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Black and whiteWhat party? The Release Day Party for Viviane First Lady! Yes, Viviane is now available on Amazon! And the party is in full swing on Facebook.

This is the sequel to Jareth, First Lord, released last year through FreedomInk365. A highland world ruled by psychic lords, read the story of Jareth and Viviane!


So come along and join the fun! And don’t forget to order your copy.

Viviane, First Lady–the story continues!

Viviane Bookmark

Jareth bookmark

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Black and whiteWhile technology can make things much easier, when things go wrong, look out! this has been the case with the cover for Viviane, First Lady. Due to some glitch between the original artist’s work and the cover artist for the publisher, we have been in delays for a couple weeks.

But I believe that is finally resolved. I should hear later today on the print schedule. So Viviane should soon be in your hands.

The second book of the Esperance Series, Viviane, First Lady picks up where Jareth, First Lord ends.

After her marriage to Jareth, First Lord of Clan Brannach, Viviane takes up the responsibilities and title of First Lady. But her most difficult task is learning to control her newly emerging talents, with psychic abilities as strong and varied as any first lord would have.

On top of that, her brother Carl demands his right to face his accusers at his trial for treason, a bad idea with Viviane’s out of control talents—talents enhanced by her emotions. And as emotional as she will be at the trial, it is anybody’s guess what will happen when the pressure in the court begins to rise.

But if her days of struggling for control are frustrating, her nights with Jareth are exhilarating as the two of them discover and explore the deeper levels of intimate pleasure possible between two talented people.

Viviane, First Lady—the story continues.

Watch http://www.facebook.com/VivianeFirstLady for details on the Release Day Party!


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Author Dawn Miller talks to Cyrus Webb about the book telling of her 10 years of abuse and neglect–Darkness Before the Dawn

Author Dawn Miller discusses DARKNESS BEFORE THE DAWN on #ConversationsLIVE 03/17 by Breakfast With Books | Books Podcasts.

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Black and whiteYes, the release is just around the corner! So watch for the Release Party to be announced.

Also, bookmarks featuring the cover art for both Jareth, First Lord and Viviane First Lady will be available through the publisher after the release. I’ll let you know when and where they will be available. I just got the images from the publisher today. Take a look and see what you think!

It seems the sizing is a little off down below. I’m sure the printers will fix it for the real thing!

Viviane Bookmark

Jareth bookmark

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Black and whiteHow many times have you heard it? Which is better, actor A or actor B, writer C or writer D? It seems anytime there is talk of one actor, author, director, playwright–whatever–someone asks the question.

Why do we have this need to compete with each other? Or in this case, the need to force a competitive attitude between followers? There is plenty of room for everyone.

Our family did an experiment one time. There is a particular song that we had on a CD that my husband loved. Because of the title, he thought there must be a story behind it, so he asked the three ladies of the family–me, and daughters Katherine and Dawn–all writers, to write our story of the composition.

And we did.

Were the stories interesting? Fascinating? Well written?


Were they the same story?


Were they all good stories?


My story and Dawn’s stories followed a similar theme, but were quite different in style and conclusion. Katherine’s story took a completely different path- one that I would never have imagined.

Was it a good story! I loved it, partly because I could never have conceived it. Would I read it again? Certainly!

What did we learn from this? That not everyone sees the same story from the same inspiration, but that all the stories have merit. They were equal in quality while being different in most other ways.

There are thousands of authors, playwrights, directors, actors–you name it–out there and many of them are tremendously talented. So trying to say this one is better than that one is personal opinion. No two of them are going to be best in every area, but they can both be leaders in their field.

Give two different authors an idea for a book and have them write from that idea. The two books will be completely different, even if they both write the same genre. Once those books have been edited and rewrites finished, you’ll have two different books, both of which will be fantastic, but different.

Which will be better? That’s a matter of personal opinion. It’s can’t be quantified. I like both Ellis Peters and Dorothy Sayers. Which one is better? I couldn’t say. It depends on what I want to read at the time.

Let’s stop forcing competition where there is no need. The marketplace is hazardous enough without complicating matters. Wouldn’t it be better if we were to encourage each other to do our best?

The world deserves out best effort. Let’s give each other a hand!

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