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I read a disturbing article earlier today. While this blog is usually about my novels and stories, I decided to take the time to address this issue.

We all go to doctors from time to time, Once in a while we need surgery. And when we do, we usually have recommendations from other medical professionals. But we, as custodians of our own bodies, need to do our own research, practice due diligence, to prevent drastic consequences from not having done so.

Case in point. A surgeon practicing in the state of Colorado made several medical mistakes as a neurosurgeon. After allowing her license to expire, she moved to Illinois, re-licensed and began to practice as a neurosurgeon.

As you may have deduced (no, we don’t guess, do we?), she began to make mistakes again. So, she moved to New York, completed a one-year neurointensive care fellowship at Mount Sinai, and is now caring for patients with neurosurgery or neurological problems. Alright, she’s not in the operating room any longer, but would you trust her, if you knew her background? (http://www.fark.com/go/7417101)

Prescriptions are another area for concern. Yes, they may be doctors and pharmacists, but they’re as human as the rest of us. Mistakes will happen. Always talk to your doctor about the medicines he prescribes for you. Make sure you understand what they are, what they’re for and what to watch out for.

Next, check with the pharmacist when you pick them up. Make sure that what you’ve been given is what was prescribed. Make sure this new medication will not conflict with anything else you take, or that it isn’t something  to which you’re allergic.

If you ever have any questions, don’t take anything until your questions are answered to your satisfaction.

The point I’m making here is that it is up to you to do the research. Will research help 100% of the time? Of course not. But it will tip the odds more in your favor. It’s your body; it’s your responsibility.

So where can we go for information about our medical professionals before they ‘oops’ and mess up our lives?

First, go to your state’s Medical Board.
To help you get started, here are some online resources for you.


To read the full article about the Colorado doctor, go to:

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