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Black and whiteOK, does anyone else out there pick up accents faster than white cat hair on black dress pants? An Englishman by the name of Alastair Cameron, of ProAudio Books, is narrating Jareth, First Lord to be released as an audio book. He’s using a delightful Scottish brogue for the main characters, since it’s sort of a highland romance. Of course, I have to listen through each chapter as he uploads them to check for mistakes. Like that’s really a chore… (I love his Jareth voice!)

I talked to our daughter, Dawn, on the phone today. First thing she said was, “You’ve been listening to Jareth, haven’t you?”

Ah well, who can resist a highland lord with psychic talents?

Watch for Jareth, First Lord, in audio, near the end of March. It’ll be on Amazon and Audible. If you want to know how I hear Jareth and Viviane, grab your copy!

For the paperback or e-book:


Jareth Cover art _web.small

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