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Hello to everyone out there. Hope your summer has started out wonderfully.  I think summer has officially arrived in Georgia.

But I need you to help me out. I’m trying to boost my Facebook page, Meleigh’s Creations, which is all about my writing.

If you like this blog, please go and like my Facebook page as well. Check back there for more frequent updates on my books, my summer, and what’s happening in my writing world.


The 100th Like will receive a free copy of Gambler’s Folly, signed by the author.

Have a great summer!


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Black and whiteAh! Summertime! Yes, it’s that time of year again. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and the kids are out of school.

It’s time to pick up a book in the evening and let your imagination run wild in whatever story or world you choose.I remember waiting impatiently for the Bookmobile in the summer, so I could take back that armful of books from last week and grab another to get me through the coming days. Mysteries, romance, adventure–wherever my spirit wanted to go.

Reading is Retro Summer Challenge! This is the third year FreedomInk365 Pulishing has hosted this event. It officially begins on June 21, the first day of summer.

What is it all about? The challenge is to read 10 books in 13 weeks. One book will be a group read, the rest are your choice.

How do you sign up for the challenge? Easy! Go to the event page on Facebook and join the event. While you’re there suggest a title, tell us what you’re planning to read and share the event with your friends.


Let’s bring summer reading back. With all the rush today, let’s slow down just a little, grab a glass of sweet tea, settle comfortably in that favorite chair, pick out a book and be swept away.

Reading is Retro Summer Challenge.

Come join us. Don’t know what to read? Check out FreedomInk365!


Or, if you like romance with a little spice, check out Gambler’s Folly.


It doesn’t matter what you pick up, as long as you’re reading.

Ciao amici miei! Happy summer!

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Mel and Gambler's FollyYes, there’s a new kid on the block in the editing world–RuleBreaker Editing. This lady has edited all of my novels, including Gambler’s Folly,  and one non-fiction book. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

And she’s finally decided to offer her talents to the rest of the writing world. She can help you on several different levels, from basic spelling and grammar to line by line editing.

She can be tough, but she will help you whip that book into shape before you send it off for submission.

So if you’re a new author, or an indie author, or someone looking for a different approach, check out RuleBreaker Editing.


I have one of my books with her right now–Viviane: First Lady, the sequel to Jareth: First Lord. I’m sure she’ll catch all those weird little things I’ve missed and help make it the book it should be.

RuleBreaker Editing! Check it out!

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Black and whiteYes, the re-release of Jareth: First Lord by FreedomInk Publishing is getting closer. Newly edited with added chapters Jareth is more compelling than before.

And with a bit of luck, the sequel, Viviane: First lady, will be out later this year, too.

Jareth: First Lord is M/F  mainstream fantasy romance, with a hint of the paranormal, on a world far in the future. I like to call it a future historical, as it combines elements of the highlands on a colony world left to swing in the breeze by mother earth.

And who is our protagonist? Jareth of course!

“A group of horses wheeled around the far corner under the standard of Clan Brannach. Clouds of steam rose from their bodies and breath as they champed at their bits. As they moved closer the armed men mounted on the huge beasts became visible. First Lord Jareth suddenly drew his huge bay stallion to a halt in the middle of the square. With a harsh, angry glare, his glance swept the area as if searching, with his eyes penetrating every nook and cranny.

Tall and broad shouldered, every inch a warrior lord, the handsome man of thirty-something rode as if born in the saddle. Dark as night, with his black hair blown by the wind, Lord Jareth’s eyes were twin pools of darkness beneath his angry frown. Hard as iron and cold as the icy winter winds, his presence was unsettling. As she watched, Jareth’s glance seemed suddenly to focus on her alone, pinning her in place with an energy and intent strong enough to be a living force.”

And what of his lady love, the Lady Viviane?

“Jareth once again felt the strange spider on his brain which he’d sensed in the village. Searching the group before him, he was drawn to cascades of black curls shimmering in the soft morning light. About twenty feet away, she was comforting others with a touch or quick hug. Her concern impressed him. As she turned to face him, her dazzling blue eyes captivated his heart.

Regaining his senses, he threaded his way through the crowd. As he drew closer her eyes sparkled like the blue waters of a mountain stream in the sun. Lush dark lashes framed them perfectly in contrast to her lovely, creamy skin. Her mouth was a perfect rosebud begging to be kissed, like a fairy princess come to life. Expecting fear or anger as he approached, all he saw was inner strength shining through sadness. He cultivated his imposing presence, but she rose tall and met his gaze.”

And when the wills of two very strong people clash, fireworks ensue.

So watch for Jareth: First Lord, from FreedomInk Publishing. While you’re waiting check out their other authors and books.


And if you haven’t read Gambler’s Folly yet, check it out at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.



There’s a whole summer ahead with plenty of time to read.

Have a fantastic and safe Memorial Day.


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Mel and Gambler's FollyWell, I’m working in earnest on Master of the Fleet. I wrote 3300 words today trying to get Richard and Anne-Marie sorted. They finally made it to the Guild Master’s Masquerade–as the Winter Queen Mab and Oberon.

The second edition of Jareth: First Lord is with the editor. I’m chewing my nails waiting to get it back for edits and rewrites. I’ll keep you posted on its new release.

So while I work with Richard and Anne-Marie, and try to get Kerrick and Liora out of Wales and to safety, why don’t you go over and check out Gambler’s Folly?

A futuristic, paranormal fantasy romance, with kind of a dark underworld tone to it, Gambler’s Folly was on the top 10 and top 25 best sellers list for Mainstream M/F sensual romance at Bookstrand for several months after its release.

It is also on display at Expo 2014 in New York this month.


Gambler’s Folly is available as an eBook at:


And as an eBook and in print at:



So wish me luck as I go back to Master of the Fleet and try to sort out my characters. And give Gambler’s Folly a read.


Ciao amici–

a tardi..

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mem-gamblersfolly1Well, now I have two novels started. Which one should I finish first?

I started Master of the Fleet earlier in the year and wrote around 70,000 words on it. Then Camp 2014 came along and I decided 40,000 words would be way too many for this book, so I began writing on another idea–The Seduction of Lady Calloway. It is now around 46,000 words.

So I think I’ll go ahead and finish Master of the Fleet first, since it’s nearer completion. Once the first draft is finished, I’ll go back to Lady Calloway and see if I can get Kerrick and Liora out of Wales.

Jareth: First Lord, second edition, is with the editor now and should come out later this year. And right behind it, the sequel, Viviane: First Lady will follow.

But while you’re waiting for these to come out, check out Gambler’s Folly.  A futuristic, paranormal fantasy romance, this story is set on the pleasure paradise, Gambler’s Folly.

Available through:





Here’s an excerpt for you.

For the first time, Karianna got a look at Damiano Leone, said to
be the most powerful, dangerous man in the underworld. Tall and
dark, in a Mediterranean way, he was dressed impeccably. Dark gray
jacket and trousers were paired with a black silk shirt, gray tie, and
ruby tie pin. His hair, nearly black, was moderately short and wavy,
but his eyes captured her attention. Instead of dark brown, or maybe
blue, they were a dark, stormy gray, the color of the Great Lakes just
before a storm.
Then there was the apple. As he came into view, he was polishing
a large, red apple on his lapel. Without a word to her, he took a bite of
the apple, as his eyes swept up and down her body.
Munching his apple, he walked slowly around her, about two
meters away, his eyes taking in every detail, as she stood immobilized
by the restraints. Finally, to break the silence, she asked, “What are
you doing?” After which she thought it a really dumb question.
Finishing his bite of apple, he simply replied, “Admiring my new
As he continued his survey, all Kari could think about was how
dowdy she must look compared to everyone else around him. The
plain red dress she wore had been one of her best. Made of synthetic
silk, the dress was blousy in the bust and gathered at her waist by a
wide, black belt, with a large silver-tone buckle, now ruined and
hanging by the belt loops. The dress had been ripped down the front
during the previous struggles, exposing her body down to the waist.
The side slit had torn most of the way to her waist, too, so it covered
next to nothing.
“Not bad. Not bad at all,” she heard him say. Finished with his
walk-around and his apple, he threw the apple core in the bin,
carefully wiped his hands on a small white towel, and turned back
toward Kari.
As she watched, he took something from his trousers pocket. With
a small click, a long, slim blade appeared in his hand. His eyes held
hers as he slowly advanced toward her.
“What are you doing?” she asked in a panic. “I haven’t done
anything to you. Just let me go, and I swear, I’ll never say a word
about any of this. Please!”


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