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Black and whiteIf you’re a writer, you spend hours, days, weeks and sometimes months on a project. After you have your rough draft down, you pour over your manuscript paragraph by paragraph, line by line, and yes, even word by word.

You tear each sentence apart to bring out the true essence of what you want to say. You check your spelling and grammar, while cursing spell check for inaccuracies. You hunt down every “its” and “it’s” to make sure you have them the right way around.

After you finish with the third, fourth, how ever many drafts you’ve done, you’re fairly certain your work cannot be improved. It is ready for submission

Where does an editor come into all this? 

As the author, you know your back story, so when you come to a portion of your story where this is important, you have no problem.

Your readers will. And that’s one reason you need an editor. They don’ t know the back story either. They’ll be as confused as your readers, only they can put a note in the margin and ask, “What were you thinking?”

The editor has no emotional bond to your story, while you have invested in every word. You can’t bear to cut any of it out. Your editor is a sadistic bitch who can’t wait to trim out the dead wood. You won’t see those repeating words and phrases that will drive your readers crazy. To your editor, they are like neon signs flashing in the night.

You may have a beautiful, wondrous, and magical story to tell, but I can guarantee that if you let an editor help you, it will be even more fantastic. You’ve done your job. You’ve written the story, but you are blind to some of the problems it contains. Let your editor do the job they’re good at now–putting the spit and polish on it.

Who needs an editor? Anyone who writes. Yes, I know it’s your baby, born of your blood, sweat, and tears. You will probably cringe when you see all that red ink bleeding down the page. But if you’re honest, you’ll realize that what was once a good book is now a great one, thanks to your editor.

Your publisher will appreciate the fact that someone has gone over it before it went to their in-house editor. They will probably make a few changes even at this stage, but their work will be easier and your book will make it to print faster once they have it.

Especially if you’re self-publishing, have a professional look at your work. Even if you only send them part of it so you can see what sort of corrections they would make, it can be a big help.

If  you’re writing a college paper, a book of poetry, non-fiction, anything at all, an editor would help. Trust me. I didn’t want anyone to touch what I’d written, but I’m glad I changed my mind. Having an editor go over that first manuscript taught me a lot.

There are many editing services out there. You can look them up online or in the back of any writer’s magazine. I use RuleBreaker Editing. I can hear the deep, dark, ominous chuckle every time she gets a new manuscript from me and it makes me cringe. I know she will turn it red, but it’s getting better. I’m beginning to catch mistakes before she does, at last part of the time.

Editors. Who needs them?

Every writer ever born. 

Mellie E. Miller

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Here’s a little ditty I sent to my editor the other day, RuleBreaker Editing. It had been a day….

Red Ink

“You’ve been writing in that corner now from dusk until dawn.
You know you’re getting tired as you stifle that yawn.
But the story’s almost perfect, at least that’s what you think.
What it really needs to do now is to bleed some red ink.”
Mellie Miller

July 9, 2014

Love you Rulebreaker!

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Black and whiteAaaarrrgggghhh! You can’t do that! Not to my baby!” she cries.

That would be me or any other author out there who’s just seen the red ink all over their newly edited manuscript.

If you’re self publishing, I want you to give serious thought to hiring an editor to look over your work. Not because your story isn’t a great read, but because an editor can take that great read and make it sparkle. Your tension draws the readers in, but your editor can make the air crackle from the electricity in the air.

Yes, as an author, it is hard to send your newborn book to someone who will pull out a sharp knife and slice into it, amputating some parts and modifying others. And when you look over the manuscript initially, your heart will want to bleed red ink in sympathy.

But once you get past the shock and horror and begin to read your book with the edits in place, you’ll understand the difference between a good story and a great one.

If you’re like me, you get stuck in certain word patterns or using particular modifiers. You’ll catch some of them as you do your own editing, but not all. After all, you wrote these words and sometimes it’s difficult to read the story as your audience will.

Or you’ll write something, feeling certain your audience will understand the reference, without realizing you forgot to fill them in on this bit of back story.

Your editor will catch this and go, “Where the hell did this come from?” Maybe not in so many words, but they’ll make a note of it and ask for clarification.

I’ve worked with the  Dawn Miller of RuleBreaker Editing for quite a while now. She’s edited all of my books, as well as documents for my husband. Gambler’s Folly wouldn’t be the story it is without her.

Neither would Jareth: First Lord, do to be re-released in August.

And you know she’s going through Viviane: First Lady right now, so I can send it to my publisher, FreedomInk365,  later this year.

If you’re a first time author, especially if you’re self-publishing, get yourself an editor. Some of them have discounts for new authors. Others, like RuleBreaker Editing,  will edit your first chapter for you for free, so you can see what they can do for you.

Yes, you’ll want to cry that first time. Yes, your manuscript will bleed red ink. But you’ll both get over it.

Editors. Those people we love to hate, but who make such a difference in the end.

Check it out!


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Yes, there’s a new kid in town, ready to take the world by storm. It’s RuleBreaker Editing, offering several levels of editing for all you writers out there.

Mel and Gambler's FollyThe lady who started RuleBreaker has been editing documents and manuscripts for my husband and me for years. An author herself, she finally decided she really loved editing, was good at it, and took the plunge.

So whatever your writing style, whether fiction or non-fiction, novel or article writing, check out RuleBreaker Editing. She’s good, in a swashbuckling, cut-out-the crap kind of way.

Your manuscript will thank you, though your writer’s heart may bleed red ink for a while. Trust me. It’s for your own good.

So do your publisher a favor. See RuleBreaker Editing first, before you send off that manuscript.

You’ll be glad you did.



Ciao amici miei!


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