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CommercialI just heard back on my last submission for Gambler’s Folly, and I’ve accepted the offer.  Yes, I’m very excited! With any luck and  lot of work, the electronic version should be out in July, 2013, and the print version in November 2013.

Keep your eyes on this blog for further details.

Piu tardi….


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Let Me Tell Your Story #12 is now available to watch on Facebook, with Bavarlee Bernstein.
See it here!

See you there!

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Small Formal Black2Join Bavarlee Bernstein tonight as he introduces my new novel, Gambler’s Folly. His web program is on Facebook tonight at 8 pm Eastern time.  The program is called ‘Let Me Tell Your Story’, and every Saturday evening, he presents a new author to his Facebook audience.

I have recently submitted Gambler’s Folly to a publisher, who requested a preliminary rewrite. I’m hoping to hear back again soon.

In the meantime, go over and check out my other stories at:


Ciao amici miei,

Piu tardi

 (until later)

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