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CommercialNow that the Pixie and the Green Man is with the editor, I’ve turned back to a story I started earlier and set aside. I love the story, but I had some issues with it. And I have trouble seeing how to fix something when I’m too close to it.

Master of the Fleet is a stand-alone story set in an alternate timeline of America. Think of a United States in which the French had much more influence. Now divide the continent into kingdoms and baronies instead of states.

Richard, our male protagonist, owns a highly successful merchant fleet on the west coast. Very tall, sun-streaked blond and with piercing blue eyes, he was one of the most eligible bachelors on the Côte. Though he was in his late thirties, he’d never found the woman he wanted for his wife, until he met Anne-Marie.

Anne-Marie is a woman with a secret past. Though she seems to be a lady of society, it is only a part she plays—to perfection. When she meets Richard at a party, he becomes one more mark for her to claim.

Right up until she tries to stab him during the baron’s banquet during the fall festival and ends up bound to Richard by a blood oath and marriage vows.

Watch for Master of the Fleet, another paranormal fantasy romance by yours truly,

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