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Or then again, maybe not. This is Georgia we’re talking about.

Let me explain. About a week ago, I built a fire in the living room to take off the chill. A few days before that, it had been up near 80F outside, so I had no firewood in. We all thought we were finished with the heat for the year. Just in case, I brought a little more wood up.

And then it turned warm. All right, not warm. HOT!

Three days ago we had two days of 80 degree weather again. Ir had rained, so outdoors was like a sauna. I turned on the AC not so much to cool down the house as to draw the humidity out of the air. Same thing the next day.

Yesterday the high was 63 with drizzle all day. Today may reach 70. I don’t know yet. But the humidity is once again terrible.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing some writing and some reading.

If you like murder mysteries, check out the Widow’s Island novellas. (I’ve been binge reading.)

On the home front, I’ve been writing an article about Gambler’s Folly and working on Tiger’s Tempest. My editor is working on Ben of Blackstone’s Forge.

Tiger’s Tempest?

Think Tiger shifters meeting on Gambler’s Folly. She’s a forensic photographer. He is president of the security division for his families pharmaceutical corporation and working with Interpol on counterfeit drugs. They hadn’t intended to get married when he offered to play tour guide for her skiing and photography trip to Crystal Mountains. It just sort of…well, happened.

And Ben of Blackstone’s Forge?

Ben’s family has a way with iron, which makes their trade as blacksmiths considerably easier. He’d always thought he and Deborah would marry, but when he left the village to finish his apprenticeship, something happened. Now she will scarcely speak to them. Both his father and hers are rather strongly suggesting they each need to find a partner, but the only woman he wants as his wife is Deborah. And because of what happened while Ben was away, Deborah has decided she will never marry. Until their fathers get together and come up with a solution.

Wish me luck. With this crazy weather and the hectic schedule I’ve had lately, I’ll need all the help I can get.

In the meantime, catch up on the Gambler’s Folly and the Esperance series. Both are available at Amazon and Smashwords, as well as most other online retailers.

Have a great weekend!

And as always,

Don’t Forget

…to Share The Romance…

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