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CommercialThere’s a crispness in the air which is lacking in summer. Fallen leaves crunch underfoot on the sidewalk and there’s a subtle spicy-earthy scent in the air. Your nose tells you the man down the road has freshly mown hay and  autumn wild flowers are making an appearance.

Autumn breezes sweep around you on the bridge as you watch the flowing stream carry autumn leaves on a journey downstream. The quiet music of the wind in the trees is the perfect background for the setting.

It’s time to locate those sweaters and long sleeves you put away when summer came around. Jeans and corduroys are soon to be the favorites when cooler winter weather comes calling. And where are those boots you love to wear?

It’s almost time to light the first fire in the fireplace, bring in something lovely to drink, and curl up in front of the dancing light to read.

What are you reading this evening?

My editor has a new stand-alone book in hand which should be out late in October. So watch for Mistaken Identity, a fantasy romantic intrigue. Meet Krista and Michael as they seize the circumstances in which they find themselves and make it work.

And don’t forget Master of the Fleet, another stand-alone paranormal fantasy romance set in an alternate timeline. Richard LeMarnier, CEO and Master of the Fleet of LeMarnier shipping and Anne-Marie DesPlaines, the seamstress who has captured his heart have some major issues to sort through.

I’m working on the sequel to Viviane, First Lady–Connell, Heir of Belfort, Esperance Book 3. Never fear! I will answer those questions left hanging in Viviane, First Lady!

Enjoy your weekend and the cooler autumn weather. And find something good to read!

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