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Black and whiteNow that Jareth, First Lord and Viviane, First lady are available in audio, what’s next for yours truly and Esperance?

Morgan–The Pixie and the Green Man

I loved the character of Morgan so much in the first book, I decided to give her a story of her own. And, of course, we need to meet the man who wins her heart, James Ferguson. He was one of the men who came to her rescue when she was attacked by Ian McConnaugh in Jareth, First Lord.

What do we know about Morgan?

“She had a beautiful smile, when she could be coaxed into it. Her straight black hair was cut to about chin length and drew attention to her face, with its cute upturned nose and dazzling eyes. When she was happy, those eyes were an intense shade of blue. But when upset or angry, her eyes became the gray of a loch on a cloudy day.

“There was an energy around her which was nearly visible. It was like diamond dust dancing in a sunbeam. He thought it was this energy that drew him to her. She was so small, though, not even reaching his shoulder, like a tiny, raven-haired pixie with blue-gray eyes.”

What about James?

He’s very tall, with sun-streaked sandy brown hair, bright green eyes that twinkle with mischief, and dimples. His family owns the lumberyard in town, not far from the market where Morgan works. He makes a good living from the family business, which he will inherit. And like all the Fergusons, he has a way with wood.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I could never do gymnastics. The closest I come to that is dancing. And I have two left feet.”

“Two left feet? Don’t be silly,” she said, her eyes deepening into a beautiful shade of blue.

“Really. Let me show you.” He reached for her right hand with his left and swung around to face her. “How about a waltz?”

Morgan’s mouth opened as she stared at him, but it was too late. He had already begun their dance past the restaurant.

“James! We can’t dance down the pavement,” she said in amazement, though following his lead.

“Why not? There’s no law against it.”

“No, but everyone is watching. What will people think?”

“That we’re happy?”

“That we’re insane!”

“Same thing,” he countered.

With the market once again in view, he twirled her away from him and back to his side. With a comical bow, he added, “As milady wishes. A nice, dignified stroll to take the air.”

Standing straight, shoulders back, and with a most serious look on his face, he altered his pace to match his statement.

“You are incorrigible.”

“So I’m told. Frequently,” he added. “But it did make you smile.”

“Well, maybe.”

“Ah. There it is again, the illusive creature. You should let it out more often, before it dies from lack of attention.”

“Are you ever serious?” she asked.

“Only when it is absolutely necessary. And here we are, back at the market.”

So watch for Book 3 in the Esperance Series–Morgan–The Pixie and the Green Man. If you liked Jareth and Viviane, you’ll love Morgan and James!

Until later…

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Morgan Coming Soon

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Story Hour

Black and whiteRemember when you were a little kid and your parents would read you a bedtime story? It was one of my favorite times of the day. I would snuggle down next to mom or dad, close my eyes and let my imagination fill in the blanks–the smell of the leaves, the way the rain felt as it trickled down my body, the feel of the wind in my hair–as the characters came alive.

I’ve recaptured that feeling! I’ve discovered Audible audio books. Now don’t get me wrong. I still love to read the old-fashioned way, turning the pages and smelling the ink from a new book.  But sometimes, listening to a story is fun and relaxing.

As a treat for you, Jareth, First Lord and Viviane, First Lady are both available in audio from Audible or through Amazon. Alastair Cameron, the narrator, has given each of the characters a unique voice, and I admit to falling in love with Jareth and his Scottish brogue… (sigh)

Anyway, enough daydreaming.

If you don’t have an Audible account, you can get Jareth, First Lord free if you sign up. You can cancel at any time, so if you decide it’s not for you, you’re not out anything.

Want to hear a snippet before you decide? Go to the page and click on Audible Sample to listen to Alastair’s narration.

So if you loved story time as a child, try it as an adult.

Go ahead. You can try it for free!

Already have an Audible account, but not sure about Jareth or Viviane? Message me on Facebook. I have a few promo codes  for a free copy of either one. So you can still give them a try for free!

Jareth, First Lord and Viviane, First Lady. Books 1 and 2 of the Esperance Series.

Fantasy Romance on a distant highland world.

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Jareth, First Lord:   https://amzn.com/B01BU5TGDK

Viviane, First Lady:  https://amzn.com/B01H2JI2U6


Jareth Cover for ACX Final smallViviane Cover art for ACX

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