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Black and whiteYes! We have a cover, though it has taken its own sweet time about it… Ah well, as long as it all comes right in the end…

So, be ready Wednesday. The cover for Morgan–The Pixie and the Green man will go up on Facebook Wednesday morning, on my Esperance Series page.


With any luck, the book will be released later in the week. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Anyway, thanks so much to all my readers out there. Hope you enjoy this latest story from Esperance!


slaying-demonsMorgan is resigned to living alone after her abusive father and recent attempted rape in Clan Brannach. However, she hadn’t counted on James Ferguson’s green eyes, devil-may-care attitude, or his adorable dimples.

When he went to her rescue, James fell in love with this tiny young woman, with hair of midnight and eyes like the sea. Biding his time, he gave her a chance to heal before approaching her.

How can he win the heart of the woman he loves when she won’t even accept an invitation for tea? And if she does become interested, can she accept those things which set his family apart?

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I know. I said that the last time. But this time it’s true! We’ve had some difficulty with the cover art…

Don’t ask.

But it is with the cover design artist now, being readied for the cover reveal and for publication.

Whoever said the devil is in the details wasn’t joking.

So watch for Morgan–The Pixie and the Green Man, (Esperance Book 3).

Also, keep your eyes open for Dante’s Angel (Gambler’s Folly Book 2). It is finished, been through two edits and is awaiting the next edit before I send it off to Bookstrand. and more edits…

You can find more information on Facebook:



These two pages bring you news from the two series I have going. I have plans for at least two more books in Esperance and three more in Gambler’s Folly.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!



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