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Black and whiteJust got the new press release for Jareth, First Lord! Tell me what you think.

Got the final edits back from RuleBreaker Editing today for Viviane, First Lady. Now they’re off to the publisher. Cover art should be ready within 2 weeks, so once we’ve got that we can set a final release date for Viviane.

Jareth, First Lord

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Jareth Press Release

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Black and whiteYes, the sequel to Jareth, First Lord will be coming up this spring. Continuing the story of Jareth and Viviane, we read more of Viviane and of her struggles with new and previously unknown talents.

Here’s a quick excerpt!

Jareth gazed at Viviane over a cup of tea. She felt he had something on his mind, but wasn’t sure how to start.

“Okay, what is it then?” she asked. “It couldn’t be anything too awful or you wouldn’t have to think so much about it.”

“It’s something your father and I talked about when he was here for the wedding,” Jareth answered. “He noticed something about you which hadn’t been obvious to him before. He felt it was important enough to speak with me privately.”

“Something about me?” She wasn’t sure whether to be angry, insulted, or amused by this. “What could he possibly have noticed after all this time?”

“Let me begin from a different direction.” Jareth began. “What do you know about the specialties of First Lords and the ruling houses that sets them apart?”

Viviane thoughtfully sipped her tea. She’d never given it much thought. The First Lords were just First Lords. The leadership was hereditary, descending from father to firstborn son, or on rare occasions, daughter.

“I know we were brought out of the Times of Confusion by the ancestors of our current First Lords. They were the strongest families and leaders of the time and were able to unite those around them to form the clans. The clans bear the names of the first families and the lineage is traceable back to the very first lords.”

“Yes, but what gave them their strength?” he asked. “How, after all that time in confusion and anarchy, were they able to bring the people together and enforce some order?

Viviane pondered the question for a minute before answering.

“Well, I’ve heard rumors about some sort of mental ability they’re supposed to have, but I always thought it was a myth. Some of us used to make fun of it when we were children, pretending we could influence people with the power of the mind.  I never thought there was anything to it. I kind of figured if they had some kind of ability, my father and Carl wouldn’t have so much trouble keeping track of me. I could get by with nearly anything I wanted to. I would disappear for hours, hiding until I wanted to be found. It drove my father insane.”

Jareth laughed at this picture. Viviane supposed it was rather humorous, making fun of the First Lord and doing her best to mock the traditions of the family. It would probably come back to haunt her.

Check back here for news about Viviane and other releases. Or go to my Facebook page for excerpts and information.


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Black and whiteWith the re-release of Jareth, First Lord last fall, and the anticipated release of the sequel, Viviane, First Lady this spring, what else is in the works?

One of my very first attempts has been re-edited, re-written and sent off to RuleBreaker Editing for a first edit.


Mistaken for off duty Special Forces, Krista is captured and taken back to their sister and rival planet for interrogation. When it is discovered that she can’t give them any information, she is relegated to slave status, never to see her home world again.

But the commander of the facility, Michael Romanoff, has a plan with her at its center. A plan to infiltrate the organization fueling the fires of their interplanetary troubles and cut the rot out at its core. If he can gain her co-operation….

And lest you think I’m being lazy, I’m currently finishing the first draft of another novel, Master of the Fleet.

He is Lord Sir Richard LeMarnier, inhabiting an alternate timeline in North America. Well over six feet tall, tanned from weeks on the high seas, blond hair bleached by the sun and sea, his blue eyes are intense. His command over the elements wind and water is among the best in the world.

She is Anne-Marie, seamstress and socialite on the Côte. Her dark hair and nut-brown skin bring out the jade green of her eyes. She is attracted to Richard, but isn’t interested in marriage. Men are for using, not for keeps and Richard is one of the wealthiest men she’s met.

Unfortunately for her, that extra glass or two of wine loosened her tongue and her temper as she finds herself bound to Richard by an oath of loyalty, a blood oath and marriage vows.

How can she get out of this predicament, or use it to her advantage? There may be more to this relationship than it initially appears.

And what can Richard do, now married to a woman who will never love him?

Don’t worry. I have a few more on the back burner, just waiting their turns.

For news, details and excerpts, go over and Like my Facebook page!


Ciao for now! Happy reading!

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