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Black and whiteWhile technology can make things much easier, when things go wrong, look out! this has been the case with the cover for Viviane, First Lady. Due to some glitch between the original artist’s work and the cover artist for the publisher, we have been in delays for a couple weeks.

But I believe that is finally resolved. I should hear later today on the print schedule. So Viviane should soon be in your hands.

The second book of the Esperance Series, Viviane, First Lady picks up where Jareth, First Lord ends.

After her marriage to Jareth, First Lord of Clan Brannach, Viviane takes up the responsibilities and title of First Lady. But her most difficult task is learning to control her newly emerging talents, with psychic abilities as strong and varied as any first lord would have.

On top of that, her brother Carl demands his right to face his accusers at his trial for treason, a bad idea with Viviane’s out of control talents—talents enhanced by her emotions. And as emotional as she will be at the trial, it is anybody’s guess what will happen when the pressure in the court begins to rise.

But if her days of struggling for control are frustrating, her nights with Jareth are exhilarating as the two of them discover and explore the deeper levels of intimate pleasure possible between two talented people.

Viviane, First Lady—the story continues.

Watch http://www.facebook.com/VivianeFirstLady for details on the Release Day Party!


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