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Black and whiteWell, look no further! With the release of Viviane, First Lady, I have three novels out there for you to try.

Gambler’s FollyFuturistic, paranormal, mainstream romance. M/F

He is Damiano, rich, handsome and one of the most powerful and feared of the underworld leaders.

She is Karianna, a woman on vacation.

He wins possession of her on the turn of one hand of cards. Now that he’s won her, can her win her heart as well?



Jareth, First Lord–Mainstream Fantasy Romance, M/F

He is Jareth, the First Lord clan Brannach. Widowed for two years, he must find someone who can give him an heir. During a dispute with a neighboring First Lord, he meets the woman of his dreams.

She is Viviane, the daughter of a First Lord, but after marrying a commoner, wants no part of the first family constraints. When her husband is killed in an accident, it seems she will have to move back to the family seat, until Jareth rides into town and carries her off.

Can Jareth win her heart before they start a clan war?


Viviane, First Lady–Mainstream Fantasy Romance

Now that she has settled in Clan Brannach and unbidden psychic talents begin to emerge, Viviane struggles to control her talents before they become a threat to everyone around her.

But though she is frustrated in her training, her nights with Jareth are exhilarating as the two of them explore the exquisite pleasure two talented people can experience.


For more information on any of these books, visit the Mellie’s Romance Novels page.

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CommercialYes, Viviane First Lady is now in print! I got my box of author’s copies and pre-orders today. Now as soon as the bookmarks get here, the pre-orders can go out.

What is Viviane about? 

This sequel to Jareth, First Lord picks up right after the wedding, with Jareth explaining to Viviane about the talents she has inherited from her father. And that she has to get some training before they cause problems.

But training as an adult is not an easy task and she struggles to gain the control she so badly wants and needs. Especially after they are told that she will be required to travel back to Clan Belfort for her brother’s trial for treason. Jareth had wanted to keep her away from the emotional turmoil of the trial, since the talents are tied in with emotions. And when Viviane becomes emotional, there’s just no telling what will happen.

If her days of striving for control are frustrating, her nights with Jareth are exhilarating, as they discover and explore the deeper intimacy possible for those who are talented. With the talents they both have, the earth really can move.

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Viviane, First Ladythe story continues.

Mainstream sensual, M/F, paranormal (psychic abilities)


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