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CommercialM2 Studios and Jeremiah Morgan have done it again! It’s beautiful guys! A million thanks for all your work.

Have you ordered your copy yet? If not, head on over to the event page and reserve your copy. Included in the event are an autographed copy of Viviane First Lady and a double-sided bookmark featuring the cover art for both Esperance books.


Take a look!  The event closes tomorrow at 9 pm, so hurry before it’s gone!

For news of future releases check back here:


Esperance2_webJareth Cover art final

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CommercialFor what you ask? To pre-order your autographed copy of Viviane, First Lady and get your double-sided bookmark featuring Viviane, First Lady on one side and Jareth, First lord on the other!

Sequel to Jareth, First Lord, Viviane, First Lady continues the story. Now married to Jareth, Viviane struggles to control her newly emerging psychic abilities during the day, while she and Jareth explore the deeper intimacies possible between two psychically talented lovers at night.

Have you read Jareth, First Lord? Then you should order the sequel! Just click on the title–Viviane, First Lady.


If you haven’t Jareth is available here!


The event ends Saturday, February 28 at 9 pm eastern time. Don’t miss it!

Jareth Cover art final

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CEO at FreedomInk Publishing

FreedomInk Publishing proudly presents Dawn Miller​’s debut title… Darkness Before the Dawn.

Born under the light of the rising sun, I was named after the beauty of the new day. Later to be given the moniker of Desert Rose, it all fit together. Born as the sun rose over the desert, a place that only comes to life after the storms, at a time of day that is most beautiful, only after the darkest hours. This is me. For my life became the darkness of abuse, neglect, the total removal of all that was light in my life; the end only coming as the strength and beauty of the light returned, removing the darkness that engulfed the hours before the dawn. {Keep scrolling to read my review}

DarknessBeforeTheDawn banner 2014

*My review: I gotta tell you. This book ain’t no easy read. Great writing pulls you in, holds you captive and renders you…

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Black and whiteYes, it’s that time. Going through the proofs, giving everything the stamp of approval before we go to press.

I’m going cross-eyed…

For the latest news on the book and the pre-release event, check out the event page on Facebook. There’s a new excerpt up! Don’t forget to join for your chance to win the giveaway next Friday and to pre-order your autographed copy of Viviane, First Lady!


Stormy castle

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CommercialYes, you read it correctly! Next Friday we are having a giveaway as part of the Viviane, First Lady Pre-Sale Event.

But you have to join the event to be entered in the giveaway!

So go on over and join us, and then mosey on over, Like and Share the book page for Viviane, First Lady.

Stone arch and green hillshttps://www.facebook.com/events/1606446916267862

Stormy castle


Don’t Forget—-

—to Share the Romance….

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Black and whiteYes, it is a very chilly day down here near Atlanta. I think it has finally reached 30 degrees outside this morning. And it’s 11 am!

So, now that Viviane First Lady is in pre-sale, what am I working on?

A new novel in the raw is with my editor now. A stand alone book, not of the Esperance series, Mistaken Identity is a romantic intrigue. Krista Carlisle is a music teacher, though she’s had some military and martial arts training. But because of that training she is mistaken for something she’s not during a military strike in her home town.

Taken to their sister world, imprisoned and interrogated, they finally have to agree that she isn’t what they thought she was. Now destined to remain on this world in servitude for life, she thinks only of a way to escape.

But Commander Romanov has other plans which will make use of all that hand-to-hand training she’s had,as well as her knowledge of her home world and her ease with the social graces. Those he’s used before in this particular venture had two strikes against them. They knew virtually nothing about their sister world and they couldn’t mingle with society’s upper crust without looking out of place.

Krista could, if he can convince her to work with him for the sake of both worlds.

So, as this book goes under the knife, my other WIP is set in an alternate timeline of the American Northwest where those with sufficient ability learn to control the elements of their birth month and year to shape the world around them. Master of the Fleet is a paranormal fantasy romance–if I can shape its elements to a close…

Viviane First Lady is available for pre-order at:


For my other books, go to:  http://www.amazon.com/Mellie-Miller/e/B00954K2C8

Jareth Cover art final

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Stone arch and green hillsYes, the presale is up and running! Viviane, First Lady will be out in March, but you can pre-order your copy today!

From FreedomInk365:

“From the Author of Jareth, First Lord, Mellie Miller delivers another amazing book! The romantic, fantastical, futuristic, historical, paranormal saga continues in the literary sequel, Viviane, First Lady.”
Picking up the story after the wedding, we continue the tale of Jareth and Viviane on the world called Esperance. With her new talents emerging, Viviane struggles to bring them under her control, even as her brother’s trial grows nearer.
Viviane, First Lady. The saga continues.

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