bavarlee Bernstein.


And while you’re there, check out some of the other books he’s introduced. There are a lot of new authors out there with a story to tell. So go check them out at Let Me Tell Your Story.

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      a tardi….

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Yes, you read it correctly. I have signed a contract for Gambler’s Folly!  With any luck at all, the e-book will be out in July, followed by the print in November. I am so very excited! Hopefully the title will remain the same, but if not, that’s fine.

I’ll keep you posted on developments, so keep reading!


A tardi amici…..

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