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Black and whiteViviane, First Lady has been out for a couple months now and is doing well. So what is next?

RuleBreaker Enterprises has my latest draft of Mistaken Identity, a stand alone fantasy intrigue with a good dose of romance thrown in. In this story, you’ll meet Michael and Krista, our couple to be, out in a star system where two worlds circle the same sun. And they don’t get along.

I expect to be swimming in red ink here in a little while.

Just to keep myself entertained–like I really need help in that department–my current work-in-progress is another Fantasy Romance with paranormal elements I call Master of the Fleet. Set in an alternate timeline of America in the very early 1900’s, Richard LeMarnier owns a merchant fleet. As Master of the Fleet, he has control over the elements of wind and water. And what surprises does his adored, Anne-Marie hold for us?

Sorry. This one hasn’t even gone to the editor yet.

In the meantime, while you wait for these to hit the bookstores, check out

Jareth First Lord,

Viviane First Lady

and Gambler’s Folly.

All are available at these locations.




Go on! Everyone needs a little romance…

Ciao everyone!

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Jareth Cover art final


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