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CommercialWhat are you reading this evening? Are you in the mood for a little romance?

If you’ve been waiting to buy Jareth, First Lord or Viviane, First Lady, Books 1 & 2 of the Esperance series, head on over to Amazon now! Both books are available for Kindle for a mere $.99 for a limited time.

So don’t wait. Do it now! Discover the world of Esperance, a rugged highland world ruled by psychic clan lords. Meet Jareth, First Lord of Clan Brannach and the lady he hopes to make his own, Viviane of Clan Belfort.

Join them in their turbulent courtship and in their exploration of the psychic talents they posses.

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Looking for a little romance? Someplace far away, up in the highlands of a distant world, in a clan ruled by a strong psychic lord and his fiery-tempered lady ?

Esperance–the Series!

Jareth, First Lord–Book 1

Viviane, First Lady–Book 2

Viviane, First Lady.

Fantasy Romance by Mellie Miller!





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Black and whiteWith books 1 and 2 of the Esperance series available, I’ll be working on book 3 soon.

Book 1 is Jareth, First Lord. The story of Jareth and Viviane begins here with their meeting in Clan Belfort. Both alone after having lost their mates, can they open their hearts again to love?

Book 2, Viviane, First Lady continues the story, with Viviane struggling to gain control over psychic talents which have suddenly blossomed. Required to travel back to Clan Belfort for her brother’s trial for treason, can she gain enough control to help spring a trap? Or will her control betray her?

Check out the little video below!


Esperance–Fantasy romance on a distant highland world.

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CommercialYou’re looking through all the books on Amazon, or Books-a-Million, trying to decide. There’s a book you’d really like to try, but you’re unfamiliar with the author. Do you really want to spend $15 on something you might not like?

You check again. No, it’s only available in print. Darn! It really looks like something you’d enjoy. But, alas, you’ve been burned before.

You move on.

I know the feeling. There are so many books and authors out there, how can you decide? With the cost of print these days, you don’t want to spend the money unless you’re at least fairly certain this book is something you’ll enjoy.

Well, your wait is over! If you’ve put off buying Jareth, First Lord or Viviane, First Lady–Esperance Books 1 & 2–your wait is over.

Both books are now at Amazon for Kindle for $3.99. Paperback copies are also available.

Still too  much? Watch for sales this month!



I also have two new books being honed by my editor, RuleBreaker Editing. Watch for their release later this year!

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