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Yes, iBlack and whitet’s here! We now have the cover art for the new Jareth, First Lord. And it’s stunning. Thank you M2 Studios and Jeremy Morgan!

We still have a little time before the print books arrive, so there is still time to pre-order Jareth, First Lord. After all, you should read Book 1 of the Esperance Series before Book 2 comes out in the spring, right?

So, here is the long awaited cover! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Jareth Cover art final

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Black and whiteIn Jareth, First Lord, we enter a world ruled by families with psychic abilities. While there are people among the general population with minor abilities, usually limited to one talent, the rulers have multiple talents.

If you could choose one psychic ability, what would it be? Would you choose mental telepathy so you could communicate without speaking? How about teleportation, the ability to move yourself to a different location with the power of your mind?

Maybe you’d rather have telekinesis, the ability to move objects around without physically touching them. I think that could be rather a lot of fun at times…

Or those of you who would love to help others through illness or injury might choose to be a healer, someone who could tap into the energy of the universe and channel it to make others whole again.

I know some people who could use empathy. This is the ability to feel and match the emotions of others. Seems like a wonderful talent for a counselor to have. Perhaps a trained empath could match emotions with someone needing help, and then modify them. Sort of like a hands on psychiatrist–treatment without drugs.

So what would you choose? And why would you choose it?

Have you ordered your copy of Jareth, First Lord? 


For news about Jareth, First Lord and future releases:



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A tiny sneak preview video for Jareth, First Lord. Coming soon from FreedomInk365. Pre-order is still available and all pre-orders come with an autographed copy of the print book, an eBook, and  Redd’s button with the cover art.

The pre-sale event will end Monday, Sept. 22, so order your copy today!

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Jareth, First Lord.

Here is a teaser video for new release of my novel, Jareth, First Lord. The Pre-sale Event has been extended to September 22. So take advantage and order your copy now! Pre-orders receive an autographed copy, an eBook of Jareth, First Lord, and a Redd’s button with the cover art!

Cover reveal soon!



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Changing the worldOnly two days for what? To pre-order Jareth, First Lord and receive your pre-order perks! The Pre-Sale Event is on Facebook.

What perks? A signed copy of Jareth, First Lord, along with a copy of the eBook and a Redd’s button with the cover art.

Where can you find it? 


Or go directly to the publisher!


But hurry! The event ends Monday, September 15, at 3:00 pm Eastern Time.

Jareth, First Lord. Coming soon from Mellie Miller and FreedomInk365!

Don’t miss it!

Jareth, First LordAs the powerful, psychically gifted First Lord of Clan Brannach, Jareth rides to demand payments and penalties from a neighboring clan, not knowing he will meet the woman he must make his First Lady.

Viviane, a young widow, struggles to survive on her own rather than go back to her father’s house, her father being First Lord of Clan Belfort. As the youngest in the family, she won’t go back to the constraints of the ruling house. When Jareth arrives to meet with her father, she leaves her future in the hands of chance and presents herself with the other marriageable women in the Choosing, keeping her lineage a secret. Imagine her dismay when they arrive back in his clan to find Lord Jareth has chosen her for his own!

With one year to decide whether she will accept his proposal, their stormy courtship begins, as he seeks to win her heart and she looks for a way to stay free from another ruling house.


See you there!

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Black and whiteAt least according to the book review by Katandra Jackson, CEO of FreedomInk365 Publishing.

“This book is smoking hot in an unexpected, underworld kinda way. I didn’t have to read several chapters in before I became totally engrossed. The Author’s engaging style captivated me before the 1st paragraph was done. Gambler’s Folly is a page turner, a bestseller, a literary Hidden Gem at its finest! I can’t wait to read the next book by Mellie Miller.”

Wait no longer, Katandra!

This month will see the release of Jareth, First Lord, the first book in a trilogy set on the world, Esperance. Written in the style of a historical romance, this book is set on another world far in the future. A world which was abandoned by Earth and left to survive on its own or die.

Brought back from the brink of self-destruction by the powerfully psychic ancestors of the first lords, Esperance is divided into clans, ruled by these very families. Now, nearly two hundred years after the event, we come down to Clan Brannach, ruled by Jareth, First Lord, one of the most powerful warrior lords on Esperance.

Secure your copy here and get a signed copy of Jareth, First Lord and a Redd’s button featuring the cover art.

You can follow me on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/MeleighsCreations

Jareth, First Lord is available at:



For Gambler’s Folly:



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